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The #ProductEmpties We Loved to the Last Drop

From new finds to longtime favorites, these are beauty products that our editors use until the bitter end (of the tube)
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The Blush That Lets Me Customize My Flush
In the words of my grandmother, "You're not really dressed until you put on a little lipstick and blush." I hear this statement in my head every time I leave the house. It's true; blush really does give you a pick-me-up that makes you look healthy and vibrant. While some people have their signature shade of blush, I like my cherubic hue to coordinate with my outfit or my mood.

Enter: Makeup Revolution Blush Palette, in Blush Goddess, $10 -- my new favorite customizable blush palette. For less than two lattes, you get eight shades of blush. The colors tend to be on the warmer side (which I prefer, because they pair phenomenally with my bronzer). The palette contains four blushes with a satin finish and four metallic shades -- all of which can be blended to create your own one-of-a-kind glow. The buildable powder formula allows me to add a tiny pop of color to the apples of my cheeks or fake that I-just-worked-out flush. The shimmery shades are great for adding highlight and dimension to cheekbones, brows, the Cupid's bow -- basically anywhere you want to accentuate.

Thanks to Makeup Revolution, I never have to worry about leaving the house with a ghostly complexion. My grandmother would definitely approve. --Hannah Savin

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The Holy-Grail Concealer That Obliterates My Dark Circles
There are not many things I really need in this life besides friends, peanut butter and under-eye concealer.

Though I'm only in my 20s, I carry some heavy baggage beneath my eyes thanks to my twice-a-day fitness training, hectic work schedule, schoolwork and past-midnight bedtime. Needless to say, all that hustle demands a concealer that works as hard as I do. Though there are many that come close, it wasn't until I picked up Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme, $26, that I would come to believe in under-eye miracles.

Concealers usually flop in one of three areas: The consistency is too thin -- resulting in minimal coverage; the shade isn't quite right, which makes discoloration worse; or the texture is too creamy, causing it to settle into fine lines (thus presenting a whole new set of under-eye problems). Kat Von D's concealer gets everything so right, you can't help but wonder how others get it wrong.

This full-coverage concealer is thick enough to masks all signs of dark circles and late nights -- but still manages to be ultrablendable. It melts into skin seamlessly and doesn't settle into fine lines or crease -- ever. As for the shade selection? Kat Von D Lock-It Concealer Creme has 21 colors to choose from, so you're pretty much guaranteed to find your perfect match (Go one- to two shades lighter for your under-eye).

When you test no fewer than 40 lipsticks/mascaras/foundations in a month for your annual Total Beauty Awards), your standards become much higher. Still, I can without a doubt say that this is the concealer that I will use for the rest of my life. (I guess you could say Kat "locked" me in.) -- Jessica Amaris

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The Heavenly Primer That Makes Highlighter and Concealer Obsolete
Whenever I see, hear or read about makeup primer, I think about beauty editor Allie Flinn. See how great her makeup looks here? Would it surprise you if I said Allie looks that great every day? Because I will, and she does -- she looks like a literal angel, because angels have perfect eyeliner and cheekbone highlighter. Allie is a makeup wizard. She's also a big believer in primer. In spite of the fact that Allie gave me at least one impassioned speech on the absolute necessity of primer, and in spite of the fact that her face looks airbrushed by God, she could never convince me to wear it. I hated the way primers pilled on my skin -- definitely not worth the extra step.

All that changed when I tried Hourglass Ambient Light Correcting Primer, $44, in Luminous Light. This is the product I've been waiting for throughout years and years of trying every tinted moisturizer, luminizer and primer. It's sort of a hybrid of all three -- a skin-illuminating, barely tinted primer that makes my skin look healthy and alive, makes dark spots disappear, and makes my makeup last and last and last. And it never pills or clumps. When I don't wear it, I feel naked and wrong. When I do wear it, I look almost as angelic as Allie does. --Katie McCarthy

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The Hand Cream That Saved My Chapped Skin
Even though it's April, it still feels like winter in NYC (hopefully by the time you read this, that's no longer true). However, I'm dressing for spring -- cold weather be damned -- and my over-exposed skin is suffering. My hands, in particular, look even worse than they did in February -- that is, until I started applying Lano Rose Hand Cream Intense, $15, regularly.

First of all, I love everything about this lanolin-centric brand. It was started by an amazing woman in Australia whose grandparents owned a sheep farm, and the wool-derived lanolin is cruelty free, ultra pure and medical grade. When I was first introduced to the hand cream, I figured it would be wildly moisturizing but also kind of greasy -- like lanolin. However, she somehow managed to remove the greasy feel but keep all the hydration. It has a pretty powdery finish that makes getting right back to typing or scrolling through Instagram a breeze. It's also infused with rose oil, which makes it smell fantastic, and I find the pink tube to be quietly chic (and not too "millennial pink").

My hands (and nails!) are much improved, even if the thermostat is not. --Dawn Davis

For more of my favorite beauty products, follow me on Instagram @dawnspinnerdavis.

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The Perfume That's Like Springtime in a Bottle
I totally have a type. In men, it's tall, dark and witty. In perfume's it's effervescent, bright and feminine. And lately, the perfume that's caught my eye -- or nose? -- has been Miu Miu L'Eau Bleue, $90.

This springtime-in-a-bottle of a scent makes me smile every time I spritz it. It's everything I look for in an everyday perfume. It's wearable, yet not bland. It's subtle, but still garners compliments. It's youthful without feeling girlish. Slight woody base notes ground the lily of the valley and wild rose, giving it just enough heft to make it stand out among other fresh floral scents. Plus, the sparkling blue bottle looks adorable on my dresser. In short, I'm pretty sure I've met my perfect perfume match. --Mary Squillace

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Ever had a beauty product you love so much that you shook, hacked, scraped or squeezed its container until you were absolutely positive you had expended all of its precious contents? Rare indeed is the product that elicits that deliciously desperate feeling, especially in beauty editors. So when our team of beauty mavens encounters a rave-worthy product, you know it's the real deal. Herewith, our editors rattle off their "beauty empties," aka the best beauty products that they can't help but use until the last drop. Read on for their best nail polishes, hair products, skin care products and makeup now.
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