4 Steps to Better Lashes: How I Turned My Pathetic Excuse for Eyelashes into Long, Pretty-Looking Ones

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Posted 08/17/10 at 06:46PM by Total Beauty

As any card-carrying mom will confirm, watching your children sleep can be a major highlight of any day.

The thing that stands out most when I'm gazing at my little ones (aside from how much I love them, of course) is how long, thick and dark my son's eyelashes are. And, what a colossal rip off that is. He hardly gives a hoot that he has them. But, I, his doting mom, on the other hand, would give up my beloved Sauvignon Blanc to not have to coax and cajole my smattering of anemic eyelashes into a "notice me" state.

My lashes are truly a goof. And, because I refuse to go the "Latisse" route and apply goop to them every night in hopes they'll miraculously look just like Brooke Shields' (or my son's), I'm relegated to employing the tricks I've gleaned from my many years on this planet. Hoodwinking people into thinking I have proper eyelashes has become somewhat of a full-time job. So how do I do it? Glad you asked.

First, there's my savior, the Chanel Inimitable Multi-Dimensional Mascara, $30, which I referenced in a previous blog about the expensive products I can't live without. But, there's a lot more to getting my full-lash look. A whole lot more. Here are my four must-do steps:

Step 1: Curl those puppies! This step is so imperative it's all I can do to refrain from typing it in ALL CAPS. It takes a minute to do and can make such a big difference. As my friend Whitney proved when she shared her eyelash curling tips with me.

Step 2: Apply a primer. (I like Estee Lauder Lash Primer Plus, $18.50.) When I first heard of primers I thought they were just a ploy to get us to drop more hard-earned cash at the makeup counter. Not so. Apply a coat of this miracle worker and before it's fully dry (within 20-25 seconds), apply your mascara. It will give your lashes length without looking all spidery or clumped.

Step 3: Show ALL of your lashes love. I used to somehow miss lashes when applying mascara, putting it only on the middle and outer ones. That was a mistake. You have to apply it to the entire spectrum (from inner corners to outer) to get the full effect. Oh, and don't use a straight up and down motion -- zigzag or wiggle the wand through your lashes. It'll help coat each and every hair.

Step 4: Exercise patience and wait between coats. Nothing clumps mascara like applying coat after coat before the one before it has had ample time to dry. This is of paramount importance. Apply. Wait. (Do something else, clean the sink, get dressed, anything.) Apply a second coat. It's the "Lather. Rinse. Repeat." step for the mascara set.

Now, these four steps won't give you your dream lashes, but they will help make your actual lashes the best they can be.
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  • Posted by EricaF123 on 04/13/13 at 01:35pm

    Nice tips

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  • Posted by powerwoman033 on 03/13/12 at 10:58pm

    Really, really good tips!

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  • Posted by shandimessmer on 02/05/12 at 09:26pm

    I will def be taking some of this advice! Thanks:)

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  • Posted by Nicole2814 on 01/29/12 at 06:13pm


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  • Posted by Nicole2814 on 01/29/12 at 06:13pm


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  • Posted by Shawnalaa on 01/28/12 at 08:21pm

    I am truly on a hunt for the best mascara for me. I have thick long lashes, but I want the drama that mascara brings. My problem is, every mascara I try clumps on my lashes. My lashes are also stick straight, so I need something that's curling as well. I'm heading to the make up counter at Macy's this week- I've gone through many drug store brands but, I'm thinking that drug store mascara just isn't going to do it for me.

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