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    dont bother

    it doen't really work. its big and buly so getting the smaller areas is kinda hard to do and most of the bar doesn't touchyour skin so it's pointless.
    stacyham | 5 reviews

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    what a waste

    good idea, but you waste 3/4 of the product. The only part of the soap bar that gets used is the part right under the blades. The sides and top are wasted. I love the idea of not having to use an extra step, but you don't get your money's worth.
    meg61299 | 122 reviews

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    Does not work

    I have to literally go over the same spot over and over again to get any hair off. I'll stick to the Mach3.
    natalierb | 159 reviews

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    Great shave

    First off, you dont have to use shaving cream, which is great. And second, it gives you a nice smooth shave. This shaving cream bar thingy lasts longer than the venus breeze. But on the other hand, it is much bulkier than the Breeze, and does not have a pivoting head liek the breeze. Then again, I never got one nick while using this product.
    saad23 | 38 reviews

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    Don't Waste Your Money!

    I bought this after I left my Gillette Mach 3 (men's razor) in a hotel while travelling. I had been wanting to try for a while and was definitely in the mood for another girl gadget. The soap on the razor head was a joke and I cut my legs up worse than I used to cut them on the daisy shavers when I was an adolescent. In an attempt to get my money's worth, I continued to try to use it in hopes more would change my mind and the head of the razor fell off in the shower every time I used it. What a disappointment!
    JJis42 | 101 reviews

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    This is so drying

    I had been using this for some time, and really had a problem with dry skin on my legs, and would literally wake up in the night and would want to scratch the heck out of my legs. I ended up trying the different kinds, the sensitive skin, milk and honey, etc. etc. of this type of razor because I loved the concept of not having to use shave gel. But I finally went back to my trusty razon and shave gel, and have not had the itchy feeling on my legs anymore.
    decolace1920 | 4 reviews

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    I love this razor. May not work well for people with a lot or thich hair though. Its quick, especially for my underarms and great for people with shower stalls or no time like me.
    dana5679 | 8 reviews

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    not a fan

    I tried this shaver once and never will I use it again. It has the soap built into it so sure you think, wow that will be cool. Although the soap only lasts for a couple of shaves then you are left with a razor that really isn't all that great to begin with. I would not recommend this product.
    Erin_Stet | 19 reviews

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    Schick Intuition: A smorgasboard of women delight in this comon insturment

    At the age of 23 my intuition, nudged by kismet, led me to move to North Carolina. I was considering leaving behind my nascent but promising professional career, and in an instant an episode of Dawson’s creek and a James Taylor song came together and I just knew: North Carolina (which up until that point had only been my vacation state) was to become my home state. Following my intuition turned moreout to be the best decision I have ever made. A few months later (while digging myself out the hole of my quarter-life crisis) I found myself working with Nancy, an adorable hippy child who surprisingly enough introduced to one of my favorite beauty secrets – Intuition the non-disposable razor. Nancy was the kind of fun loving hippie girl with long blond curly hair who often picked up and moved to the islands, or Florida, and who often spent four day weekends following various grateful dead mutations around the country. I was complaining to Nancy one day how nothing compared to getting my legs waxed. I hadn’t shaved my legs since college started five years earlier because I was so dedicated to just having my long oddly shaped legs waxed. My parents believed in a good education and at the time I believed those expenses included bi-weekly trips to a fairly expensive day spa. I never had to shave. And I just couldn’t get into it even thought my budget now required me to learn to shave my legs. Nancy told me that all I’d ever need was the intuition razor. She said she couldn’t get through “shows” with out it. Her shows lasted three days, had no running water, and the tent community living quarters resembled African refugee camps. If she was getting smooth legs in the middle of all this I knew she had the beauty secret equivalent of Willy Wonka’s golden ticket. That was 4 years ago and I haven’t had stubbly legs since. In fact using intuition takes less than four minutes. No cuts - and with legs like mine that is miraculous. I think god was imagining curvy long country roads when he made my legs. In fact I often ponder the architectural stability of such curvy legs. Like the leaning tower of Pisa, they truly look as if they should have collapsed long ago. But this razor has lovely colored blue rubber grips and all of the moisturizer included. In four years I’ve had maybe 7 cuts. Hippie girls and professional girls alike can all get down with this razor. It’s better for the environment because you don’t throw away the whole thing (just replace the soap/razor cartridge) and it’s so much less expensive than waxing, at about $20 a month. Nancy still goes to shows. I have moved on but I think of her almost every night while shaving my legs and I’m so glad my intuition led me to her and to, well, Intuition.
    Beautys_Spot | 50 reviews

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