Mother's Day Gift Guide


Mother's Day Gift Guide

Trusted advisor, practiced fashionista, expert multitasker -- Mom does it all. This Mother's Day, treat her to a luxe pick for every role she fills   read more


April 18, 2014  |  11:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Hayden Panettiere Tells Us Her Dream Beauty Invention

When it comes to her eyebrows, "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere is just like the rest of us: She has some gripes. "I feel like they're both on their menstrual cycles, but they're not synched," she says about her brows. "When this eyebrow is great, this one's on its period. When this eyebrow is great, this one's on its period. I'm like, 'Can't you guys just synch up like normal girls do?'"   read more


April 18, 2014  |   8:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Lady Gaga's Un-Retouched Versace Ad Images Hit the Web

Photo retouch controversies are to the Internet-going public what folks like Toronto Mayor Rob Ford are to late a night talk show hosts -- a layup, a guaranteed point of interest and/or ridicule.   read more


April 16, 2014  |   7:04 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
Revealed: What Americans Will Look Like in 2050

It's no secret that America is one big over-flowing crucible of every race, creed and nationality. And if, as National Geographic did, you stop to consider the genetic effects that multi-racial couplings is having on the way we look, it's pretty amazing.   read more


April 15, 2014  |   5:04 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
5 High-Tech Toothpastes


5 High-Tech Toothpastes

Maybe you don't get the same giddy rush from buying a new tube of toothpaste as you do, say, the latest age-defying serum, but here's why you should. The new generation of toothpaste aims to make your teeth brighter and healthier, which, in turn, takes years off your smile for a more youthful look overall.   read more


April 9, 2014  |   1:04 PM  |  1 COMMENT
Does Not Shaving Make You Feel More Manly (or Less Sexy)?

There's been a lot of hoopla in the media lately about a woman's right to bare arms -- arms that haven't been shaved.   read more


April 9, 2014  |   8:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Beauty Products That Seem Like an April Fools' Joke But Aren't

There are some beauty products that are so crazy/awesome/amazing, we just can't believe the world went on spinning without them. Powdered cleansers that get past TSA -- so handy! BB cream for your body -- how did no one think of this sooner? And then there are some beauty products that are so crazy, we can't believe they exist. Take for instance edible deodorant. Not only did someone dream up this concoction (and think it was a good idea), its inventor also managed to convince financial backers and stores that people need this product. Yes, we wish we could say it's an April Fools' prank, but trust us when we say it's legit. Here, 11 unbelievable beauty products that seem like a joke, but aren't.   read more


March 31, 2014  |   9:03 PM  |  1 COMMENT
8 New Beauty Products to Buy This April

Even though it's April, winter refuses to quit (at least in NYC). So I'm finding solace in sourcing the best new beauty products that scream, "spring." And they're so good I know I'll use them all the way through summer.   read more


March 31, 2014  |  10:03 AM  |  COMMENT
17 Amazing DIY Beauty Tricks With Vaseline® Jelly

Sometimes your regular skin care routine just doesn't cut it for combating the dry, dull and rough skin that crops up in winter, and it needs a little extra TLC to get soft and healthy-looking again. Which is why we asked 20 women to shake up their beauty regimens and rethink the way they use Vaseline® Jelly, a true wonder product that deeply moisturizes to heal dry skin. Turns out, there are quite a few ways to use Vaseline® Jelly. Like, oh, about a zillion. From a rich overnight treatment that locks in moisture to a hydrating exfoliating scrub, Vaseline® Jelly was put to the test in every way that you can imagine -- and our reviewers even discovered a few totally DIY beauty treatments. But does Vaseline® Jelly work better than their regular skin care products? See what our reviewers have to say.   read more


March 28, 2014  |   9:03 AM  |  11 COMMENTS
Depressing Study Reveals That Women Feel 'Invisible' By Age 51

A. Vogel, an herbal supplement company specializing in -- among other things -- menopause remedies, conducted a study of 2,000 women over the age of 45 to gauge their feelings on aging. To say the results were disheartening would be a gross understatement.   read more


March 25, 2014  |  12:03 PM  |  2 COMMENTS

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