Revlon Doubletwist Volumizing Mascara


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    Very bad. Even by Revlon standards.
    by Nicole1021
    This mascara is pretty much the worst Revlon mascara there is. And I only semi like two of their mascaras. This did nothing for me at all. That's all. Just... nothing. Glad it was discontinued.
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    by desty4
    really clumpy
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    Globby Mess
    by Natalie1987
    This is the worst mascara I've ever used. It was in the discount bin (now I know why) for a dollar or two so I thought I'd give it a shot. As soon as I open the bottle I knew it would be messy. After applying I looked as though I rubbed mud on my eyelashes. There was no way to use it sparingly. One swipe and it's caked on. I threw it out.
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    by rosebud119
    I bought this mascara on the premise of re-trying the Revlon brand (which I have never really cared for). The mascara comes out in clumps and is difficult to even apply if you manage to get it on your lashes.
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    Revlon Doubletwist Mascara
    by tonyadiamond
    The reviews on here are so accurate. This is the worst mascara I have ever used. I think the brush is terrible and has much to do with the fact this product clumps all over the place. Every attempt to use this, I end up with more under my eyes than on my lashes. Terrible product.
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