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We Swore We'd Never Do Another Nail Art Gallery ... But Check These Out

We know, we know, nail art is on its way out. But these are some of the prettiest (more subtle) looks we've seen in a while, and they're totally worth trying
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Floral Accent
Instead of wearing intricate nail decals on every finger, try wearing one on each hand for a pretty look that is perfect for spring.

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Opposite Ends
Mix and match extreme versions of traditional French tips and the half moon mani in contrasting colors to create a unique visual effect.

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Studded Pastels
Give your mani some texture and edge with gold studs. Go for a uniform pattern or create simple shapes.

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Pointy Nails
Changing the shape of your nails is an easy update. Try filing your nails into pointed ends and spruce up your base coat by adding simple metallic embellishments.

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Cotton Candy Ombré
Can't pick a pastel? This pretty ombré is perfect for spring and summer.

Just when we thought we were totally over nail art, leave it to Instagram to reel us back in.

Among the overly x-pro'd landscape shots and food pics that inspire serious sugar cravings, we stumbled across esNAIL's account and hit the gold mine of gorgeous nail art pics. Yep, we thought we had kicked the habit, but we want to try these out asap, fancy filters aside (and that's saying something).

In our defense, we're crawling back to the trend because we found these to be decidedly more subtle nail art designs than we became accustomed to seeing. They are a serious breath of fresh air -- so much classier than the twee cat faces, Lucky Charms shapes, and sparkle overload. Because let's face it, one reason we grew tired of the nail art trend is that it got out of control. We can let candy corn nails slide for Halloween, but at the end of the day, no grown woman should be walking around with plastic choking hazards bedazzled onto her nails. Period.

That's why we're currently loving these tamer versions of nail art -- looks that are sophisticated, yet still have that special flair or intricate detail that makes a mani intriguing. Think accent nails, decorative tips, subtle texture, and artistic graphic patterns. So if you're still slowly weaning yourself off of the nail art trend or just completely bored at the thought of solid-color nails 7 days a week, check out these gorgeous nail art pics.
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