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  • 15 Best Hair Removal Products

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    DO NOT LISTEN TO ANY OF THE REVIEWS SAYING THIS IS GOOD BECAUSE IT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it doesnt even deserve one star but i am forced to give it one star. This is a horrible horrible product I dont even know where to start. First of all i couldnt even remove the lid without getting a sticky mess on my hands. and once the wax gets on your hands, its nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get it off. Its terribly moreicky and its so so so so hard to get the correct consistancy and needs to be reheated way too often. It is horrrrrible!!!!!!!!! Then when you apply the wax it drips off the stick and gets everywhrere around you which is such a mess. Finally when i applied it to my hair and did the waxing procedure, the wax strips just left the wax AND hair behind. So i was left with a waxy mess which i could not remove myself. I tried reapplying the strips to get the wax off but all it did was tug at my skin and cause massive amountts of pain. I went to go get a profesional bikini wax the next and and they were luckyly able to get everythign off. For all the trouble that kit put me through, its much easier to just pay 25 dollars and have a profesional do it. Or if you insist of self waxing, purchase veet wax strips because the wax is already on the strip and all you have to do is rub it between your hands to heat it up and it actually does a good job removing the hair. AND it comes with wipes that get the excess wax off compleatly. There are just so many better alternative then buying this so do yourself a favor and spare yourself the pain and DO NOT PURCHASE THIS. oh did i mention that it left marks all over my skin, i guess it tugged it too hard or somthign but it left hicky/bruise like marks all over which took a week to go away. How embarresing. DO NOT PURCHASE
    ADcosmogirl | 17 reviews

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    Worth the Money Savings

    Yes, of course this product is going to be sticky and painful, but after a few tries you'll get the hang of it. There's a small window of perfection when it comes to heating the wax and at that point the product is great! While using it, I usually have to reheat it about 3 times, but for $10 this product is so worth learning to do it yourself, rather than paying top dollar at the spa.
    BeautyQueen22 | 2 reviews

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    No paper strips!

    I saw all the reviews, but I didn't find this too sticky compared to other products. It will stick to your skin if you don't lightly baby oil it first, like the professionals do. But once the wax dries, you pull it right off and it gets all the hair. Beware - don't put it on too thick or it won't be flexible enough to pull off and it will break. Then you'll never get it off. And you'll probably have to microwave it more than once to keep it soft enough. But for $10, it's a great value.
    brittany_smedley | 16 reviews

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  • 10 Worst Hair Removal Products

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    Try only after getting a full bikini wax from a professional salon

    This product works great for removing small areas of hair at a time. In order to have it works its best, read the instructions thoroughly. The reason why I recommend trying waxing by yourself at home after a professional waxing is because 1) It'll give you a good idea of how to maneuver the wax when its on your skin. Gives you more confident after it's been done before 2) After a good waxing, more grows back softer and finer, so it won't be as much work when you try yourself. But I also want to add, take pain killers 30 minutes to 1 hour before trying this out! It helps a lot. But I do have trouble waxing the labia area though, I just can't bring myself to pull, any suggestions ladies?
    sinxandcosx | 35 reviews

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    I really liked it

    I really liked this and was able to do a Brazilian wax that I normally pay at least $80 at the salon for. I have very coarse hair, but I have been waxing it for about five years now. It takes some practice and it hurts, all waxing does. If you don't have a high tolerance for pain I would not recommend it on youself. I found that if you keep reheating it in the microwave it will be less moreky. FYI to the other posts salon wax sticks to everything too, you just don't notice it. I was really amazed at how well it worked. I have tried lots of other products and always ended up disappointed. The key is waxing your own bikini area is difficult no matter what product you choose and there are many people that just won't be able to do it. This product is the best I've seen if you are brave enough to try.
    Lisannez | 1 reviews

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    The best

    This is by far the best waxing kit I have used. I wouldn't recommend using it in a carpeted area since the wax really sticks. It doesn't pull my skin just my hair which is really awesome. The no cloth strips is excellent since I personally don't like having to use strips. Of course waxing always hurts, but if you use it regularly, the hair becomes easier to pull out and less painful. One tip to help with the redness and swelling after, take an anti-inflammatory, like Advil or Aleve.
    cyip88 | 1 reviews

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  • 15 Best Hair Removal Products

    Exclusively from the editors at Total Beauty

    Get the Buying Guide to see these top-rated products!

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    A wax that works on my corse hair. Here are a few things to keep in mind. all wax in messy and it hurts, for gosh sakes your pulling out hair. I put down some newpaper, set up everything so if anything drips or falls or gets knocked over i can just roll up the paper and put it in the trash, easy clean up ladies. The only down side is you hove to wax quckly, not an hourly job, because after 10 min the wax need to be reheated.
    scluttman | 4 reviews

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