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Make Way for Botanical & Fruity Nail Designs Springing up All Over

Here come the sun, leaves, flowers and bees
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The glorious optimism of spring is a common theme in nail salons, and it's not that hard to see why — the sun is out, we feast our eyes daily on budding flowers, lush leaves, butterflies and first red fruits of the season; so much beauty and life coming up at once, everywhere.

Our love and celebration of flowers can be spotted everywhere, from the catwalk to our skincare, to fragrances. Botanical nail designs tend to start popping up just as the first cherry blossoms start sprouting toward the sky. Look at how nail artists interpret spring, and join in for this fragrant dance of fruits, colors and flowers.

Cover and image via @betina_goldstein

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Antiquey, But Not Creaky
For a nail design that looks like it has come off a prized antique cabinet, go for gold, red and blue — negative space play mixes modern vibes with vintage ones.

Image via @michiko_moii

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Oh, So Tender
Here's something for the minimalist nail design lover — the illusion of movement is achieved through a different placement of art on nude nails.

Image via @m.o.n.a.j

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Mix & Match
Reminiscent of looking up at the tall cherry tree and seeing the cherries "in the sky", this fun design will be an eye-catcher itself.

Image via @betina_goldstein

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City Garden
Your balcony is coming into bloom, so why not get a mani to match?

Image via @amyytran

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