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    Old Friend With A Hint Of Modern Glam

    ChapStick True Shimmer is our old friend with a hint of modern glam. We have grown up on ChapStick and have seen it lining the aisles of our drugstore check-outs for years. The release of the ChapStick True Shimmer line shows that this brand can keep girls (and their lips) happy! ChapStick proves its staying-power with the addition of sweet, shimmery flavors just in time for summer. I more the 2 older flavors, Peppermint Rush and Blended Fruit Sherbet, along with the newest flavors, Tropical and Botanical Berry. I really love them all. With just a touch of sparkle, these yummy flavors keep lips moisturized and soft. They can be worn alone for a natural look, or under your favorite lipstick to boost your lips’ hydration factor while adding a bit of glimmer. At around $2.79 per tube, these are affordable little must-haves for summer!
    BoutiqueFlair | 42 reviews

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    Chapstick True Shimmer

    I tried out the new Chapstick True Shimmers in all four scents: Botanical Berry and Tropical, which are out now, and Peppermint Rush and Blended Fruit Sherbet, which will be available August, 2009. Botanical Berry is a pink shade and smells like mixed berries. Tropical is white and smells like a pina colada for your lips. Peppermint Rush is my favorite. It's a blue color and leaves a cool minty morensation on your lips. It's pretty addictive. I can't stop putting this stuff on. Blended Fruit Sherbet is a purple shade and smells like fruit punch. This is my least favorite of the bunch because the scent is a little overwhelming. My main problem with these lip balms is that they don't contain SPF and they aren't super moisturizing. But for the price, $2.79 a piece, they aren't bad.
    haironthebrain | 17 reviews

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    Not Great for Darker Skin

    ChapStick new True Shimmer lip balm is available in a variety of flavors which I have been trying for the last week or so. I've used 4 flavors: Blended Fruit Sherbert Peppermint Rush Tropical Botanical Berry I always like to begin every product evaluation with the positives because I prefer to operate from the saying, "See the glass half full, not half empty... or something like that!" more; There are a couple of things I like about this product. Like I mentioned in one of my other reviews, I look for usability, likability and staying power (and ingredients). Well, I not only like the flavors of the ChapStick True Shimmer lip balm, I love that it tastes really good! The flavors are sooo good and this new version of ChapStick provides long lasting moisture for the lips and it's not real geasy. I'd also like to not that the product packaging is very attractive - not upscale but down to earth and friendly looking. There are TWO things I don't like about this product. One is that the shimmery effect actually makes my lips appear a little ashy. I believe the reason is my complexion which is a bit of a bummer as I believe products should be constructed to accommodate all skin tones. If you have a lighter skin tone you won't have this problem. The second and most important reason for me is that this product contains parabens and paraffin which are ingredients I like to avoid due to the potential for them to cause health problems after prolonged use. The ingredient list states that there are only 1% of parabens in the product but I prefer to use products with 0% of it. Therefore, I won't continue use of this product. However, some people don't care if their skin care products contain these ingredients. To each his own. So my suggestion for wearing the ChapStick True Shimmer if you don't mind the ingredients is: For Medium to Darker Skin: Apply ChapStick True Shimmer under lipstick for extra moisture For Lighter Skin: Apply as recommended above or wear alone for a nice subtle shimmer.
    Reviyve | 16 reviews

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    Over-priced and Over-hyped

    I was recently sent some tubes of Chapstick True Shimmer to test out and review. I was sent one each of the four types. * Blended Fruit Sherbet (purple) This one tastes like Fruit punch * Tropical (white) Tastes like coconut and sunscreen * Peppermint Rush (blue) Tastes like Peppermint * Tropical Berry - (pink) Tastes like Strawberries I was intitially excited to try these morets and I was very dissapointed in these products. I was expecting more when they marketed this as a shimmer product. Shimmer to me is made up of tiny pieces of glitter that make your lips shine and add dimension. The "shimmer" in these chapsticks looks and feels like rough silver glitter, not shimmer. These chapsticks also apply clear, with no hint of their color tint on the lips. When I first applied Peppermint Rush to my lips, all I saw was silver glitter on my lips. When one thinks of chapstick, you automatically think of moisturizing and softening of the lips. I personally have very rough lips, so I am constantly looking for lip balms that make my lips soft and taste either really good or ones that have no taste. I also prefer lip balms that have a high SPF of at least 30. These Chapstick True Shimmers fail on both of these accounts. I actually think these dry my lips out instead of adding much needed color, and I found no mention of any SPF- not even a SPF of 4 - which can be found in just about every lip balm. My assessment of these lip balms goes against many reviews that absolutely praise these products. I just didn't find them worth the hype or the price. For $3, I would expect something more from a lip balm than what I recieved. I can get a two pack of lip balms with SPF of 30 for $1. To me, $3 for this product is just too much.
    Share | 20 reviews

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    $3 For Subtle Shimmer

    Who doesn't own ChapSitck? This longtime legend in lip care has gone girly with its release of True Shimmer, a collection complete in August that will include 4 new flavors all for under $3. Available now are Botanical Berry and Tropical, Peppermint Rush and Blended Fruit Sherbet will be out this summer.
    HookedOnBeauty | 127 reviews

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    Um, no...

    I was sent a full set of Chapstick True Shimmer - (tropical, peppermint rush, blended fruit sherbet, and botanical berry) to try out & see what my thoughts were regarding them. Let me start with the good news - they're very inexpensive. Now the bad - they are heavily flavoured, I can only imagine they were created with a 5 year old in mind. I'm sorry, but cosmetic companies need to realize morent & flavour (if any!) needs to be more sophisticated if you want to attract anyone other than the BonneBelle crowd. Some people, like myself, don't want to taste their lip product all day, especially when you are eating & drinking other things. The 'shimmer' is visible glitter - again, who is this being marketed to? Most importantly - where is the SPF? Lips are extremely sensitive & prone to burning. The ingredients includes Titanium Dioxide, but it is listed second to last - obviously not enough to make it on the label as sun protection... after parabens, saccharin, paraffin, mineral oil, petrolatum, amongst other 'not so good for you' things. I'm going to have to say these Chapsticks are absolutely not for the Jet-set.
    mikaela | 92 reviews

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    Lip Balms with just a bit more oomph

    I'm a mad fan of lip balms, so went out and got a True Shimmer as soon as they launched. I got the Fruit Sherbet back in January on a rare trip to Wal Mart. I guess it was exclusive to them, as now it's being released market wide as new. I never saw that flavor anywhere else. So what do I think- I love them. It turns out the Berry one is my favorite, I think because it has the most tint. You do moreet a tiny bit of berry pink tint from this one. Sherbet , Tropical and the other new flavor, Peppermint all have shimmer but not really tint. It's a nice shimmer too. Subtle, barely there. Works alone or over/under lipstick. They all have a strong fragrance ( which I like), and a bit of a taste corresponding to their name . They are super moisturizing. I just wish they had SPF. Other than that , they're almost perfect.
    beautyalchemist | 43 reviews

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    Shimmer, but shimmer ring? Nah

    I like the subtle shimmer that I get from these, but I rub my lips together a lot and it makes a shimmer ring around my lips, which looks like I have been eating something with sparkles in it. Like a Kool-aid ring with kids, I get a shimmer ring. Also some of the flavors are a bit strong, so if you are sensitive to smells and flavors these might not work for you. My favorite was Peppermint Rush because it reminded me of mints/gum.
    Nessarose | 23 reviews

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    Hidden Gem

    My favorite Chapstick True Shimmers now have some extra company! Two new flavors will soon be added and they’re just as wonderful as the first two in the collection. Peppermint Rush and Blended Fruit Sherbet are the newest additions, both of which highlight lips with just a touch of shimmer. True Shimmers became my favorite last year because they look beautiful alone or under your morete shade of lipstick. The shimmer formula adds a warm glow and lips instantly benefit from essential moisturizers. Peppermint Rush and Blended Fruit Sherbet will be available this summer, so be on the lookout!
    makeupmasala | 24 reviews

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