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    from blonde to burgandy back to blonde!! It worked!

    Hi all, I will make this brief. I have light strawberry/blonde hair, with repeated blonde highlights. My hair was pretty much fried. Anyway, I got bored with keeping up with the hightlights, so thought I would do a natural instincts lightest brown/ red... WRONG decision! It was dark red/purple/brown... hideous! God bless my husband, he thought I was looked dark like when we were dating. moreUT, 15 years later, it doesnt look so good anymore!!! Anyway, I have done this before, and usually go to the salon to have it fixed (you would think I would learn, but no!)... but the last time I went it cost me $200 to fix, and I dont have that to pay. sooooo... went online, and read literally over a hundred reviews....and with fear and trembling bought color oops. I thought I would be the 1% that has her hair fall out... yet I was desperate (or a sick thrill seeker) I still washed my hair with dish soap, soaked it in hot olive oil, used dandruff shampoo, the whole bit, but the color wouldnt budge. sooo... I mixed the color oops, did a strand test (acutally 2, one from the back of my head, and one from the front, just in case). Figured out my time, and then, shaking, I slathered her on my whole head. The stuff is runny, and yup, very stinky, but not much worse than a salon. Those who say it is unbearable have never sat in a salon for 4 hours getting their hair done... Anyway, I combed it through with a wide comb, for probably half of the time it was in, then when time was up, I washed, washed washed. Then conditioned the heck out of it. Rinsing is very important aparently. Well, I let it air dry ( I was afraid of heat damage) and ....tada! The burgandy was gone, and I was left with a nice, even color, and my HIGHTLIGHTS were still there! I have never been so relieved to see blonde! It isnt exactly the same color, but close enought, with no purple to be found, and I really like it. Oh, also, even though my hair was parched, it looks pretty good, and did not fall out, and looks no worse for the wear. I can not tell you how happy I am about this, and i would not hesitate to use it again. It is a bit runny and stinky, but soooo worth it! Good luck, and dont forget to rinse the heck out of it, thats how the color gets off your hair after it shrinks. Blessings! — 7 years ago
    kristab | 1 reviews

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    very shocked

    i had amazing results with this stuff, but then a few days later my hair kept getting darker and darker until it was black again. so i tried using color oops again, but this time i put a filler on after and then dyed my hair a light red (i was strawberry blonde at this point). when i got out of the shower, my hair was back to being the black i had wanted to get rid of to begin with. i used loreal morecolor zap after crying my eyes out after spending almost a hundred dollars on numerous boxes of color oops and in only one use, my hair is almost back to normal and it won't go back to black like it did with color oops. a lil more damage but heck i have a photoshoot on thursday and need it to be back to red because my agent doesn't know i have black hair hahaha — 7 years, 4 months ago
    hannahcosgrove | 1 reviews

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    Thank God for Color Oops

    I was skeptical, but my VERY dark color lightened right back to my summer highlights and even lightened my roots enough that I didn't need to recolor at all. And believe hair was flat black and is now an ash brown. I agree that rinsing for 20 minutes was just awful...but SOOOO worth it. I'm bummed I spent so much at the salon for that color to go right down the drain, but I'm too relieved moreto care. I usually just use Preference by L'Oreal, but thought I'd treat myself to the salon. Forget it...I'm sticking with the $12 at home color which has always turned out beautiful. — 7 years, 9 months ago
    pmegmac | 1 reviews

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    Awesome for too dark and too red color mistake

    Tried this product after going a little too dark and a lot too red. I wasn't expecting great results, but figured it was worth the $12.99 to try it. It works - took all recently deposited color out of my hair. I think I may be seeing my natural color for the first time in years (have to get to the salon soon!) The smell isn't great and seemed to linger through a couple of shampoos, but it was moreworth it. The box says that it can't do anything about color that has been "lifted" out of your hair - so this will only work when you have gone darker or changed the shade without going lighter. — 7 years, 9 months ago
    afkl73 | 1 reviews

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    so my hair color was way too dark and had a white strip bleached into it in two places i bought the oops after i read the reviews , and yessssss it dissolved that dye right out f this head the shampooing for 20 mins felt like chinese water torture but i did what the box told me then i applied this temp color to blend the bleached out strip would you believe it turned my hair black again but the morerip was colored perfect so i went out and bought another box of oops and it worked like a charm second time around as well my hair wasn't even damaged maybe a few strays here and there but nothing to bat an eyelash about, so it turned this pretty pretty shade of honey brown for me it was a bit too dark still for my taste so i thought what the heck lets see what will happen it i do it on the striped area if it will take it to another level and it did its the most beautiful color i ever had honey kissed bronze my hair suffered minimal damage this product is a peek into the future i would have died for this growing up ive had my share of mishaps so jury says this product is a definite 100% yes im astonished on todays chemistry. ps it's only 12 bucks and they sell it everywhere! — 7 years, 9 months ago
    peaceful | 1 reviews

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    not for dark hair turned organge

    i dont know about for blonde hair turned brown but if you have dark brown hair that you tried to lighten with a lightner this will do absolutely nothing for your hair. you are wasting your time and money and further damaging your hair. save your money, go to a salon and get them to dye it back — 7 years, 9 months ago
    tntstudent | 1 reviews

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    Truly Works!

    This stuff truly works without damaging the hair. I followed the directions precisely and was extremely happy with the outcome. I would recommend this to anyone! — 7 years, 11 months ago
    Yorkiesfan | 2 reviews

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    If you've made a mistake with your hair color, you'll get a second chance with this product!

    I change my hair color often and once in a while, ooops!! The color will be too dark or too orangey or... just wrong. I then pick up a box of this remover. and the problem is solved. Read and follow the instructions and you will find that it does what it is supposed to do, and you can color your hair once it is dry. If you have long or thick hair, pick up two boxes. — 7 years, 12 months ago
    Tribbles | 10 reviews

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    Really Works:)

    Yes, this stuff REALLY works! I wish I had known of this several years ago when I used to dye my hair black. It was long and beautiful, and other bleaches/color removers did nothing to remove it, except lift it at the roots:-( I ended up having to chop all my beautiful hair off! Man, this stuff would've saved me that heart-dropping experience! Yes, it's a little smelly, but not half as bad as any moretypical hair dye, and you can easily neutralize the smell w/ a fruity smelling shampoo. I recommend Suave for Kids, 3-in-1 Splashing Apple Toss:) This stuff does dry out your hair somewhat, but if you use a good protein-based deep conditioner(like the directions say), then you're good to go:) It's definitely an excellent product that lives up to it's claims. Great value! I HIGHLY recommend. Thank you, Developlus! — 8 years, 1 month ago
    jleem816 | 13 reviews

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