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    works better than I thought it would

    I really like this spray, it does make my hair look lighter in a natural way. I just spray it on after I shower and let my hair air dry, sometimes outside. The spray seems to speed up the natural lightening that the sun does to my hair in the summer. The spray would lighten my hair faster if I used a blow dryer or I straightened or curled my hair as it is heat activated but I rarely do.
    kimmi_o | 71 reviews

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    WARNING: lightens and ruins

    For the last year I have been using the Go Blonder shampoo and highlighting spray as directed seemingly without a problem. These are the only hair products I use (bar a keratin leave in conditioner) I do not use hair irons and only blow dry it once a fortnight to activate the highlight spray. In the last week my hair suddenly became severely damaged. I originally thought it may have been a faulty morebatch of the product but after going on-line to read reviews of the products it seems others have suffered a similar effect. I am incredibly upset and my hair is now ruined. I'm scared to touch it, intensive conditioners seem to have no effect, it has become so dry, elastic and brittle I can't even brush it. These products should carry a serious health warning, I am devastated at what it has done to my hair, which was, naturally blonde, thick, healthy and long until last week. I have raised my concerns with customer care at John Frieda.
    lmills | 2 reviews

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    LOVE IT!!

    I adore this stuff!! I have always wanted blond hair, and this (sorta) got me there! This is gradual so it lightens my hair in a way that my hair would naturally in the sun. So instead of getting bleached blonde streaks, my naturally light brown hair turned a pretty gold color!! And it is VERY gradual. I personally never really noticed and almost gave up. And then I went to school, and ALL my morends noticed. I guess it’s just the awful lighting in there. If they didn’t notice at first, then after about a month they would come up to me with a confused look asking when I dyed my hair. In the end, some people didn’t even recognize me at first!! And it so cheap! I got it at Wal-Mart for $7. Whooo!! This is a very good thing for a broke teenager like me :) But of course, there are downfalls. So far I only have two: split ends and roots. The split ends come from the way you “dye” your hair. You spray it in and then you add heat (Ex: flat iron, curl, blow dry, crimp, etc.). Which is not good for hair like mine, having fine hair but having a whole dang lot of it. As for the roots, same reason: I can’t iron my roots, the iron can’t get that close. So even from the beginning you have roots. All in all, I loved this product!! It is good for people who want to control how blonde they get or if they are just starting to dye their hair and want to go safe with it. I wish I could show a video of this, the results truly are very good. I think that now that I have gotten to the point where my hair is pretty golden, I will just dye my hair with the regular stuff and have it truly gold for summer. Have fun with this :)
    Pinkeebler | 34 reviews

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    I had originally thought this was the most wonderful product I've ever purchased. I've used this spray for well over a year and it did work first. My hair is lovely blonde and I love the color. However, about four months ago I started having a weird texture to my hair. It was sticky when wet and when it was brushed it out it would snag and cause it to get all crimped looking. It moreuldn't brush out smooth. Then when I blow dried it, it looked horribly frizzy on the sections I had sprayed that only. It continued doing this and then I noticed that all along the top section of my hair it had broken off until I only have two or three inches of hair there. I used to have to most gorgeous easy to manage hair and this has ruined it. All these ten star ratings are probably from people who just started using it. But trust me..if you don't quit using'll regret it! I've been trying to fix this for months now and have bought a million products but nothing is working. I may have to wait for the sections to grow out and chop it off. This has almost ruined my hair completely. I can manage to make it look ok but it is hard to do and is devastating. If I could give a negative number of stars to bring down the rating I would!
    blaineylover | 33 reviews

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    Please do not use!

    This product was great for about 8 months.... eventually my hair was broken, frizzy and dead. There is nothing that can be done until it grows out and I have to keep using intensive conditioner to try and get it back to what it was before. The hairdressers have said they have had a massive bout of this happen and Loreal have advised them NOT to use their dye on hair that has used this product. morease please read this. Its the same product as Sun In, which is also really bad for your hair. I am gutted my lovely hair has now gone so weak, limp, frizzy and broken, its heart breaking. Its not worth it. Short term gain is not worth the long term misery. You have been warned!
    samantha_hobbs | 1 reviews

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    Love this!!!

    I LOVE this spray!!! My natural hair color is light brown, but I've been getting highlights for about 12 years, so now it varies from dark blonde to bright blonde. I hate when my roots start to grow out, because I always wait too long in between hair appointments. I decided to try this last year, and was beyond pleased with it. I don't use it everyday because it's a pretty small bottle...I morelly reserve it for when I know I'll be blow drying my hair beacuse it says it's heat activated. I susually just spray it on my roots before drying and styling, and it really helps to gradually lighten my grown out roots. I've also noticed that it adds a little bit of volume and texture to my fine, limp hair, so that's always a bonus. I was worried it would make my hair orange-y, but it looks completely natural, and I recommend it to all my friends who have blonde hair!
    AllisonRae | 6 reviews

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    Dries hair out!

    I can't give it less stars because it actually does lighten your hair. It works, but the price you pay is dry & damaged hair. I used it last summer for months without realizing that the spray was to blame for my dry hair. I thought it was from too much sun or chlorine. When I finally figured out the problem, it was too late and my hair was beyond repair. I tried everything to get moisture morek into may hair, but it ultimately had to be chopped off. It was gross. So if you don't mind the price of dry hair, it works. It's just not worth it to me and I will never use it again.
    kellyjr | 2 reviews

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    This stuff made my hair turn orange. use with caution.
    Ahuish | 1 reviews

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    VERY damaging

    I love john frieda products, especially their shampoos and conditioners for blondes, so I thought this lightening spray was worth a try. I regret ever buying that mess. I used it pretty much the whole summer, just on my roots that you could see, and it definitely did lighten them up. I that i had found a miracle product. I could go much longer without getting my roots done and it didn't make morey hair look orange or brassy. Slowly i began noticing breakage. It started at the crown of my hair in just a small patch. I didnt think too much of it, but one day I looked in the mirror and noticed that pretty much the whole top layer of my hair, near the roots was breaking off. I know this product caused it because it's only breaking off where i put this junk. I dont straighten or curl my hair or anything, and I've never had dry, damaged hair until I used this product. It's terrible! Thankfully it's finally starting to grow out, but it was just awful. I would NEVER recommend this product. It's so damaging.
    holly_pleasant | 1 reviews

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    It's just hydrogen peroxide.

    You know that stuff you buy at the grocery store for like 99 cents? That's all this is, hydrogen peroxide and water plus some other random ingredients that are supposed to condition your hair and have no real purpose in terms of the actual lightening effects. This is NOT your average hair dye, it lightens whatever color you have. If you have blonde hair you can rest assured that this product will morenot make your hair turn some weird color because, like I said, it's not a dye-- it works with what you've already got. When it comes to the claim that it's a "gradual lightener" do not be fooled into thinking no one will really notice-- I went through an entire bottle in 2 1/2 uses and refilled it with a little hydrogen and peroxide + water to do the rest of my head the third time (which worked by the way) and the difference was very noticeable. I went from dirty blonde to very blonde lol. A little tip on applying the stuff, don't spray it into wet hair-- you want to make sure ever single strand is saturated or else you'll get patchy results, after you've soaked your hair in the stuff it'll be plenty wet enough to blow dry (as you need to use heat to get the full effects). In conclusion, I really liked the stuff but I wouldn't buy it again because frankly I think the results you get at a salon are a lot better. By the way, it's only five ninety-nine at Target and that's not the sale price.
    jblaisdell1 | 12 reviews

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