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    I was excited to try this mascara and taken in by the thought of tubes attaching to my lashes making them longer. However, it is just like any other mascara - only there is two steps. The first step is a white conditioner. It is pretty clumpy. The next is the black mascara. After applying both steps, my eyelashes looked like I used my regular mascara. Disappointing. — 8 years, 8 months ago
    Marjareen | 5 reviews

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    Would not buy again

    This mascara has an extra step - the white conditioner which you apply before the actual mascara. For the extra work, I would expect extra results. Not so. My lashes look darker and slightly curlier, but not much longer, truthfully, after application. Nothing special. The best quality about the product is that it does not smudge which, admittedly, is a big plus. But it is rather difficult to...read more remove with traditional makeup remover, which is a bit annoying. All in all I agree with the other reviewer who says there are better mascaras out there. I would not buy it again. — 8 years, 8 months ago
    DeLux | 23 reviews

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    Not a bad mascara- just an average mascara

    After weeks of coveting this product, I finally caved in and purchased it. If you could see my make-up bag, you'd see at least 5 tubes of mascara. I am a make-up junkie and mascara is one of my favorites! Anyway, I bought this product with cautious high hopes, only to be disappointed. Like some of the other reviewers have aleady noted, this mascara gives you lashes absolutely no thickness. And t...read morehe length is comparable to the length I get from other mascaras. I tried it a couple of times WITHOUT the first (conditioning) step and actually thought my lashes seemed a bit longer than WITH the conditioning step. One positive thing about this mascara is that it truly does not flake or rub-off at all. I have even slept in it the past two nights and when I wake up in the morning my lashes are still totally covered in mascara and there are no flakes at all on my face. I'd recommend CoverGirl Lash Blast mascara for anyone looking for great length AND great thickness. I don't think the tubes live up to their marketing message at all. — 8 years, 8 months ago
    Dbrad1969 | 1 reviews

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    Not As Good As I Thought It Would Be

    I was so excited to try this product. I thought that the idea of a mascara giving you "extension-like lashes" was great, until I tried it. It did make my lashes REALLY long but added absolutely no volume to them and made my lashes very brittle. I don't like how it washes off either. — 8 years, 9 months ago
    Kgirl24 | 72 reviews

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    BEST mascara EVER....WILL NOT Smudge!!!

    I am in love with this mascara. I have small, deep set eyes and have never, ever been able to wear mascara without it smudging. Every time I would blink, my mascara from my upper lashes would touch the skin under my eye and smudge. I don't care what type of mascara I would use, it ALL eventually smudged. This mascara lengthens my lashes (maybe not 80%, but at least 50%). It does not clump. It sta...read moreys on and doesn't flake off. It does not smudge and leave me looking like I have raccoon eyes. I can cry and rub my eyes (accidentally) and it does not smudge or run. And, the best part is the removal. I've read other reviews that say they have tried to remove this mascara with makeup remover. NO, do not do this. All you need is a cotton ball/pad and warm water. That's it!! It tells you on the package to just use warm water. They are correct. I just take a cotton ball/pad and soak it in warm water...hold it on my eye for a few seconds....then swipe the mascara right off. Even while taking the mascara off it does not smudge. Even if you don't have cotton balls/pads, while in the shower, let the water run over your face for a few seconds...take your finger and gently wipe your lashes. The 'tubes' will wipe right off. If you want longer, natural looking, smudge proof, cry proof, non-flaking, extremely long lasting mascara that is easier to remove than your eyeshadow, then this is the mascara for you. If you are looking for volume, this is not the mascara for you. Your lashes will appear a to have a little more volume, but not 'fat'. Since I have small, deep set eyes, I need length, not volume and I have found my favorite make up product ever. (I never thought I would be so crazy over make up!!!!!) LOVE IT!!!! — 8 years, 9 months ago
    KimbaLips | 3 reviews

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    Finally! "Tubing" formula at Drugstore prices!

    I have long loved "Kiss Me" mascara, which was the only one I'd known about that actually forms little tubes around your lashes. It makes it virtually impossible for it to smudge or flake, so you NEVER end up with raccoon eyes. However, the "Kiss Me" kind really lacked in length and volume, so I stopped spending the cash for lack of raccoon eyes alone. However, L'Oreal has now...read more got the same tubing formula to actually pump up my lashes, and YES, it lengthens them too! I wasn't sure if it'd stand up to Department Store versions, but it does. I've found that if I put the base coat on smoothly, and follow right away with the regular black mascara, I get great results. And a warm soaked cottonball really does take it off. And it WON'T come off until then! Go ahead and rub your eyes all you want during the day, no raccoon eyes! — 8 years, 9 months ago
    Lemonjenny | 32 reviews

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    Too many other good mascaras out there

    I've generally always had good luck with L'OReal mascaras, but not this one. Although the Double Extend formula was long wearing, did lengthen lashes and didn't smudge or flake (points for that), I found my eyelashes feeling really dry and brittle. As far as removal, at first I tried removing with one of my Boots No. 7 Quick Thinking 4 in 1 Wipes, then changed to soap and water after taking a few...read more eyelashes out. Everything considered, I probably would not repurchase this mascara. Too many other god mascaras out there to settle for one that doesn't impress on all criteria. — 8 years, 9 months ago
    beauty411 | 26 reviews

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    Good idea, Bad Product

    Reading the packaging of L'Oreal's new DoubleExtend Beauty Tubes Mascara, made me skeptical. Using this mascara will make my lashes appear 80% longer? That's quite the claim! But the premise sounded like it might actually work. You start out with the conditioning base coat from one end of this double ended tube. The base coat builds "tubes" along the tips of each lash, extending the...read moreir length. Then you switch to the other end of the tube where the mascara is at and apply it over the base coat. I tried this mascara for a week and just could not get the hang of it. The base coat went on easily enough, but the top coat got gunky real fast. I tried different techniques: waiting a few minutes for the base coat to dry, combing my lashed before applying the top coat, applying only one layer of top coat, combing after the top coat, etc. The problem was that more that one swipe of the top coat would gunk up the lashes and they'd start clumping together. As for the lengthening - yeah, my lashes looked a little bit longer, but nowhere near 80% longer. If you have shorter lashes, you may like the little extra length, but this is definitely not lash extensions in a bottle. The packaging does claim that it won't smudge or flake, which it didn't. Despite looking like spider legs, the mascara wore well all day. One cool think is that it then rinses off with just water. The not so cool think is that it turns stringy and sticks to everything as you try to wash it off. I tried makeup remover to see if it would be easier, but it wouldn't really take it off. The best thing I found was a wash cloth with water - although you then can't use the washcloth on the rest of your face or else you'll get black mascara stringies all over. So all in all, not the best. It's a good try, but could certainly stand to be retooled. L'Oreal is definitely on to something, but missed the mark this time. — 8 years, 9 months ago
    BeautyIsEasy | 56 reviews

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