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These Celeb Stylist-Approved Hair Products Provide the Perfect Finishing Touch

Your hair def wants in on this action
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You probably put a decent chunk of energy into washing, conditioning, and styling your hair, but going the extra mile to spritz or slather on a finishing product can make a noticeable difference and even give you more control over the end result. Consider such products the icing on your coiffure cake. From glossy serums to texturizing putties to non-salty beach sprays (gasp!) to even a hairline contour (yup, that's a thing), we had three celebrity hairstylists share all their favorite products.

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Dry oil sprays are your friend if you're seeking just a light layer of glossy shine, and Netty Jordan, celebrity stylist to Christina Milian, Taraji P. Henson, and Ciara, says R+Co makes one of the best.

"It's a vegan product with nourishing oils that hydrate and adds weightless shine," she says. "I love to spray it on a large blush brush to seal down dry ends or accentuate texture in the styles, and it's also amazing for finishing and refreshing curls."

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Batiste Dry Shampoo, $8.99

We know what you're thinking: Dry shampoo is meant to be used daaays after you've washed and blow dried, but Angela Calisti, a celebrity hairstylist who's worked with Bella Thorne, Olivia Culpo, and Francia Raisa, says it's way more versatile than that. Her fave is good old Batiste, which you can pick up pretty much everywhere for not much dough.

"The fragrance is light, and it never leaves the white powder look in the hair," she says. "And it's not only good for reviving hair. I often use it right after a blowout to give hair that is thin, or tends to be limp, more life."

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If frizz is the bane of your existence (#allofus), then this one's for you. Laura Dyer, a stylist at the Antonio Prieto Salon in New York City, says "This water-based pomade is easy to use and fantastic for fly aways, baby hairs, [creating] clean edges, controlling braids, and creating smoothness and shine for sleek ponytails."

Since this pomade is water-based, it feels a bit lighter than traditional oils and serums, making it especially great for baby-fine pieces around the hairline and anyone with thin or fine hair. It's also a cinch to wash out.

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A contour kit as a finishing product? Jordan says it's a must.

"Kat Von D's Shade and Light Eye Contour Palette is never not in my kit," she tells us. "I use it for shading in hairlines and part lines when finishing looks. Its matte fine powders come in neutrals, cools, and warms, and they are highly pigmented and seamlessly blend into the hair of every shade. It's great for everything from HD cameras to flawless selfies."

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