Lip Makeup Reviews: The 13 Worst Lip Glosses
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No. 13: LORAC Lip Polish, $17.50 average member rating: 5.9*
Why: Readers say this product is "somewhat sticky, not very long lasting," and "not worth the price." One woman says, "this lip polish is thick, and hard to control the amount on the flimsy brush. If you wipe it off the rim, it creates a string as you pull out. I also can't imagine how I'll get to the bottom of this product because the applicator definitely won't reach the corners and the product is too thick. Strangest lip product -- stick to the traditional ones." Another reader agrees saying, "this gloss was really sticky and my hair was constantly getting stuck to my mouth. I know that is inevitable with lip gloss, but it happened more frequently with this one."

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No. 12: E.L.F. Plumping Lip Glaze, $1 �
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