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The #ProductEmpties We Loved to the Last Drop

From new finds to longtime favorites, these are beauty products that our editors use until the bitter end (of the tube)
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The Natural Bug Bite Remedy I Can Take On the Go
If you're anything like me, you know summertime equals barbecues and bonfires, sure, but also painful, itchy bug bites. Whether I'm ridiculously sweet, or there's something irresistible about my O-negative blood, I'll never know. What I do know is, scratching my skin raw is never a good idea (hello scars!) And taking antihistamines is an acceptable option only at bedtime, since they leave me near-comatose. Thankfully, I recently found Badger After-Bug Balm Bug Bite Itch Relief Stick, $6.99, and I'm so glad that I did.

The list of natural and organic ingredients immediately drew me in, but I stayed for its comforting qualities. The bug bite balm glides on smoothly and nourishes skin, thanks to a blend of lavender, coconut, castor and sunflower seed oils. Colloidal oatmeal and a cooling combo of menthol, eucalyptus, peppermint and tea tree oils soothe the bite on contact. I've tried just about every itch relief product on the market -- they either smell not-so-great or leave me scratching soon after applying. Thanks to Badger After-Bug Balm, instead of smelling like a bunch of chemicals, I'm left with the spa-like scent of lavender and mint and can go about my day itch free. Needless to say, this girl will be enjoying a lot more outdoor adventures this summer!

To see more of my summer beauty and travel essentials, follow me on Instagram @hannah_savin

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The Gentle Daily Exfoliator That Reverses The Clock
Growing up in a small city in Minnesota (and spending a majority of my summers on my uncle's farm), I never really worried about pollution or the damage it could cause my complexion. It wasn't until I picked up and moved to Los Angeles that I noticed the smog-ridden city clogging my pores and accentuating my fine lines. And at the young age of 24, that pretty much caused me to freak the f*ck out.

Thankfully, a panic attack was avoided the day Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant, $58, crossed my desk. The exfoliator is infused with skin-happy ingredients like activated Binchotan charcoal powder and Rice Bran extract, which deeply cleanse pores, while sloughing off harmful pollutants that weaken the skin barrier and cause aging.

Every time I apply the gentle and finely grained exfoliator to my face, I can almost hear my skin taking a deep breath in. Apart from allowing skin to breathe, it also leaves it insanely soft and youthful-looking. After about three weeks of use, I noticed the fine lines I had freaked out over dramatically diminished, and the evidence of my favorite bad habit, picking blemishes, was completely gone (I blame Dr. Pimple Popper). Instead, I was left with smooth, happy and glowy skin, which allows me to get by with just a tinted moisturizer most days, rather than my full-coverage foundation.

Being a beauty editor, we see a lot of phenomenal products, but I can say with confidence that this product makes my list of top-three faves of all time. Pollution? Psh. Thanks to Dermalogica, it doesn't have a thing on me anymore. -- Jessica Amaris

Discover more of Jess' top picks on Instagram @siremj

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This Concealer Is as Good as an Afternoon Nap
I love makeup: putting it on, wearing it, and even taking it off. I don't love foundation, though. I can't handle the mask-like feel, and I'm a frequent napper -- I've zonked out in the backseat of my car more times than I can count. Suffice it to say foundation is not compatible with my lifestyle.

I'm not implying that I go about my day bare-faced -- no way. Concealer is my saving grace. And that concealer is Cover FX Perfect Pencil, $16.

Concealer is only good if it goes on exactly the spots where you need it and nowhere else. The precise point of this twist-up pencil lets me cover tiny blemishes and hyperpigmentation and add definition to my brows and lips, all in a matter of seconds. It's so portable and easy to maneuver, I can do my face anytime, anywhere. Touching up my concealer might be my second favorite thing to do in the car. And this bad boy does as much to brighten my skin as an hour-long nap. --Katie McCarthy

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The Natural Deodorant That Even Works in the Summer
I've tried dozens of natural deodorants over the last decade or so, and while I've uncovered a couple that work, they never quite work well enough for me to feel confident in them during the hottest months of the year. Come June, I switch back to conventional.

Then, I found myself in the new Saje Wellness store in NYC on a sweltering day. I met the founder of the Canadian company and tried dozens of delicious essential oils (cooling Peppermint Halo is a personal favorite). As I was heading out, the founder's daughter stopped me and said, "if I can convince you to try one thing, it would be our natural deodorant." My ears perked up. She explained that they recommend using a salt crystal (Saje Au Natural Crystal Deodorant, $10.95), but instead of running it under water, you spritz it with one of their Saje Wellness Crystal Fresh Deodorants, $12.95. "Give your body two weeks to adjust, and then I promise it will work," she said.

Well, I used it the next day, and it worked right away. While it doesn't keep you from sweating, the salt and essential oils block stinkiness incredibly well. I've been using it for over a month, and I never hesitate to put it on in the morning -- even if I have a big meeting or the forecast calls for sweaty weather. And while two steps may seem like extra work, it only takes a second to apply, and the salt crystal will last for years. I may never reach for my conventional deodorant again. -Dawn Davis

For more of Dawn's beauty hacks, follow her on Instagram @dawnspinnerdavis.

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The Cleanser That Helped Clear My Hormonal Acne
I may be revealing myself to be incredibly boring, but cleansers are possibly my favorite type of skin care product. I know, I know. They're not nearly as sexy as a caviar-infused serum or a luxurious night cream, but I rely on cleansers twice a day to keep my skin clean and healthy. Needless to say, I tend to geek out when I find a cleanser that really knocks it out of the park.

Lately, the cleanser that's been giving me all the feels has been Ole Henriksen Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, $25. It's been an essential weapon in my recent battle with some truly gnarly pregnancy acne. During a time when I've cut harsher ingredients out of my skin care regimen (think: retinol and benzoyl peroxide), this formula's mix of glycolic and lactic acids has been a godsend. When I finish cleansing, my skin feels deeply clean, smooth and never stripped, and with regular use, I've noticed a marked improvement in my skin. Plus, thanks to this cleanser's cocktail of botanicals (like green tea and eucalyptus) and peppermint oil, this cleanser also leaves me feeling wide awake (I love using it in the shower in the mornings). And as someone with normal-to-oily skin, I also appreciate the mattifying effects of this cleanser (though I will say, those with dry skin may find it a little too intense). It's all enough to get even non-cleanser-connoisseurs enthused. --Mary Squillace

Ever had a beauty product you love so much that you shook, hacked, scraped or squeezed its container until you were absolutely positive you had expended all of its precious contents? Rare indeed is the product that elicits that deliciously desperate feeling, especially in beauty editors. So when our team of beauty mavens encounters a rave-worthy product, you know it's the real deal. Herewith, our editors rattle off their "beauty empties," aka the best beauty products that they can't help but use until the last drop. Read on for their best nail polishes, hair products, skin care products and makeup now.
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