15 Body Positive Ways to Celebrate Your Stretch Marks

Whether you've had a baby, lost weight or simply grown during your lifetime, chances are you have stretch marks -- and that you've tried to hide them at some point. Perhaps they've prevented you from wearing your short shorts or rocking that itsy bitsy bikini on a hot summer day. But with an estimated 80 percent of Americans -- all varying in weight, age and parental status -- marked by tiger stripes, why are we all trying to live up to the statistically unrealistic standard of having baby smooth skin? Sure, you could spend countless hours trolling the internet for ways to get rid of stretch marks, but wouldn't you rather click through this slideshow of body positive women who might get you to see your stretch marks in a new way? No weird at-home remedies or overpriced laser treatments -- just pure, unfiltered confidence.   read more


16 Genius Storage Solutions for Teeny-Tiny Bathrooms

It used to be that organizing sprees were confined to a single season. You'd have the entire year to collect junk in your drawers and dust bunnies in your corners, and then temporarily spring clean yourself into a tizzy come warmer weather. Once upon a time, April showers brought freshly washed pavements and newly sparkling drawer corners.   read more


Fake News Exists in the Beauty World, Too. Don't Believe These Viral Headlines

Sorry, Mr. President: When it comes to fake news, CNN is not the problem. But the internet is pretty rife with inaccurate, sensationalist content. In the shadow of the 2016 election, fake news with political motivations has gotten a lot of attention and media coverage, raising our collective awareness of the insidiousness of false news content. However, fake news isn't just a problem in the realm of politics -- it's also a problem in the beauty-and-health world.   read more


Activated Charcoal Is the New Kale, But Is It Legit?

When it comes to wellness trends, black is officially the new green. Gone are the days of people sipping kale smoothies every morning to get their detox on. Now, it's all about drinking activated charcoal-infused juices, as they supposedly rid the body of all sorts of nasty stuff. Have a sweet tooth? Embrace your inner Goth (y'know, the one that disappeared when you graduated from high school) with charcoal ice cream, which is served up at scoop shops like Morgenstern's Finest Ice Cream in New York City. Charcoal is also super-popular in lots of beauty and personal care products -- everything from face masks to soaps to toothpastes. Basically, it's everywhere you look. But does this ashy black ingredient deserve superhero status? Or is it simply something that looks cool when you Instagram it? We chatted with top experts to get the dirt on all things activated charcoal.   read more


After Losing My Son, These Products Helped Me Get Back to My Former Self

After my son died suddenly two years ago, I've been on a healing journey. I don't remember much from that time. But when I look at photos, I literally look 25 years older. Trauma of any kind takes a drastic toll on how we look as well as how we feel, and can immediately age us overnight. You eventually start to look at the older woman in your reflection and want to get you back.   read more


19 Creative Date Ideas for Every Type of Couple

Look, if there's anything we can all agree on, it's the fact that dating is hard. Especially in the early stages. And furthermore, sometimes the standard dinner/movie combo or afternoon coffee date ideas can get a little... boring. So, what are some more inventive and cheap ideas for dates?   read more


24 Game-Changing Beauty Hacks That'll Speed Up Your Morning Routine

We could all use some genius beauty hacks in our arsenal, couldn't we? With the hustle and bustle of our day-to-day lives, it's nice to be able to save time/money/effort whenever possible -- so, why not hack your beauty routine?   read more


7 Reasons Your New Vaginal Care Regimen Is Dangerously Nuts

Our vaginas are dirtier, smellier and more toxin-filled than ever -- or at least that's what the personal-care industry leads us to believe. A quick Google search can acquaint you with more vaginal cleansing products and treatments than you probably knew existed. You can make your vagina smell like fruits and flowers with deodorizing washes, sprays, wipes and suppositories; clean it with probiotic douches; "detoxify" it with herbal sachets; balance its "hormonal levels" with a steam treatment; and "clear" your "chi pathways" by sticking a jade egg in it.   read more


15 Instagram Accounts That Are Redefining Beauty Standards

Remaining body positive while scrolling Instagram's endless stream of individuals filtered to perfection (or, ahem, beyond recognition) is no easy feat. The flaw-free barrage of drop-dead gorgeous 'grammers can make a gal feel like she needs to hide or whittle away at every supposed imperfection (Can we say #unrealistic?).   read more


7 Self-Care Habits That Will Make You Glow From the Inside Out

In the past few years, self-care has been occasionally and incorrectly equated with self-indulgence. Sure, self-care can mean throwing down for spa treatments, a new wardrobe or fine leather goods, but there are plenty of other ways to "treat yo' self." Some of the most powerful and healthy self-care habits for your mind and body are actually pretty simple, not to mention free (or pretty close to it).   read more


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