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The #ProductEmpties We Loved to the Last Drop

From new finds to longtime favorites, these are beauty products that our editors use until the bitter end (of the tube)
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The Color-Correcting Purple Toothpaste That Brightens My Smile

This $40 toothpaste gave me whiter teeth after the first brush and I will never stop using it. 

I’m a girl that wears minimal makeup but is obsessed with skin care. I’m also a girl whose day is 90 percent smiling and laughter, so a whiter, brighter smile has always been a goal of mine. As a beauty editor, I’ve been offered laser upon laser upon laser of teeth whitening treatments and products to try over the years but the truth is, I was hesitant to try. 

Laser treatments seem scary. People cry of sensitivities that never go away and you can only eat white foods after the procedure, which just seems like a hassle. And while there’s the less scary counterpart, whitening strips, I’ve heard mixed reviews and just didn’t have the guts to try it. 

When I heard of the purple toothpaste that whitens your teeth, POPWHITE Whitening Primer Toothpaste and Whitening Toner Oral Rinse, $39, I had to try it. A toothpaste can’t be painful or cause spotting on my pearly whites so it seemed like a safe try. Since brushing my teeth with this vibrant paste, I haven’t gone back to Crest. 

POPWHITE is a toothpaste and primer (which is like a mouthwash) duo that uses color science, not peroxide, to whiten teeth. Think of it like color-correcting makeup. We swipe on one color to cancel out the other and the imperfections suddenly disappear. This dynamic pair does just that. The purple color of the paste and toner cancel out yellow stains or tints on your teeth so they appear whiter. I received compliments on a whiter smile after the first time using it and I can totally tell a difference when I have to swap it for another paste. 

If you want a whiter smile in minutes sans the harsh and sensitivity-altering ingredients, head over to Amazon and order it now (preferably 2-day shipping). — Andrea Jordan

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The Under-$6 Body Wash That Makes Me Want to Shower Again and Again

Olay Cleansing Infusion Crushed Ginger Body Wash, $5.74, cleanses well. It leaves skin soft. It has little scrubby beads in it so you get a mini exfoliation every time you wash. OK. Great. But who are we kidding? The reason we love a particular body wash over another is because of the smell, am I right? And let me tell you: This one smells like HEAVEN. It has a gorgeous fresh-ginger scent that lingers ever-so-slightly on your skin. I actually find myself sniffing my forearm throughout the day to catch a whiff. It's that good! — Alyssa Hertzig


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The Serum That Saved My Swollen, Irritated Eyes

This winter, I went into a six-week tailspin of irritated, swollen, flaky eyes after an unfortunate reaction to a new laundry detergent. Not only did I look terrible but the area around my eyes felt so raw and inflamed and I looked like I had aged 20 years overnight. I tried every product I could find to break the cycle — creams, salves, balms, oils, serums — but nothing soothed my sensitive eyes (other than Aquaphor, which I slathered on hourly). That is, until I tried Dermalogica Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum, $55.

From the moment I applied the fluid around my eyes, I knew it was different. There was no burn or sting like other eye treatments I had tried. It felt instantly calming and soothing on my fragile skin — I could almost feel it repairing my compromised skin barrier. After applying twice daily, my eyes were completely healed in just a few days. All signs of puffiness, dryness and redness were miraculously gone. 

Now that I finally have my pre-allergy eyes back and the dehydration lines have vanished, the serum has become part of my regular a.m. and p.m. routine, along with Dermaologica Intensive Eye Repair, $59. Applied together, I've managed to prevent any relapses and the entire area around my eyes feels soft, bouncy and moisturized all day (and night) long. My eyes have never been happier!—Jennifer Davidson

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The Toner That Hits Refresh on My Complexion

Here's when I knew Tula Pro-Glycolic 10% pH Resurfacing Gel, $34, was HG: When daylight savings combined with miscellaneous poor life choices had me staring down the barrel of 3.5 hours of sleep, I swiped on a quick layer of this stuff onto my dull, dry skin before bed as a sort of Hail Mary.

Friends, it worked. I woke up the next day with, yes, tired eyes, but also with plump, glowing skin that was about as flawless as it gets (for me, anyway). Since I've started using it, I've noticed a general improvement in skin texture, as well as a diminishment of my acne scars and I like how moisturizing it is too. You see, in addition to the glycolic and lactic acids, the formula also boasts hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and glycerin, as well as botanical extracts to boost your skin health and, of course, the probiotics that are Tula's signature calling card.

It's worth pointing out that I always treat skin care acids with caution but despite the high content of glycolic acid, this hasn't had any adverse effects for me (though I don't use it every day and I'm definitely extra careful with my sunscreen). At any rate, glow tonics are on the rise — is it something you'd try? — Rosie Narasaki

To see more of my skin care and beauty faves, follow me on Instagram @rosienarasaki

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The Gentle Peel That Leaves My Skin So Glowy
As a beauty editor, I'm constantly slathering new products on my face. While definitely a highlight of the job, all these products can lead to clogged pores, breakouts and patchy, uneven skin. My fix: The Body Shop Drops of Youth Youth Liquid Peel, $25. This holy grail, gentle liquid skin exfoliant removes all of the gunk and grime and leaves my face baby smooth.

After washing and drying your face, apply one to two pumps of the product, rub in small circles and watch the magic begin. You'll notice the gel start to clump up before your eyes — it's a combination of dead skin cells and product. The more you rub it, the more it clumps (it's a little gross, yet oh-so-satisfying). After rinsing with warm water, you'll notice an immediate difference in your complexion. Pores are cleaned out and those little dry patches around the nose and forehead are gone. The best part is, the soft, smooth, just-back-from-a-facial glow — and no irritation. It's gentle enough to use several times per week — just enough to undo all the product testing I inflict upon it.

To see more of my beauty favorites, follow me on Instagram @hannah_savin

Ever had a beauty product you love so much that you shook, hacked, scraped or squeezed its container until you were absolutely positive you had expended all of its precious contents? Rare indeed is the product that elicits that deliciously desperate feeling, especially in beauty editors. So when our team of beauty mavens encounters a rave-worthy product, you know it's the real deal. Herewith, our editors rattle off their "beauty empties," aka the best beauty products that they can't help but use until the last drop. Read on for their best nail polishes, hair products, skin care products and makeup now.
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