Lip Makeup Reviews: The 13 Worst Lip Glosses

Avoid these lip makeup products that readers say left their lips chapped, gooey ... even scabby

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While some women battle shoe addictions, we here at Total Beauty have a bit of a lip makeup obsession.

Whether it's about getting our hands on a new "it" shade or snapping up a lip gloss that claims to make us look like a movie star (Angelina Jolie to be specific) and help us eat less -- we just can't put an end to the madness.

And while some of these said lip products really do all they claim -- like the ones on our editors' favorite lipsticks list, many don't live up to the hype. Like the ones on this list that readers say are simply a waste of money -- even if they cost less than a dollar.

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So why do we think lip gloss is so important anyway? Besides the fact that it's responsible for giving our lips lust-worthy shine and pop of color with little effort, apparently men -- like babies (sorry we couldn't resist making the comparison) are attracted to shiny things. Want proof? Well, when we recently asked Ky Henderson, Editor-in-Chief of and dating columnist, which kind of lip makeup guys prefer on women, he responded, "a lot of guys find lipstick off-putting, so stick to lip gloss when possible."

This doesn't mean you should forego lipstick altogether, but it proves that a go-to lip gloss is essential. So when searching for your next makeup bag staple, definitely avoid these 13, which our readers say are the worst.

From glosses that "smell like moth balls" and "feel like little bits of broken glass," it's safe to say that these are best left in the 99 cent bin.

Now, see the 13 worst lip glosses that readers say are "worse than the Chapstick I loved in 5th grade."

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