Conair Shiny Styles

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    it works
    by love_nene2324
    Honestly i never used it to straight my hair but i works really good for cripping my hair, So i still have it.....Just because u guys look like poodles does mean that it doesnt work....
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    Review subject
    by glitzandglamour
    Takes a half hour to heat up. Doesn't straighten. Only the wave plate works, but it makes me look like a poodle.
  • 1
    by GingerDrink
    This is hands down the worst flat-iron I've ever tried. I have almost PERFECTLY straight hair that only is wavy if I sleep on it while it's wet, and this wouldn't even straighten the slight wave out. It took like half an hour to get warm, and it made my hair SUPER gross and frizzy, even with a protecting spray over it. It's a joke of a tool.
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    scarred childhood memories
    by shinyandiknowit
    This is the piece of junk my mom bought me in 6th grade to crimp my hair because she thought it was cute. I didn't enjoy the fact that the hot plates would always fall off and practically leap at my hand when I tried to use it. Also, none of the styles ever looked good.
  • 1
    by LexiLove
    worst product ever. i wasted my money on this and completely regret it.
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