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    Great Brush!

    I love the can really get all your eyelashes. The product itself is very good....not fantastic, like Definicils....but still very good with lengthening and very little clumping. Overall, I'm very pleased.
    yaffah | 114 reviews

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    small brush makes application difficult

    I've been using mascara for more than 40 years and am used to applying a couple of quick swipes (with a jiggle) to get the job done. The small, ball-like applicator for this one was more trouble than it was worth. You practically have to apply it on each individual lash. And it clumps, undoing the benefit of being able to get to every small lash. It does lengthen and separate as advertised, mored in place (once I got the clumps out and away) perfectly all day, and was easy to remove, but wasn’t enough better than my usual brands to warrant the greatly increased time it took to apply. I also found it slightly irritating - not so much that I needed to remove it but reddening my eyes a bit after a couple of hours.
    mink88 | 77 reviews

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    I have to say the formula doe snot make me itch. i do have to make sure that there is no collection of product at the base of the sphere so that product does not smudge on my eyes somewhere. I did notice that it makes my lashes look great. and it is weightless as well. Precision and patience is key to applying but the resulting look is stunning. I wish the wand was a bit more sturdy, b/c it moredoes feel as though it will break off or even just fall off. I actually compared the texture of the mascara against my regular which is $18 ( Buxom by BE) and the texture was slightly more slipper and creamy than my BE but Be seems to have a greater staying power and dries faster. It did last all day for me and even in rainy conditions without falling apart. Came off easily with makeup remover and my lashes feel softer due to the paraffin, jojoba and vitamin B5 and palm oil. I did get he fanned out look like the product claims which was neat. It did clump a little but when i took off some product it was fine. Nice price and with a coupon this would be a good investment for those looking for an alternative to more expensive mascaras.
    zafiro80 | 105 reviews

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    Inventive new mascara!

    This is a great product to try out if you are looking for a way to get those small eye lashes 1) on the bottom, 2) in the corner of you upper eyes, and 3) at the outer corner of your eyes. The small brush really enables you to get all of those lashes... and shows you what lashes you did not even know that you had! The color is very black and lasts all day, if you don't rub your eyes, but if you more, it will smear the color. It does wash off very easily with water and even when I got some in my eye, did not irritate them! I did find that this increased the length and volume of my lashes, but not the curl, and it was prone to clumping if you did not clean of the bottom of the brush. I think that the only thing I did not like about it was that it smelled funny, but then again, most mascaras do. With a few attempts at mastering this new brush you will enjoy it!
    Kirstie | 139 reviews

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    Tricky and time consuming

    When I first heard about L'Oreal releasing a mascara similar to Givenchy Phenomen'Eyes I was intrigued. The round, spiky brush first spotted on the Givenchy mascara is so peculiar it's nearly impossible not to want to try it, but the nearly $30 price tag made it a bit too spendy to purchase for the sake of experimentation. A similar brush from L'Oreal would give people the opportunity for more to get their feet wet with this new style of mascara brush at a more affordable price point. Now that I've had the opportunity to try this out, I'm awfully glad I didn't splurge for the Givenchy mascara. This brush is just too challenging for every day use. Don't get me wrong, it's far from awful. The mascara is capable of delivering great length and volume as promised, and I've never had better luck reaching the tiny lashes in both inner and outer corners, but the tiny brush and its goop-attracting wand just make this too time consuming and messy for every day use. The small brush means you have to do three times as many swipes to apply mascara to the entire lashline as its tininess means fewer hairs are touched at once, Also, while I didn't have much trouble applying my mascara clump free on my right eye, my poor dexterity meant that while I was applying everything in a right to left fashion meant that all the goop stuck to the wand came into contact with my lashes when I tried to do my left eye making the lashes look caked and clumpy. I tried blotting the wand to see if that would help, but no dice. Perhaps if I were able to manage holding the brush "backwards" while doing my left eye I wouldn't have an issue, but I can't manage it. At least not unless I'm able to really take my time doing my lashes. The formula is also wetter than most mascaras so it stays in danger of smudging or smearing just from blinking too much or light contact longer than most, but once it sets (maybe 2-4 minutes later) it's pretty stable. It does flake a bit , though I think that may have more to do with my wand-caused overapplication as it seemed to flake worse on my left than right. Overall, the brush is interesting but there are many other mascaras on the market that can give the same level of thickness, length and "fanned lash" look that have less arduous learning curves. I'll keep the tube because of its proficiency at capturing smaller lashes in tighter spots but I don't seem myself using it often for the entire eye.
    shriekingviolet | 77 reviews

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    Great for corners and gives soft lashes

    I think with this mascara you have to learn how to use it differently, and it does take a little bit of extra time, as it coats one small group of lashes at a time. Some cons are that you have to make sure there isn't too much mascara on the sphere otherwise you may end up with clumps. And you may have to use a lash comb afterwards because the little ball can grab your lashes and make them moree with each other. You have to work quickly during application because the formula dries quickly, so it means layering mascara isn't happening. The pros are that the the ball does work great getting into corners and lower lashes without getting any mascara on your eyelid, and this formula does not flake or smudge. Once you get the hang of it, this mascara leaves your lashes soft, lengthened and pretty full. UPDATE: I've found this works best if you only use the wand vertically, and then you can get the soft, fluttery look much easier.
    Marasy | 104 reviews

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    Cool product!

    I love this mascara! L’oreal may be a drugstore brand, but its quality is just as high as department store cosmetics. This mascara wand is nothing like I have ever tried before. When I first saw it, I got a little freaked out. It actually is great! I have been using it mainly on my lower lashes because the wand is smaller than others. My lashes look very long, like fake lashes in a tube! I's great!
    bloggingbeauty | 161 reviews

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    terrible applicator

    The Formula is a very 'creamy' so it glides on well. However the applicator, which is the selling point, ironically made the formula on lashes very clumpy and uneven. For $9.49, you get what you paid for. 3 stars for cheap mascara.
    Mrskimgaroo | 1 reviews

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    Alright, so I got this from mail box yesterday and used it today at work. I have to say this is one of the best i have used. It volumizes my lahes and make them really noticeable. Alright girls, I am an Asian, and I can't even wear eyeshadow because no matter how much i put, with these bumpy eyes, it is never noticeable, so imagine my eyelashes with these eyes; stick straight, short, and really morein. But with this mascara, my eyelashes got pretty noticeable and i love how it defines my eyes. One other thing. This mascara is NOT WATERPROOF, so for those who are looking for a waterproof kind, this is not the one for you. However, although this came just enclosed in an enveloped without a box, i did not know if it was sweat-proof or not, and that is what i need, because i sweat A LOT, and no matter how long i stayed in the sun today, it did not give me the "raccoon eyes". THANK YOU TOTALBEAUTY for letting me try this mascara, looking forward to seeing it in stores!
    oleandel | 151 reviews

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    A Solid Mascara

    I tried Givenchy Phenomeneyes (or however you spell it!) when it first came out and didn't like it, so I was skeptical when I saw this brush. But I actually liked it a lot better this time--maybe it's because the brush is flexible, unlike the Givenchy one. or maybe it's the formula. It says it "lengthens. thickens, and separates...for a fanned out lash look" and I agree with the morening, which it does a very good job of. I didn't notice any thickening effect and it did clump a little, but even so, I can see where they got the "fanned out lash look". I've been wearing it for a few days, and it does last pretty long. By the end of the day, I did see tiny flakes, but no smudging. I think it's a good value for the price, and although it won't replace my beloved Diorshow, I think it's a solid mascara.
    AllieB | 73 reviews

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