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    NO NO IS NO ALL THE WAY!!! save yourself the aggravation SAY NO!!

    I tried cancelling it after reading several reviews, note I orderd it only 10 min before I read the reviews..I had seen it on the info commerical. The customer servivce is horrible. I called the original number. I was given a differnt number to call to cancel and then placed on hold for 15 min. Finally someone came on... and after giving them all my info, he said he could not find the order. I morethen asked for a supervisor( it was already pending on my bank act on line)! I held on for another 20 min and finally hung up. I then called again (bythis time i was fuming). After another 10 min I got someone who told me it was procesed and could not be stopped at this point and had a tracking number. I again asked for a supervisor, the same sceanerio. I hung up. I am disgusted. I can only imagine what a nightmsre this is going to be sending it bsck!!
    Bree | 1 reviews

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    Just say NO!

    Yes, i have dark hair, now that i have gotten older the chin hairs and facial hairs started to sprout and i am only 40! I bought this after watching the infomercial and actually doing some digging around on the internet and thought atleast if it doesnt work, i can get my money back. It does not work at all, might have cinged the hairs, that buffing pad was a joke, just made plucking those mores harder to get at it. So i have boxed everything back up, and sending it back to them on my dime tomorrow. I just want my refund. I will take that money and go see a professional, you get what you pay for! I went directly by the directions, used 2-3 times per week, buffed and used the cream afterwards, all i got was hard stubbles. All i can say the device was cute, the logo wore off fast, the case was blah! but i did like the cream-it smelled nice. thats all i have that is good to say about the product.
    frances_p_braddy | 1 reviews

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    Waste of time

    I bought this product last year, used it for a few months, and now it is in my give away pile. When it first came out, I was super excited, because I have an Italian dad who has graced me with not so feminine hair in unusual places. Well, this didn't do much good, I used it properly, was patient, and now a year later I have the exact same amount of hair, well, almost. I noticed that it works well moreon areas of the body where the hair is fine, but it does not work on stubborn thick hair, and I don't really care about removing the baby hair! I wanted the thick stubborn hair gone, but it did squat for that.
    nikkimarie8 | 19 reviews

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    Oh Yeah to no! no!

    After so many disappointments and pain, caused by other hair removal products, I have finally found the perfect solution for me I am very impressed by the results. With no pain, a little bit of burned hair smell, this is definitely the best product for hair removal I have ever had. No pain, a bit of a smell of burnt hair and the results are more than satisfactory. As I understand, the technique more very safe, there is a usage of heat and light only, and after following the instructions very carefully I feel the results I gained are better than any other hair removal product I tried (and I tried plenty of them).For best, smooth results , I follow the instructions, using the blade for long hair first, than, cleaned it with the buffer and for a final great result I have completed the treatment with the second blade that is used on short hair. It is definitely worth the money!
    monicacliff | 1 reviews

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    This Is One Time When NO!NO! Means Yes!Yes!

    I purchased this not knowing exactly what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised. It is easy to use and did lessen the hair. It takes a bit longer than I like to spend on my legs but they are so much softer when done.
    texasdaisey | 5 reviews

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    Say no!no! to this product!

    The no!no! is SUCH a waste of money, and I even got mine 1/2 price from wonder it was on sale! I devoted so much time to using this for about 10 weeks, and the only difference it made is that it actually made MORE hair appear! I used it all over my arms, and in areas such as the underside of my arms, where there is little or no hair usually, it has somehow made it appear! I am really devastated about this b/c I already have hairy arms and this just made things 10 times WORSE!
    brittany1 | 4 reviews

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    Say No to No No

    The no no is so not worth the money. When I bought it, it sounded like it would make the hair growing less dense or would stop growth all together. After using it for 12 weeks, I did see a little difference, but not enough to warrant the three days a week of using it, at 20 or so minutes each time. If the results would have been permanent, perhaps I could have justified it. However, once you moretop using the product, the hair quickly reverts to how it was originally. This is no substitute for laser hair removal, that is for sure.
    Keyamarie | 62 reviews

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    not worth the $$$

    I used no! no! for 10 weeks and didn't get the results they promised. You're better off saving your money for laser hair removal.
    AdrienneJ | 2 reviews

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    So So, No!No!

    yes, im a shopping channel junkie, i admit. but hey, sephora doesnt give you the option of "just five easy monthly payments!" and HSN does! ha! so yeah, i was suckered in. i used the 5 blades that came with the kit, and have purchased and 2nd set of blades at $21, so its an ongoing investment, but it does seem to be working. i do seem to have less hair growth on my legs. it is VERY morerd to use on the under-arms, doesnt seem to catch the hairs, and if you go over the same place too much, you get what feels like a minor sunburn. also, it says on the packaging not to use it on your face, which the dont tell you. (i suppose because of the sunburn feeling thing)BUT, of course i tried it, and had no adverse affects, no burning or soreness. i cant really say id recommend this for $250, but now that ive got it, i will pass it around to my girlfriends. if they want to buy the blades, theyre welcome to use the thing!
    DivaDena | 10 reviews

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    no!no! is pretty good, not worth the money.

    it works well for small areas and quick touch ups. the price is waaaaaaay to much for the product though. it comes in two awesome colors that any person would love. As long as your not thinking of shaving your whole leg with it, and your willing to splurge, i say go for it!
    Oogaly_Boogaly | 1 reviews

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