Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil

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    Light weight
    by piggysuperchi
    I have tried a couple facial oils before this and the Josie Maran argan oil has the lightest feel on the skin! It gets absorbed pretty fast also. I think this would be perfect for spring and fall season but probably a little too light for winter. My skin does not feel as hydrated. It is unscented so great for those with sensitive skin. Does not make me breakout. And did I mention this is ORGANIC? :)
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    Nothing Special
    by sprout117
    I've heard so many great things about this oil and I really love using oils on my skin so I bought this as a moisturizer along with a few others to test it against. This one was mediocre but definitely didn't stand up among the best as a moisturizer. I even put some on one side of my face and another brand on the other (tarte's maracuja oil) and then walked around my house for a while. Then I asked my boyfriend who really isn't that observant when it comes to beauty if the two sides of my face looked different, the Josie Moran side got "duller and darker" as the other side was glowing. It also didn't feel as moisturized after an hour and there wasn't even a smell to convince me that maybe I wanted to keep this product and try it some more. My test made the decision to return this item pretty easy. The Maracuja oil is just as great on my face, elbows, knees and hair as the argan oil claims to be (and i love my argan oil lotion). I think there's nothing special, good or bad, about this item but considering that the price is competitive with other much better products, it's not worth it. Not recommended if you want the best and most moisturizing face oil. This is plain vanilla. Boo.
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    Great for super dry areas on face & body
    by BaliBabi
    Jodie Maran knows Argan oils! I'm a big fan of every product I've tried so far and this one is no exception. It does feel a bit too heavy for the sensitive skin on my face. But I dollop drops on my neck and chest during the dryer, winter seasons. For every day wear - I use this beautiful vial of 100% Pure argan love. I actually keep a bottle of this by my computer at work. I dab a few drops on the back of my hands every day and the oil is absorbed quickly. I swear my hands are so much better for it! (I used to use another oil.. and did not notice as much change. ) I'm a big fan.
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    Multiple uses
    by DMPTX
    I love this stuff! It's uses are endless! I use it on my face, hands and nails and even my hair! It's well worth the price! A little goes a long way!
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    My first choice and my last one
    by Bon_Bon
    I went along and bought a bottle of this when the "trend" of face oils and Argan. When I first got the bottle I immediately likes the dropper, and being able to control exactly how much I got out of the bottle with out having to use a pressured pump to get product out. I applied it to my face and HATED the feeling of it on my skin, I thought it was like applying baby oil and I was afraid that I would wake up with greasy broken out skin, and stains on my pillow. But I kept it on any ways. The next morning I woke up and did notice a slight break out which is normal for e with a new product. I kept at it though and the second night I found that my skin absorbed the product a lot faster than it did the night before. I went to bed and got up the next morning with plump healthy looking skin and the areas that had given me a problem the day before seemed to have calmed down immediately. I started using it every night and it seems the days I don't use it I wake up looking ashy. Not only that but during my make up routine, I use to get a feeling of dry itchy skin and I would have to apply a moisturizer, now I never get that feeling even now in the harsh winter weather. This is a golden product and it works on my sons cradle cap and eczema and I often put some in his bath as well.
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