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    We can help......

    Christiansen Davis Bullock, LLC is a Dallas law firm which has filed a suit on behalf of consumer’s injured by Suave’s Keratin Infusion 30 Day Smoothing Kit seeking damages for personal injuries to consumers by this product. As detailed in the Complaint, the product caused the women severe and possibly permanent damage to their hair, including hair loss to the point of visible bald spots, moreere breakage, discoloration and even burning of the scalp. The Complaint also states that this product claimed to be Keratin-based and formaldehyde free, suggesting to consumers it was free of dangerous chemicals. CDB understands that, in fact, the product's primary active ingredient is a chemical that straightens and damages hair. What little Keratin the product contains has little to do with the product’s efficacy. The product also uses a formaldehyde releasing compound despite its claim to be formaldehyde free. If you have purchased any of the Products and/or are unsatisfied with the advertised results, we would like to visit with you as part of our investigation. Please contact to let us know by visiting our website

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    This is the worse product ever

    This typical product ruined my hear, I used to have very beautiful hair and now because of this product I lost half of my hair, I would never recommend this product to any of my siblings or friends, even if some asked me on the road about this product I would say that this product is absolutely horrible and can ruin the natural beauty... ugh....
    waqar_khokhar | 1 reviews

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    Loved the product

    I used the suave kerative 30 day hair treatment about 3 months ago. I have very thick coarse frizzy gray hair that is color treated dark blonde. I love the product. It left my hair very smooth, straight, shiny, very fine feeling. This is the first time my hair has not been a problem. I have actually been able to have a cute straight haircut for the first time in my life. Looks great. I did moreice that my color did not take as well so I just leave it on longer. My hair dresser loves the new texture. I have had my hair professionally straightened years ago and will never do that again. I am devastated it has been discontinued. I love the other sauve keratin products as well and will continue to use.
    gma6453 | 1 reviews

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    do not buy

    I read all the box and all the instructions and followed them carefully. My hair had not been dyed, treated with relaxers, ect. I lost about 3 times more hair than usual while following the steps. after it was blow dried out my hair was straight and frizz free.. until I washed it after waiting 2 days like it said. My hair is just as wavy as before, way more frizzy, and has a weird texture to it.
    rater39021 | 1 reviews

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    Suave 30 day Keratin Infusion Smoothing System

    I had the same horror happen to me two weeks ago! My hair was shiny and relatively straight, but I saw this product in the hair conditioner area of Rite Aid Pharmacy and thought it sounded good. I have blonde hair normally but had been wearing it light brown for about a month when I purchased this product. I read the warnings, and none of them applied to me. So I began step one, carefully moreg its instructions and excited to see my new smoother hair. what happened in the next 10 minutes could not have been further from this expectation. My hair started to curl up, lose all of its brown colour and i began to worry. I washed out step one, thinking that step two was the key to the magical straightening process, but worried that my straight hair was now kinky. It went from bad to worse. Finishing the third step, my drain was now clogged for the second time with my own hair, and I again pulled gobs of broken hair out of the drain to get the water to run down. Now, I was very worried. I then blow dried my new hair as instructed. But I could not run my fingers through it, and it all was broken and burnt looking. I put a full bottle of leave in conditioner on it, hoping it would be better in the morning. But I woke up with swollen eyes and face, and numb lips. And this was the case every day for the next 4 days. Now I thought, my hair is making me toxic! My hairdresser had sadly advised me on that first morning, after rubbing my hair between his fingers and having it all break off in his hand that I would have to have All of my hair cut as short as possible. And now, after having over a foot of hair cut off I was still being made sick by what was left? How could this get any worse. There is NO way this product should be marketed on the shelf NEXT to the hair conditioning products, and certainly NO way that it should be labelled a ‘smoothing system’. This is extremely misleading, and Unilever should be ashamed of their marketers. It turns out its a chemical straightener and the lame quizzes online and package directions DO NOT clearly outline the risks of this product. I could have lost all my hair! And I am president of a financial planning company, so this is a serious impact to my ability to present myself to the public. In summary, DO NOT USE this product, it is not worth the risk.
    rhondamartin | 1 reviews

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    Don't use this produce

    Don't use this product! My hair was not dry or damaged before I used it. After I used it my hair was breaking off and felt rubbery. I had to spend $75.00 on Redken Extreme for distressed hair and it will be a long time for my hair to recover. This product is supposed to enrich your hair with Keratin, but instead it is like putting a perm on your hair. I will never use a Suave product again. If moreone had good results with this it is a miracle and I am glad that it worked for you. I am going to be spending the next 6 months trying to get my hair back into shape or I will have to get it whacked.
    cindymcclanahan | 1 reviews

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    not bad...

    This is the second keratin treatment I've tried. I was using Organix's treatment. I have to say I prefer this one over theirs because it doesn't take as long. A few hours and your done rather than having to leave it in for a day and then continue on from there. I'm not sure exactly what kind of hair I have but I can say I'm biracial and have extremely tight surly hair. On top of that, I use to moree a relaxer but I am in the process of "going natural" so while in the process it's easier to manage my hair with a keratin treatment. As someone else mentioned it does have a awful smell but I think that's expected when you're putting any treatment in your hair. It didn't make my hair super straight or as straight as the other brand but it did get rid of the curl and make it super easy to straighten. Rather than having to straighten my hair everyday, I can go a few days without and it doesn't look bad. I also like the heat protection that comes with it. It smells so good and it doesn't weigh my hair down. Overall, I liked the product. I will definitely consider using it again because it's effective and it doesn't take too long.
    GlamDoll | 23 reviews

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    Salon-smooth hair with a few drawbacks

    I'm African-American with type 3A curly hair. I discovered at-home keratin treatments about 6 months ago, but this is my first time with Suave's system. The bottom line: my hair is smooth, unfrizzy and gorgeous. If anything, my hair came out too straight! The bad part: the smell! The system is easy to use, and doesn't require repeated flat ironing at high heat, but the part 1 treatment really moresmells! I'll make sure I open a window next time I use this. After rinsing and completing the other steps, your hair smells OK, but I found that the scent lingered in the house. There are a lot of negative reviews from people who experienced major hair loss after using this product. Read the instructions carefully before using, since the product doesn't react well with perms, relaxers, henna and certain dyes. My dyed hair is slightly lighter after this treatment, but feels healthy and silky.
    kimberly_taylor | 7 reviews

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