Blimey! British Women Would Rather Have Moisturizer than Sex

In the beauty business, we're bombarded with all sorts of studies and surveys all the time. Lipstick contains lead, more and more women are foregoing bikini waxing, amphetamines have been found in weight-loss drugs -- again. These sorts of "news" blips are non-stop really.   read more


November 21, 2013  |   7:11 AM  |  COMMENT
The Right Skin Care for Every Age

When it comes to skin care, most of us fall into one of two camps. There are those of us who never change our routine, using the same ill-suited face wash and moisturizer from our high school days. Then there's the other group, who embrace treatments like Botox and acid peels before there's a wrinkle in sight.   Find your regime


November 12, 2013  |  11:11 AM  |  89 COMMENTS
11 Best At-Home Microdermabrasion Products

Are you familiar with mircodermabrasion? Microdermabrasion uses physical exfoliation to help slough away the top layer of skin to give it a healthy glow and help increase cell turnover. Have you been to a spa or dermatologist's office for a microdermabrasion treatment? If so, you may have loved how each and every dead skin cell was removed and noticed softer skin, fewer fine lines and even a reduction in acne. Microdermabrasion can benefit oily or dry skin, but those with sensitive skin should proceed with caution.   See products


November 12, 2013  |  10:11 AM  |  69 COMMENTS
Your Beauty Dream Team: Nighttime Facial Masks

If you're anything like me, you love your eight hours a night (okay, seven … on a good day), but you wish you could function with less. All that time spent horizontal just seems so, well, unproductive. If sleep came in capsule form, I'd take it.   read more


November 8, 2013  |   1:11 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
17 Best Body Scrubs

We love a rich, moisturizing body scrub. Unfortunately, exfoliating in the shower can take circus-like stability to avoid slipping on the layer of oil that many body scrubs leave all over the tub. That's why an excellent scrub must have great balance, too: the right ratio of skin-sloughing and moisturizing elements, and an amazing fragrance that's not too strong, energizing, and still relaxing enough to feel like you've stepped into a luxury spa. Sound like a tall order? That's why only 17 scrubs made the cut. Click through to see which reader-reviewed products stood up to the challenge.   See reviews


November 4, 2013  |   4:11 PM  |  42 COMMENTS
14 Best Eye Creams


14 Best Eye Creams

If the running joke in the office is that you got into another bar fight last night (and lost), it might be time for a little eye cream on those dark circles. 

   See eye creams


November 4, 2013  |  10:11 AM  |  97 COMMENTS
A Spray-on Clay Mask? This We Had to Try

Clayspray's ingenious spray dispenser takes dirt to a whole new level -- even for a jaded face mask junkie   read more


November 1, 2013  |   9:11 AM  |  3 COMMENTS
10 Best -- and Worst -- Celebrity Beauty Brands

It's one thing when a celebrity endorses a brand. They sign on for a year or two, and their eerily airbrushed photos appear in magazine ads. They tell us in the beauty press about their favorite lotion or whatever the product line might be, but when the contract ends, POOF. They move on to the next big deal and I'm left thinking, "Maybe she didn't like that lotion after all …"   read more


October 31, 2013  |   9:10 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Call Your Dermatologist; A new Juvéderm Just Got the FDA Stamp Of Approval

Feeling woefully gaunt? Looking to recapture your inner (outer) cherub? This news just might make your day.   read more


October 24, 2013  |  11:10 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Would You Try Shaving Your Face? Lots of the Cool Kids Are Doing It ...

Fans of the "Real Housewives of New Jersey" will remember that back in the nascent stages of the "reality" show, Mama Bear Caroline Manzo made headlines by admitting that she shaved her face. Shaved. As in abraded a Trac II across her delicate skin each time she showered. Bloggers went ape, magazines clamored for interviews...she'd inadvertently created a frenzy.   read more


October 23, 2013  |   8:10 AM  |  3 COMMENTS

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