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Reveal Your Inner Bronzed Goddess With These Top Tanning Wipes

No streaks, funky smells, unsightly patches or orange palms.
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Summer's almost here and almost everyone will be looking to get tan. We're all keenly aware of how damaging the sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays are when it comes to skin cancer and wrinkles. We love a good spray tan, but they're pretty expensive. Which is why we've come to rely on tanning wipes instead.

Mousses, creams and sprays are effective, but when it comes to achieving an easy, even tan in minutes, there's no beating wipes. They allow you to get a natural look without much effort.

So which wipes are the best? Keep reading for a look at the top options.

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These pads deliver instantly glowing skin. They're loaded with exfoliating AHAs and BHAs to give your face a natural-looking tan.

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The same goodness you get with the brand's facial tanning wipes, you can get for your body. These pads are very large and easily cover your entire body and then some.

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These towelettes are also loaded with actives and exfoliating ingredients. They're great if you need to get tan quickly.

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M-61's wipes are formulated with salicylic acid to fight acne while imparting a tan. The color is subtle so they're great if you're very pale or looking to dip your toes into self-tanning.

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