15 Best Brow Enhancing Beauty Products

In case you haven't heard, eyebrows are the hottest new feature to focus on. And for good reason. Well-groomed brows can make you look polished and bring focus to your eyes, while ungroomed brows can make your overall look messy, and over plucked brows are just, well, scary.   See products


How 'Instant' Is This Instant Beauty Kit?


How "Instant" Is This Instant Beauty Kit?

We know what you're thinking: HSN for beauty? And here's our unequivocal reply: YES. You might not know it (yet), but HSN is home to some of the biggest names in beauty -- from cult favorite products to new beauty finds. We decided to put together a little collection to introduce you to the shopping channel's seriously in-depth beauty department. As we curated products, we realized that all of the must-have items we were pulling had one thing in common: they're all about instant beauty boosts. From that on-the-spot eye primer (you know the one we're talking about) to tinted coverage that adjusts to your skin tone, this collection has your on-the-spot beauty emergencies covered.   read more


14 Best Makeup Removers


14 Best Makeup Removers

As a total product junkie, I spend a lot of time putting stuff on my face. So at the end of the day, a good makeup remover is just as important as the makeup I'm taking off. When choosing a makeup remover, I always look for three main characteristics: it takes everything off the first time around (Who has time to scrub for 20 minutes?), it doesn't clog my pores, and it definitely won't leave gross, oily residue on my beloved pillowcases (so not good for the complexion). These 14 makeup removers were chosen by TotalBeauty.com readers as the best of the best for everything from removing raccoon eyes to keeping skin fresh and clean.   See products


The Nicest Things You Can Do For Your Boobs This Month

Every month, we highlight the best new beauty products we're lining up to buy on launch day -- the items we think are worth your hard-earned cash. (Check out our picks for September here.)   read more


Is Etsy the Underground Sephora?

Everyone and their mother lusts after iconic, high-end cosmetics. But just like snagging a one-of-a-kind vintage bag or a custom, hand-beaded frock, one of our favorite things in life (and at Total Beauty) is to discover awesome and unique handmade beauty products -- best kept secrets, if you will -- that will have all your friends asking, "Where on earth did you find this stuff? It's amazing."   read more


Shut Your Mouth, Fix Your Face, and Keep Vacuuming

Oh, wait. It's not 1952. These shocking vintage ads from a (thankfully) bygone Mad Men era made us laugh ... and cringe   read more


Photographer Captures Post-Plastic Surgery In Stark Detail

The pursuit of beauty can be an ugly game -- especially when you're talking about the hours and days following a plastic surgery procedure. Photographer Ji Yeo was interested in exploring the pain and bruising that so many women experience in the name of physical perfection, and sought out women in her native South Korea who were willing to show themselves in all their recovery room glory.   read more


2 Best Teeth Whiteners -- and the 4 Worst for 2014

Gleaming, white teeth are what separate the beautiful people from the peasants. You'll notice -- the first physical transformation TV producers give to new starlets is a $500+ teeth whitening treatment. But there's even more to our obsession with pearly canines than the desire for celebrity good looks. According to a study from researchers at the British universities of Leeds and Central Lancashire, teeth are   read more


A Photographic Retrospective of Beauty Queens Throughout the Years

On Sunday night, Miss New York, 24 year-old Nina Davuluri, was the first-ever South East Asian contestant to be crowned Miss America. (You can see her, and read a bit about her story here.)   read more


Kim Kardashian's Wild CR Fashion Book Shoot

Is jam the new lipstick? Kim Kardashian modeled for Carine Roitfeld's CR Fashion Book magazine, and was subjected to a jam-smearing shoot, exposed her pregnant belly and sported grills -- which had some feeling a little "meh" about the shoot. But hey, haters gon' hate, that's what Carine Roitfeld says.   read more


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