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    Find your right formula.

    I have just beyond shoulder length, baby fine hair. It is also extremely dry and brittle from coloring. When I first used Wen, I tried the Sweet Almond Mint line. It did nothing to help my hair. It made it even more brittle and weighed down my hair. My mom used the Lavender formula, and told me to give it a try. WHAT a difference. My hair is moisturized, it has a lot of volume, and I don't notice ...read moreas much breakage anymore. I think with Wen it is all about finding the right formula for your hair type. Lavender works especially well on fine hair. The only downside is the expense. It is almost better to buy the biggest bottle, you get the best value that way. — 4 years, 9 months ago
    aub709 | 1 reviews

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    Great for fine hair

    I've tried the sweet almond mint (love the scent) and the lavender (not as great a scent). The Lavender seems to improve the body of my baby fine, thin, straight hair. Volume has always been an issue for me and this product seems to work. And my hair is not thinning from age, it has always been this way. Also with both Wen products, I went from shampooing every day to every other day. That's a benefit, too. — 5 years, 4 months ago
    emigail | 2 reviews

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    I like the smell of this product and the fact that it's neither greasy, nor filmy. The packaging is attractive, too. The price is not unreasonable. I highly recommend it. — 5 years, 4 months ago
    omeadhra | 58 reviews

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    Mediocre Results for the Money

    I'm all for environment-friendly products, but this does not live up to the advertisments (then again, which product does?). You're supposed to use 16-25!!! pumps then scrub your head for 3 minutes then leave it sit for 5 minutes. It's a LONG process and it leaves my hair feeling/looking no different than any other shampoo/conditioner. Not worth the money. Plus, the scent isn't great. — 5 years, 5 months ago
    alicroo86 | 16 reviews

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    Try it again

    I used this for about a month then put it away because I did not like how my hair felt. Lately, I pulled it out of the cupboard and gave it another chance. I now use about 5 pumps instead of the 25 indicated. I have just above shoulder length hair. (fine, colored, post menopausal) It holds its shape, does not look greasy and is very shiny and full. — 5 years, 10 months ago
    Tigertame4 | 5 reviews

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    Agree: hype

    I bought this after seeing the infomercial that raves about how dramatically different your hair will feel and behave. Quickly I learned that the claims are just hype. I mean, the stuff is okay, but no noticable change and certainly not worth the price. The scent also takes some getting used to and it's very difficult to get all of the product out of bottle once you get near empty. — 5 years, 12 months ago
    NancyDrew86 | 5 reviews

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    Been staggering Lavender, Cucumber, and Almond Mint over the past 4 months for my fine curly with a frizz locks and could not be happier with the outcome. I've replaced numerous other products with just this rinse. Oily frizz-free products are GONE. Volumizers are OUTTA HERE. Sticky curl definers are HISTORY. I finally have totally soft and volumed frizz free (or frizz reduced depending on the wea...read morether) curls with just this product. I've got I think what they call 3B hair in the curly hair websites. Fine Hebrew hair curl with a layer of frizz floating on top. And after it's slept on and needs to be afro picked due to the knots it turns into solid wavy frizz (a la Roseanna Havanadanna on the old Saturday Night Live.). I've never seen a model with my type hair on the infomercials. The closest is African American hair...which isn't really close at all other than I do have medium to large corkscrews going on with my cowlicks. The most important thing is to add one half to one full pump of the cleanser AFTER you've washed and rinsed. Wet your head thoroughly at the end of your shower and add the last pump. Comb through and LEAVE IT IN. That way you will have volumed, defined curls. Then scrunch semi dry with numerous paper towels and let air dry. I have some straight areas on top of my head, so I scrunch up a few of those areas and add some one inch butterfly clips around the crown to volumize and define the curl there even further while drying. I don't like what the diffuser does..and would rather air dry. You can wash with one scent and leave in a pump of another. So far I prefer that the Cucumber be the final leave in pump. The Almond Mint tends to be a bit more drying..but it is important to clean a bit more every few washes, anyway. But definitely don't use Almond Mint as the final leave in. Also, I recently tried my husband's Tea Tee. It is also drying with my type of hair, but I added the Cucumber as final leave in and I really did love the Gloria Stivic (All In The Family) head of bouncy curls I got from that combo. Will also start working that scent in every three or four times. One thing to note. I wash every two days. After the third wash-or about every eight days-I do need to use a regular sudsing product (I use Aveda's "Brilliant") as my scalp tends to get too oily. But I'm really happy going from suds every other day to every eight days. I used to lose quite a lot of hair when using sudsing products. Hair loss has reduced greatly with WEN. With the final pump in your wet hair, you should not need to use any further WEN after products. — 6 years ago
    Peekaboobers | 2 reviews

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    I too used the product as directed. Now I must say my hair did "feel" wonderful...perhaps if I lived on an island or was a total free spirit...but I could not DO anything with my hair. It would not hold style or shape. I too went back to my old shampoo and voila I didn't need another haircut, amazingly the style came back and held for the day. — 6 years, 2 months ago
    GolfingGrandma | 3 reviews

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    I don't know what the big hype is.

    I used this just as instructed and it actually made my hair worse. I noticed the difference after using it for about a week I purposely washed with my regular shampoo and saw a big difference. My every day shampoo, Garnier, actually made my hair feel and look better. I think all this hype about the product is bull****. I hate to be so brutal and blunt but it's the truth. My hair did not feel ...read moreclean at all. It also dried out my hair. I'm always down to try any product, but for any of you who thinks it's worth taking at chance, please save yourself the shipping and handling,twice if you decide to return it, and save yourself the time. I'm telling you I did not see any great or positive changes in my hair. — 6 years, 4 months ago
    marypantalione | 1 reviews

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