23 Charities We Love


23 Charities We Love

Harness your inner beauty by doing good. These charitable organizations and beauty products are working to make the world a better place   See Charities


10 Best Beauty Products for Your Next Vacation

Contrary to popular belief or what the scandalous coverage of MTV Spring Break might imply, a week of fun in the sun is a necessary indulgence for everyone after a tedious winter -- not just those lucky college students. With that mature and responsible (note the slightly bitter tone) comment stated -- get ready party people: it's vacation time!   See travel products


How to Look Great in Every Photo

Learn these expert beauty tips for looking pretty in every shot -- then update your Facebook profile pic -- stat!   See tips


12 Best New Products Our Editors Are Obsessed With

Our editors spill on which beauty products are their current faves   See products


Your Beauty Etiquette Dilemmas -- Solved

Put your napkin on your lap. Say "excuse me" when you burp. Don't shave your legs on the bus.
You don't have to be Miss Manners to get the basic rules of decorum down pat. It's the other things, the things mom didn't teach you, that can get tricky -- especially when it comes to beauty Dos and Don'ts.   See tips


Could You Live Without Beauty Products for 30 Days?

We know what you're thinking: Why would anyone in her right mind want to give up her shampoo, conditioner, hairstyling products, skin care products and makeup? But then we thought, with all this talk of harmful ingredients (like the ones mentioned on this list) and the virtue of inner beauty, maybe we could learn a thing or two from a product 'diet.' See what this product junkie discovered when she switched from using 27 products a day to using only body wash and sunscreen for a full month. Her experience may surprise you, and inspire you to think about how many products you really need to look and feel gorgeous every day.   See journal


Prettiest Celebrity Mother-Daughter Duos

Who doesn't love spotting celebrities out and about with their adorable kids? (You've got to admit -- it's everyone's guilty pleasure.) Whether it's an actress with her little girls or a music legend and her grown daughter, celebrity families always seem to intrigue us.   See pairs


The Eyebrow Mistakes You're Making

Eyebrows can make or break your entire look, according to practically every makeup artist and brow expert we've ever talked to. They can make your eyes look droopy when they're not, or make you look angry when, in fact, you're not. This is why it's essential to be very cautious when grooming your own brows. There is a very fine line between a perfectly shaped brow and an overly tweezed brow. If you think about it, your brows (even when big and bushy) have very little real estate on your face. One or two plucks too many can leave you with a pretty scary shape.   See mistakes


12 Best Chanel Products -- and the Worst

Just because a product comes with the name Chanel, it doesn't mean it's worth the extra cash you'll shell out for it, then again, maybe it is. Here, TotalBeauty.com readers share skin care product reviews, mascara reviews and more to help you decide which products from the designer brand you should invest in.   See products


7 Flaws Your Date Will Notice

You've only got one chance to make a great first impression. Check out these beauty tips to find out what he ranks on the top of his list when sizing up your beauty   See flaws


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