12 Beauty Breakthroughs You Must Try in 2012

It seems like every day a new beauty product comes out and with each one comes the same thing: Hope. Hope that this anti-aging serum will erase those brown spots. Hope that this smoothing cream will banish frizz for good. Hope that this spot treatment will make acne a distant memory.   see beauty products


9 Hostess Gifts She'll Actually Like

Were you taught to never go to someone's house empty handed? While Miss Manners says this isn't a rule per se (she's more of a thank-you-note-after kind of gal), a hostess gift is still a nice gesture. Especially after you've taken over someone's couch for a weekend, raided her fridge, and accidentally spilled wine on her formerly pristine sofa.   See gifts


8 Father's Day Grooming Gifts He Will Actually Use

When it comes to buying a gift for dear ol' dad (or husband of the century) to thank him for being so, well, awesome, it's just so darn tempting to pick things you think he needs, or you want him to have. You know the type; the "Gee, Dad's ties are so stuck in the '80s that I'd better get him one from this decade"-gift, or the "Wow, I really wish he could drop those 15 pounds, I'd better go with a Foreman Grill."   read more


Luxe Beauty Breakthroughs 2011 Edition

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." And while the first lady may not have been alluding to the aesthetic beauty you dream of for your future self, we believe the quote to be open for artistic interpretation. Especially since it is so applicable to today's beauty-minded woman.   See breakthroughs


13 Affordable Beauty Product Breakthroughs

The cutting-edge beauty products that are changing the game but not breaking the bank   See products


Are Your Beauty Products Expired?

It's easy with food, for the most part, to know when it's better in the bin than on your plate, but with beauty products, which rarely boast a written expiration date, it's a different story.   See tips


Editors' Pick: 11 Best Mascaras

Mascara, for most, is one of those "desert island"-type of eye makeup products -- meaning many women tout it as the one thing they absolutely can't go without. Whether or not you would pack it for your Gilligan adventure, we're sure you'd agree that it's a makeup bag staple. Why? Because it almost effortlessly makes you look more awake and feminine, of course.   See mascaras


Gift Guide: Beauty Products For Everyone On Your List

As beauty editors, we're expected to stay on top of trends and we receive loads of press releases about the latest and greatest beauty products to help us do just that. And we seem to get an extra flurry of them around the holiday season -- which starts in like early October -- so it really helps get us in the holiday mood long before Starbucks and every other establishment starts playing their Christmas tunes. Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, being that it's the season of giving (well, supposed to be, anyway) we decided to share some beauty product gift ideas with you.   See gift guide


Breast Cancer Awareness: Pink Beauty Products and Beyond

According to the American Cancer Society, about 1.3 million women will be diagnosed with breast cancer annually worldwide and about 465,000 will die from the disease, so whether we like it or not, we're still forced to think pink throughout October. From Snuggies to hair straightners, everyone and their mother jumps on the pink bandwagon to create beauty products and beyond that, donate a part of their proceeds to breast cancer research and other organizations that support women dealing with breast cancer. Now don't get us wrong, we're all for it and we've even been doing a pink beauty products blog series -- a roundup of some of the best products we think you should snag that support the cause. But, we're also curious what you're doing beyond buying BCA beauty products. So we put out our Facebook-feelers to see how friends, real women, companies and celebrities alike are helping to save the ta-tas this year. From literally racing for the cure to dying your hair pink, you're proud to share what you're doing -- and we're impressed.   Read now


Pros Spill: 'The Beauty Product I'm Obsessed With'

How can beauty products change your life? Well, that's a very astute question, and we're so glad you asked. Perhaps a lipstick or a face cream can't alter the fate of the universe or lead you down some divine path to righteousness, but most women agree that a-ha moments (as Oprah calls them) do occur with certain products. Those instances where you realize life would be a little harder if your favorite scrub/concealer/eye cream didn't exist.   See products


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Finding beauty products that perfectly match your skin type could end up being a long and expensive process. What makes it even more complicated is the consistent launch of a host of new products. With every brand investing millions of dollars in marketing and promotion asserting that it's the best, it is easy to be misguided. However, for consumers who act smart before investing in skin care, Total Beauty presents its comprehensive skin care guide. Access to reliable and dependable information from a panel of experts on Total Beauty can help you make informed decisions on which brand and product you can trust for your skin.

Unlike any other resource on the web, this guide aims at educating its readers to identify their skin type and conditions and then select products that are most beneficial for them. In addition to this, the guide also provides you with comprehensive reviews of top-of-the-line beauty products along with the customer feedback reports. Taking care of your skin with Total Beauty is also extremely entertaining. On this guide you get exclusive access to latest celebrity news along with their skin care routines and secrets. So act smart and start using the Total Beauty’s product guide today!

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