When Beauty Treatments Backfire

Sure, patience may be a virtue -- but it's an increasingly hard one to value in this age of quick fixes and instant gratification. When we buy something online it can be delivered that day. If we hear a song we like we can immediately download it via iTunes. Hungry? Drive two minutes, pull up at a drive-thru, and pick up a No. 2 with a diet coke.   Get stories


Fix Beauty Emergencies on the Go

After all the time you spend primping in front of your bathroom mirror, it can be frustrating when you realize your perfectly powdered nose has become an oily t-zone that could use its own road sign (Warning, slippery nose ahead!). Or your expertly curled "beachy" waves have turned into a frizzy beehive. Or your freshly manicured nails start to chip and break.   Get tips


9 Most Horrifying Beauty Tips Ever

Today's women go to extraordinary lengths to look beautiful. From hair care to plastic surgery, makeup to skin care -- we collectively spend billions of dollars to enhance our looks. We also invest countless hours collecting beauty tips from girlfriends, hairdressers, magazines and, yes, beauty websites to learn how to combat common beauty issues and to keep up with the hottest trends.   See tips


8 Father's Day Grooming Gifts He Will Actually Use

When it comes to buying a gift for dear ol' dad (or husband of the century) to thank him for being so, well, awesome, it's just so darn tempting to pick things you think he needs, or you want him to have. You know the type; the "Gee, Dad's ties are so stuck in the '80s that I'd better get him one from this decade"-gift, or the "Wow, I really wish he could drop those 15 pounds, I'd better go with a Foreman Grill."   read more


Beyond Wrinkles: 7 Beauty Mistakes That Make You Look Old

We are a nation obsessed. Oh, not just with the comings, goings and bikini-bod barings of C-list celebrities. Not just with dancing and singing and bad behavior-condoning reality shows. But with aging, wrinkles and sagging -- and, of course, with how to undo all of it.   See Them Now


24 Celebs Who Will Save The Earth

If Cameron and Gwyneth do it, will you do it too? Yes, celebs have millions
of dollars at their disposal (to offset those travel emissions, for one) but   Green celebs


Luxe Beauty Breakthroughs 2011 Edition

Eleanor Roosevelt once said, "The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." And while the first lady may not have been alluding to the aesthetic beauty you dream of for your future self, we believe the quote to be open for artistic interpretation. Especially since it is so applicable to today's beauty-minded woman.   See breakthroughs


6 Stress Busters That Will Make You Look (and Feel) Years Younger


6 Stress Busters

Ah, women and stress, the scenarios are all too familiar; Have you been wounded by stress? Do you loathe the stressors and suffocation that stress invokes? We do too.   See tips


The Weirdest Beauty Tips You've Heard

Throughout our lives we're constantly dished advice. We're told what to do, and not do in order to save money, lose weight, look younger, get a great job, find a husband etc., etc.   See tips


Beauty Tips: 11 Things Your Interviewer Won't Tell You About Your Looks

Don't get disqualified for a job by making these interview mishaps. See our beauty tips   See tips


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