10 Best Spa Treatments in the U.S. -- Recreate Them at Home

There's something about getting a spa treatment that's transcendent. The entire ritual -- from the exhilarating moment you enter the sanctuary to the melancholy phase of checking out -- is indulgent and exhilarating. Especially when you're at a top-notch destination like the ones featured in this story. These award-winning spas are some of the best in the United States -- and for good reason. They're not only breathtaking to behold, but offer signature spa treatments steeped in either ancient methodologies, new wave thinkings or a combo of both -- all guaranteed to cure what ails you, and feel (mostly) heavenly in the process.   Do them


February 2, 2011  |  12:02 AM  |  46 COMMENTS
Honey Facial Mask Recipe

Treat your dry skin with this honey mask   See recipe


January 22, 2011  |  12:01 AM  |  48 COMMENTS
Homemade Facial Mask Recipe

Stress is an inevitable part of the busy, fast-paced world we live in. It weighs on us and shows in our faces. Unfortunately, not all of us have the funds for a fancy facial or a store-bought facial mask to help alleviate the visual signs of stress. Lucky for you though, we dug up a homemade facial mask recipe from Daisy Tang, founder of Aspara Aromatics, and it's not just any ol' home facial mask, but a papaya facial mask (yup, we've gone tropical on you). Papaya has enzymes in it similar to alpha hydroxy acid, which helps minimize wrinkles, and in turn will make you look less stressed. To boot, while you apply this facial mask, you can close your eyes and pretend you're on an island somewhere far, far away from life's craziness.   See recipe


January 1, 2011  |  12:01 AM  |  46 COMMENTS
How to Make a Lemon Olive Oil Mask

While it's lovely to indulge in a fancy facial at a spa or buy a mask in the beauty aisle, making your own face mask using a few ingredients found in your pantry can be an affordable alternative to expensive treatments and products. This homemade lemon olive oil mask recipe will only take you a few minutes to whip up, cost you close to nothing and pamper and nourish your face. Let's chat about the benefits of the ingredients in this recipe:   See recipe


December 11, 2010  |  12:12 AM  |  53 COMMENTS
Skin Care Tips: How to Ditch Blackheads for Good

Follow this step-by-step skin care guide to rid your oily skin of stubborn blackheads to have clear skin -- finally   Read guide


October 26, 2010  |  12:10 AM  |  52 COMMENTS
At-Home Fixes for Skin Care Emergencies

Remedy skin care issues from pimples to bug bites with these homemade herbal and floral recipes   See recipes


October 20, 2010  |  12:10 AM  |  67 COMMENTS
9 Unnecessary Skin Care Products

We live in the infomercial era. As vulnerable consumers, we are lead to believe that something is wrong with us if we don't resemble a celebrity or supermodel, but that there is something we can buy to fix whatever is "wrong" with us. And worldwide, there are probably over 10,000 skin care companies trying to convince us that we need a different cream for each body part -- from our pinky toes to our upper lip. But hey, we're not saying these skin care products are total hogwash and that you should stop using them stat, we're just saying that less really is more, and if you want to keep it simple, you can by ditching superfluous products and just using a few key items.   See products


September 29, 2010  |  12:09 AM  |  128 COMMENTS
Busy Gal's Guide to Skin Care

Ok, first it needs to be stated that we do not endorse, support, or approve of purposeful skin care neglect. We do however understand, sympathize for, and commiserate with the woman who has too much on her metaphorical plate. Squeezing in facials and obsessing over a strict anti-aging routine takes serious amounts of "me"-time. Who's got that? Truth is, many of us don't.   See tips


September 15, 2010  |  12:09 AM  |  86 COMMENTS
7 Habits of Perfect-Skinned People

Skin care secrets from real women with seriously perfect and clear skin -- see what they do (and don't) to maintain their flawless faces   See secrets


August 26, 2010  |  12:08 AM  |  128 COMMENTS
U.S. Cities with the Least Plastic Surgery

Would you spend your savings on cheek implants? Maybe not, if you live in middle America. Or if you live in Arizona, you might prefer a chemical peel instead. Or, if you live in Jersey City, you might skip plastic surgery altogether and learn to love your so-called natural beauty "flaws."   See the list


August 20, 2010  |  12:08 AM  |  3 COMMENTS

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