Revlon Doubletwist Volumizing Mascara


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    by desty4
    really clumpy
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    Globby Mess
    by Natalie1987
    This is the worst mascara I've ever used. It was in the discount bin (now I know why) for a dollar or two so I thought I'd give it a shot. As soon as I open the bottle I knew it would be messy. After applying I looked as though I rubbed mud on my eyelashes. There was no way to use it sparingly. One swipe and it's caked on. I threw it out.
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    by rosebud119
    I bought this mascara on the premise of re-trying the Revlon brand (which I have never really cared for). The mascara comes out in clumps and is difficult to even apply if you manage to get it on your lashes.
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    Revlon Doubletwist Mascara
    by tonyadiamond
    The reviews on here are so accurate. This is the worst mascara I have ever used. I think the brush is terrible and has much to do with the fact this product clumps all over the place. Every attempt to use this, I end up with more under my eyes than on my lashes. Terrible product.
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    Worst of the worst..
    by MssDani
    This mascara takes the cake for worst mascara of all time. I fell for the marketing about bought it because it came with a free eyeliner. Both the mascara and eyeliner are somewhere in a dump right now because I tried them both once and trashed them. That mascara brush seems good in theory but someone did not think the design out. It keeps all the mascara on it so when you pull it out it's one huge mess. Yuck Yuck Yuck! I will never try a Revlon mascara again.
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