17 Tasteful Shoulder Tattoos You'll Never Regret

If your social media feed is anything like ours, chances are you can't scroll through without stopping and swooning over someone else's new ink. And thanks to the recent exposed shoulder trend, we've been seeing more and more shoulder tattoos.   read more


21 Ankle Tattoos You Haven't Seen a Million Times Before

When it comes to tattoos, chances are you want to be unique -- after all, it's a form of individual expression. That said, certain types of tattoos (such as ankle tattoos) are so popular that it can be easy to feel like all the different tattoo ideas are cliché or overdone -- but that definitely doesn't have to be the case.   read more


10 Best Body Oils

You might think of body oils as being slick, sticky or heavy. Not so, say our reviewers. They report that they've found body oils that moisturize their dry skin as well as traditional lotions -- without staining their clothes or leaving their skin greasy. And indeed, today the best body oils absorb quickly, hydrate even the driest skin and even impart skin with a healthy glow. What's more? Many the top-rated body oils are multipurpose and can be used on dry hair or cuticles as well as skin.   read more


15 Body Positive Ways to Celebrate Your Stretch Marks

Whether you've had a baby, lost weight or simply grown during your lifetime, chances are you have stretch marks -- and that you've tried to hide them at some point. Perhaps they've prevented you from wearing your short shorts or rocking that itsy bitsy bikini on a hot summer day. But with an estimated 80 percent of Americans -- all varying in weight, age and parental status -- marked by tiger stripes, why are we all trying to live up to the statistically unrealistic standard of having baby smooth skin? Sure, you could spend countless hours trolling the internet for ways to get rid of stretch marks, but wouldn't you rather click through this slideshow of body positive women who might get you to see your stretch marks in a new way? No weird at-home remedies or overpriced laser treatments -- just pure, unfiltered confidence.   read more


17 DIY Bath Bomb Recipes to Revolutionize Your Bath Time

We all love Lush bath bombs, but we're also well-acquainted with the fact that they can get expensive -- which is where DIY comes in, of course. It turns out that it's actually pretty easy to make your own bath bombs -- most are made with baking soda and citric acid (which is what makes it so satisfyingly fizzy) and not much more. Plus, with dozens of aromatic essential oils to choose from (not to mention fun add-ons, like cosmetic grade glitter and dried flowers), there's a ton of room for customization. That said, you can basically create the DIY bath bomb of your dreams with a little practice... and once you've perfected it, you can start gifting it to all your friends.   read more


7 Reasons Your New Vaginal Care Regimen Is Dangerously Nuts

Our vaginas are dirtier, smellier and more toxin-filled than ever -- or at least that's what the personal-care industry leads us to believe. A quick Google search can acquaint you with more vaginal cleansing products and treatments than you probably knew existed. You can make your vagina smell like fruits and flowers with deodorizing washes, sprays, wipes and suppositories; clean it with probiotic douches; "detoxify" it with herbal sachets; balance its "hormonal levels" with a steam treatment; and "clear" your "chi pathways" by sticking a jade egg in it.   read more


9 Products That Are Better Than a Butt Lift

If the term "skin care" conjures images of complexion-correcting serums, scrubs, and all other kinds of magical, skin-saving sorcery, we're totally in the same boat. In fact, when it comes to our never-ending quest to attain an acne-free, lit-from-within, soft-as-a-baby's-bum glow, we've tried just about every product and gadget on the market. For our face, that is.   read more


These 9 CBD Oil Products Might Just Change Your Life

Before you even ask: No, CBD (short for cannabidiol) will not get you high. It's lacking in the psychoactive effects of its 420-friendly cousin, THC. But some evidence suggests the plant compound found in hemp and marijuana, two varieties of the cannabis plant, may ease pain, anxiety, sleepiness, inflammation, nausea, and, in the right dose from a doctor and in combination with other medicinal compounds found in the cannabis plant, may even treat everything from seizures to withdrawal.   read more


17 Best Body Washes

We're the first to admit we have a serious addiction to bath products. There's just such a wealth of amazing body washes out there -- at really reasonable prices -- to resist buying one too many shower gels, creams or oils.   See list


Neck Hair Is the New Thing the Internet Wants You to Be Self-Conscious About

Women's body hair has been on the table for discussion and analysis -- as well as the pressure to do something with it -- pretty much since the dawn of time. Specifically, the female form in many ancient cultures has historically been shown as fully hairless from the eyebrows down. In ancient Egypt, shaving (with a sharp piece of flint, yikes) and sugaring were the preferred methods of hair removal, and in the Middle Ages, European women removed their eyebrows and forehead hair to create a larger brow.   read more


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