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    A Decent Product for the Money

    Everything about this product has been well thought out. The bottle itself is ergonomically designed and easy to hold. It comes in one color (medium) because the formulation is meant to work with your skin's amino acids to create the perfect complimentary skin color. It also delivers a fine mist of spray, that will continue to spray at all angles. The one caveat? The resulting mist is so more and can't see where you're putting it. I tended to over-spray a couple of areas each time and had some odd patches of color to explain to some people. Maybe it's just me, but I could not seem to get the hang of it. My only hope came in the form Big L who sprayed me. The resulting color looked great, no orange here...and it didn't really smell all that bad to me. As long as you can get the hang of the application spray, you should be fine.
    beautyinreallife | 14 reviews

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    Great color, wish it moisturized

    While I find the product easy to use, I don't like that I can not moisturize my legs after my shower before applying this product.
    amominred | 69 reviews

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    Easy to use; natural color

    I applied this product in the shower, after a thorough exfoliation. The formula is a continuous spray, so it goes on quickly with no rubbing necessary. Because it's colorless, though, you can't tell if you've missed spots. I did like the fact that you don't have to rub in, and although there was a slight odor (unavoidable with these products, it seems), it didn't last long. I did wait about 20 moreminutes before getting dressed. I didn't have any streaking, although there was a little unevenness on the tops of my feet. Other than that, the color was very natural on me. I would use this product again, particularly to boost a fading (natural) tan.
    beauty411 | 26 reviews

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    Tinted Cream is Better

    After being a devoted fan of the tinted cream I thought I'd try this b/c it would be easier. Well, it was a little easier but it did not produce an even tan. I also kinda like the slight shimmer I get from the cream. I also didn't find that it worked from "any angle". My husband had to help me put in on & it still streaked! When we used the spray from Bath & Body Works it worked morereally well, but I think I'm going back to the cream. The color is good too but doesn't last very long.
    RobynLe | 98 reviews

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    i tried it...

    L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Mist is not on my personal list of must-haves, for obvious reasons. seriously, if you don't know, look at my photo... however, when i was asked to review this, i thought, how could i go about doing this? i would have to look at it from a different point of view. so, i used it...stop laughing...seriously, i followed the directions, and really thought, i just moreed to see how easy it is to use. the bottle says that it is able to be sprayed at any angle. so that's what i did. i sprayed one leg (hysterical, i know), and thought it was simple enough. of course, waiting for it to dry wasn't too incredibly long, but i still felt strange having to wait before i could get dressed. i wanted to see if i could really get a "glow" effect. i needed to have a comparison, so i just sprayed the one leg for three days. and, to no one's surprise, nothing dramatic happened. it was slightly bronzed. almost like i applied a foundation-- it wasn't a difference that anyone would notice, but looked natural. so, if you want to try it go ahead, i think it would be worth a shot. it doesn't cost much, most drugstores now have a really good return policy, and it's easy to use. of course, you can always read other reviews from peole who used it .
    beauty_girl_musings | 136 reviews

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    Best Self Tanner!

    This year I decided to ignore the seasonal deluge of self-tanning products. I'd been a diehard user since the days of QT. back in the sixties. Being just one of the multitudes who looks better with a tan I'd sought that look with practically every product that came on the market. Last year I found that I was spending too much time and money applying cream lotions and sprays in an effort to more that bronze glow. More often than not the results were streaky or artificial looking. Not to mention that tan itself was receiving a lot of bad press. Tan has never been popular in the ballet studio where I spend a lot of time. Most dancers have skin that appears not to have seen the light of day. I decided this year to up my ballerina wattage and join them. No matter that my skin has enjoyed too many summers in the sun and so is spotted and discolored, I was still aiming for alabaster. Then I received a sample of L'OREAL SUBLIME BRONZE PERFECT AIRBRUSH SELF-TANNING MIST. Right away it caught my attention with it's promise of ultra even no rub quick-dry application. It so happens that it arrived on the warmest day of the season, the day I had actually gotten out my shorts and was feeling a bit depressed that my legs didn't look as good as one would have expected after having spent so many hours in the ballet studio. There were all those sun spots and blue etchings and I'll spare you the rest. I headed for the bathroom where I shaved and moisturized my legs . It is suggested that you cleanse and exfoliate using Sublime Bronze Sunless scrub but that's the sort of suggestion I usually ignore. I see it as a ploy to get you to invest in a second product. Any way I'm the sort that can't wait so I sprayed away following the directions to spray the mist slowly and continuously at arms length. I was taken back at how quickly I was able to apply it(less than five minutes and how rapidly it dried. Another five minutes and I was able to get dressed!. I couldn't wait to see how it dried but I got busy with one thing of another. A few hours later I was surprised when I looked down and saw that my legs had indeed turned a nice golden tan and their various imperfections were much less noticeable even when I checked with my reading glasses on. The product smells very faintly of self tanner (You know the scent) but it's hands down better than any other I have ever tried. So much so that I'm seriously rethinking alabaster. Cheers, Barb
    balletchic | 3 reviews

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    One of the Best Self-Tanning Mists!

    The Self-Tanning Mist itself, is great, and it covers pretty easily. I am used to applying aerosol spray tanners, so having no color guide is easy for me to use. And I actually prefer this type as there is no messy over-spray stain to clean up after. The mist sprays out lightly, but just enough to cover evenly without leaving droplet marks or anything. So, it is basically, spray and go. Well, morey, wait ten minutes or so, then go. The mist does take a few minutes to dry, but I like to wait at least ten minutes before dressing, so as to not mess up the application or my clothing. The tell-tale self-tanner smell is pretty apparent right upon applying the Sublime Bronze, but it dissipates fairly quickly. By the time the mist dry, the DHA smell is basically gone, and I am left with just a nice, light scent. In about three or four hours, I noticed some newly bronzed hands, and I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my arms. They looked nice and golden on me and natural. Really natural. Not orange or streaky - pretty perfect with just one application. Medium Natural Tan it is for me. I did use this two days in a row and it has been a few days and my glow is still on. I will probably re-apply tomorrow and keep it up by using this just once or twice a week. A few tips when using an airbrush self-tanner: Make sure your parts are exfoliated, not freshly shaven and well moisturized. As I mostly apply my self-tanners at night, my normal morning moisturization is enough, except for on my hands. I apply a hand cream right before I use a self-tanning mist as to make sure the mist and color does not settle too much into the cracks and crevices on my knuckles and fingers. If you are self-tanning any other parts of your body first, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly to get off anything that might leave your palms stained, then move onto spraying your arms and hands.
    MakeupSearcher | 112 reviews

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    Why did they change it?

    I used this product all last summer, and I had a more natural looking tan than my friends with real tans did.. So of course I went to purchase it again this year, and found the bottle had changed and so had the product. It does not go on even and leaves your feet so orange and streaked, that I wanted to wear socks to hide them. I sure wish they didn't change.
    shellseeker | 14 reviews

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    better than their other choices

    I am an experienced self-tanner, so I only find the tinted creams, etc. a nuissance because the tint comes off on everthing. I had been using their untinted cream equivalent for a few years, but this is 100% better, easier, and faster.
    Caitlin66 | 5 reviews

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  • 9 Best Self-Tanners

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    Pretty good

    I bought this product months ago. It had a different bottle shape and didn't say natural tan on it. It was awesome. I went back to find it at several stores and the bottle had changed to a slightly different shape and said Medium natural tan instead. It didn't work as well because the spray wasn't as consistent. I missed several spots because of it. You do need to watch the floor too more the spray gets on the floor and makes your feet look like you have been walking barefoot for a while. It's an ok product just wish they hadn't changed it. The color makes you tan though not orange.
    JENN01979 | 14 reviews

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