Makeup: Editors' Best Lip Glosses
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Secret Agent Beauty Full Agent Lip Gloss, $21

Editor Rating: 9

Why it's great: "I wasn't familiar with this brand, but I tried the lip gloss on a whim and now I'm hooked. It has a fruity scent that reminds me of my old school Lip Smackers, but it's not overbearing and has ingredients like aloe vera and vitamin E to make it super hydrating. It's a little sticky, but not enough to be annoying -- just enough so it stays on your lips. What's great is that even after it wears off (since no lip gloss last forever, although this one holds up for a couple hours) your lips feel soft and moisturized. The best part -- at least for me -- is that this gloss is super shiny but in no way glittery. This makes it ideal for anyone that wants a glossy look but doesn't want to delve into tween-like shimmer. I had just about given up on lip gloss altogether but now I'm topping my lipstick with this most days for a dewy sheen that's just so pretty." -- Sarah, Senior Editor

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