Lip Makeup: Editors' Best Lipstick Finds

Don't pucker up until you've tried these lip makeup gems from Lancome, Clinique, CoverGirl and more

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Though your lips only occupy a small area of real estate on your face, they can succinctly communicate the woman you want to be at any given moment: The mysterious chick, the girl next door, the sexy siren, you name it. Well, that's if you paint them with the right lip makeup. We here at Total Beauty understand how important it is to wear the right lipstick (shade, texture, formula), and the difficulty that comes with the hunt. That's why we took on the grueling (note the sarcasm) task of trying and testing the newest lip colors on the shelves and counters to bring you the crème de la crème of lip makeup today.

See the editors' best lipstick finds now.

We know that lipstick shades are subjective (and specifically tailored to certain skin tones, hair colors, personality types, etc.), so when testing and judging these lip colors, we focused on the brilliance of their pigments, the smoothness of their application, their longevity, and, of course, their scents (this is a bit odd, but if you don't want your lips to smell like roses or grandma, you better sniff that stick before you buy). Basically, we touched on all of the characteristics we find important in a lip color and weeded out any products that didn't live up to expectations. In the end we wound up with these 12 superstars.

Once you've found the perfect lip makeup for you, follow these tips to avoid making any lip color faux pas:

Use a lip scrub to slough off dead skin cells so you have a smooth canvas for color. This is especially important to do before wearing bold or dark shades.
Wipe off any lip balm or moisture that might be on your lips before applying color so it doesn't slip off.
When using red or bold colors, always use a nude lip liner, or one that exactly matches the color you're applying, to prevent it from bleeding.
After color application, blot your lips on a tissue then dust loose powder around your mouth to help ensure long-lasting color.
After applying a bold hue, stick your index finger in your mouth and pull it out while your lips are puckered around it. This will prevent color from transferring onto your teeth.

OK, what are you waiting for? See the editors' best lipstick finds now.

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