6 Sunscreens to Keep Your Guy From Looking Like This Guy

The British tabloids have been running pictures of Prince Harry and Prince William at a bachelor party in London over the weekend, and the headlines all focus on their cocktail consumption and love of the "Harlem Shake."

However, this photo doesn't make me think of partying at all. It makes me think of sunscreen. And it makes me wish I could go back in time, crash the party (apparently the daytime portion involved a riverboat cruise), and slather the Prince in SPF.

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This Wins the Award for Weirdest Vaseline Use Yet

South Korean artist Jung-ki Beak was inspired to make body armor after applying the petroleum jelly on his chapped hands one day. "I am interested in the function of Vaseline because it has very important meaning in my individual living habits," he told Metro.   read more


Disturbing Japanese Beauty Gadgets Straight From Our Nightmares

I have fallen into the black hole that is Japanese game shows on YouTube -- I'm asking "Why?!," unable to look away as the obstacles get progressively more bizarre. And I'm just as riveted by these freakish Japanese beauty face gadgets. Shocked? Kind of. Terrified? Completely. And yet, my eyes are still glued to the computer screen.   read more


These Central Park Sunbathers Most Definitely Need More Sunscreen

Sunscreen is the hot topic this week -- with Memorial Day marking the start of summertime revelry, the shocking Consumer Reports sunscreen study, and the hard facts from Melanoma Awareness month. We all know skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the U.S., yet many people still skip the sun protection. A new study (part of Jergens' Report on Melanoma Awareness Month) found that more than a quarter of people who have already had melanoma say they never use sunscreen. And only 17% of adults report always wearing sunscreen. Basically, most of us fail at protecting ourselves from the sun. Case in point: this photographer's brief exposé on sun tanning in New York City.   read more


Your Skin on Sugar


Your Skin on Sugar

My last meal -- if I were in some unfortunate situation where I had to choose one -- would be a tray of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, extra doughy. You can keep your lobster and filet mignon; all I really want is dessert.   See tips


This Will Really, Truly Fix Your Acne Scars

Acne sucks. But the scars acne leaves behind suck even worse -- can't spackle over them with concealer, and they never, ever go away.   read more


Worried Your Sunscreen Causes More Cancer than it Prevents? See 20 Less Toxic Bets

Ever felt like choosing a sunscreen is more stressful than actually getting skin cancer? No, well, I guess I haven't either -- but still, all this scary talk of nanoparticles and endocrine disruptors kind of makes me want to crawl into a dark closet till Labor Day.   read more


This New Skin Care Line Was Designed With Aging Astronauts in Mind

And since you age 10 times as fast in space, we can't wait to see what it does for us here on planet Earth   read more


The Ultimate Morning Time Saver: New Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer [SPONSORED]

Has daylight savings time thrown you for a loop? Us too. Mornings are super busy and getting everything on our lists done with one less hour of sleep isn’t easy. The good news: there is a product that will let us regain some of that lost time by helping us get dressed and out the door faster with healthy-looking skin: New Vaseline® Spray & Go Moisturizer is a quick continuous spray lotion that moisturizes deeply and absorbs in seconds so you can put your clothes right on. To apply, simply spray up one side of your body, switch hands, spray down the other side, then do a few quick rubs and you’re ready to get dressed. Even skinny jeans and silk tops will go right on, getting you out the door faster than ever. Spray & Go Moisturizer comes in three formulas, Aloe Fresh, Total Moisture®, and Cocoa Radiant™, and all of them infuse moisture into your skin so it feels healthy and instantly soft – not greasy or sticky. With this new product we won't have to skip lotion because we're short on time. Breakfast on the other hand might be a challenge …   read more


7 New Cellulite Creams That Actually Do Something

Cellulite cream has been around for years, and many experts and dermatologists endorse them. "Sure, that lotion is great," they say. But great at doing what, exactly? Well, they won't specify.   See products


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