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Total Beauty
Mystery Collection


  • $100 VALUE + FREE Shipping
  • 13+ products included
  • Limited Quantities, Get yours before they sell out!

What's in this Total Beauty Collection:

  • What you don't see is what you get!
  • 13+ different 'mystery' beauty products
  • An assortment of full and deluxe sample sizes

Spring cleaning usually means dust pans and trash bags, but at Total Beauty it means a finding a whole new batch of beauty bargains.

We've gathered the extra products from our previous collections and mixed them together to create a limited number of Mystery Collections. Each collection is like a box of chocolates -- you don't know what you're going to get (until it arrives on your doorstep).

The part that isn't a mystery? The bargain. At only $20, each collection contains 13+ different products valued at over $100. So sure, there's no way of telling if you're going to get nougat or caramel-filled ... but at the end of day, you can't go wrong with a box full of chocolates. Especially one that ships for free.

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