How to Ditch Your Curling Iron Forever

Flaunt curls and waves all summer long -- without melting. Heatless rollers are back, baby

The Fun, Fruity Print That's Everywhere This Summer

These chic pineapple-printed accessories are giving us island fever

7 Days of (Work-Appropriate) Glitter

Think glitter can't coexist with office life? We thought so, too. Until this happened

8 Stay-Dry Solutions for Every Sweaty Scenario

Breaking a sweat and battling B.O.? This summer, find a sweat fix that really works

The Finger Trap Test: Another Hot or Not

There are a million ways to judge yourself, and China just figured out one more. It's called the Finger Trap test and it's a simple and, we say, rather flawed method of judging your own attractiveness.   read more


May 5, 2014  |   6:05 AM  |  1 COMMENT
This Is What Taylor Swift Looks Like After The Gym

• This is what Taylor Swift looks like AFTER the gym. AFTER the gym, people. We don't even look this good before we go to the gym, and yet, Tay-Tay somehow manages to look like a goddess even after sweating it out at an NYC gym for a couple hours. Life is not fair. [Refinery 29]   read more


May 5, 2014  |   5:05 AM  |  COMMENT
Blink and You'll Miss Gwyneth Paltrow's First-Ever GOOP Store

She may have consciously uncoupled from her marital union (it's really hard to type that with a straight face) but Gywneth Paltrow's business is anything but on the rocks.   read more


May 3, 2014  |   8:05 AM  |  COMMENT
7 Best Toothpastes


7 Best Toothpastes

A mega-watt, movie-star smile adds glamour to any beauty trend -- I mean, try pulling off a bright orange lip with yellow teeth. If your toothpaste isn't doing its job, you might be reluctant to get on board with a bold lip or even flash a smile.   read more


May 2, 2014  |   2:05 PM  |  1 COMMENT
Why Are So Many Mormons Getting Boob Jobs?

What do you think of when you hear the term "boob job"? Inflated, oversize breasts? New divorcees flaunting perkier chests? Beverly Hills housewives? Whatever your answer, it's probably not Mormons. That is, unless you happen to have driven down Interstate 15, the highway that passes through the so-called "Mormon corridor" in Utah, named for its path through some of the most populated Mormon areas. Billboards advertising plastic surgery are "everywhere," according to residents.   read more


May 2, 2014  |  10:05 AM  |  50 COMMENTS
The Digital Nail Kiosk: Because a Machine is So Much More Accurate than a Mere Mortal

Because we've quickly become a society hell bent on having instant gratification granted on every front (the 24-hour Cupcake ATM ring any bells?), more and more companies are concocting ways to eliminate the middle man (human beings) and replace them with machines. Enter Fingernails 2 Go, a highly specialized "printer" that employs state of the art technology to impart hi-tech designs onto your nails.   read more


May 2, 2014  |   6:05 AM  |  COMMENT
Study Says You Should Probably Put Down The Mascara

• People generally prefer less makeup on women, according to a new study published in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. The study found that people of both sexes prefer it when women go for the "natural" look. Of course, for most of us, getting a "natural" look requires quite a bit of makeup, so go figure. [Today Show]   read more


May 2, 2014  |   5:05 AM  |  1 COMMENT
4 Best Hair Removal Creams -- and the 3 Worst

Our readers reveal which hair removal creams trump razor burn and painful wax kits -- and which ones are just as bad   read more


May 1, 2014  |   5:05 PM  |  COMMENT
9 Ways to Wear Precious Metals, No Jewelry Required

Make a smoldering statement with high-shine, foil-like fabrics inspired by the periodic elements   read more


May 1, 2014  |   3:05 PM  |  COMMENT
Get the Illuminated Look

Sure, the matte trend isn't budging anytime soon, but a dewy complexion is always pretty -- and downright easier to achieve when summer comes around.   read more


May 1, 2014  |   2:05 PM  |  COMMENT

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