Is Your Face Marriage Material?

Nevermind your sparkling wit and intelligence -- if we're to believe a new study on the fickle nature of men and how they choose a mate, your face shape may determine whether or not you're considered marriage material (versus a fun fling). And here's the kicker: if you're ugly, these guys say they're more likely to put a ring on it.   read more


The Bizarre New Food for a Gluten-Free Diet

Not a day goes by without news of some crazy new gluten-free product on the market, but this one has us tweeting: birdseed. Yes, birdseed. A new gluten-free variety of canary seed was re-engineered for human consumption and researchers found the seeds contain more protein and are richer in nutrients compared to other cereals. The seed can also be ground into flour and used in breads, cookies, cakes and other products. (Source)   read more


Our Nasty Beauty Habits Revealed

Sure, we eat, breathe, and sleep health and beauty, but that doesn't mean we're absolutely perfect when it comes to our own personal habits. Exhibit A: We asked the question 'What's your worst, most shameful beauty habit?' in a meeting today, just for kicks. After a good minute-long pause -- everyone looking around guiltily, because no one wanted to 'fess up at first -- the truth came out ... and it was cringe-worthy. But after the giggling and looks of utter disgust subsided, it felt kinda cathartic to let these secrets out of the beauty closet. So of course, the next natural step is to share our nasty bad habits with you in a slideshow. We're withholding names to protect the innocent (and, okay, the gnarly).   read more


Top 5 Beauty Treatments to Get Summer-Ready


Top 5 Beauty Treatments to Get Summer-Ready

When you think about prepping for summer, do you immediately imagine countless days in the gym? Or perhaps you daydream about hours of sundress shopping? While slimming down for bikini season and refreshing your wardrobe are essential hits on your summer "To Do" list, there are others that are just as important: beauty treatments. Why? Well, no matter how fab your abs are or how chic your two-piece looks, it will be all for nothing if paired with, say, furry, pale legs.   read more


Yes, Please: Naomi Watts as Princess Di

Naomi Watts was cast as the beloved Princess Diana in a film that documents the eventful but tragic last two years of her life. Watts said she was terrified to take on this role for fear of not doing the "people's princess" justice, but we are blown away by her spot-on portrayal of Diana's iconic image.   read more


The New Wedding Photo Trend Is ... *cringe*

You've got to see it to believe it, and you'll wish you could un-see it   read more


Faceswapping: You Will Not Be Able To Take Your Eyes Off of Will and Kate

Plus 9 more celeb faceswaps that are seriously wrong (and hilarious)   read more


Photoshopped 5-Year-Olds and Pregnant Dudes -- These PSAs Grabbed Our Attention

Public Service Announcements are designed to raise awareness on important issues and spark change. These PSAs definitely win on the "getting our attention" front, but will they inspire change, or just heated debate on their appropriateness? Take a look and weigh in.   read more


You Won't Believe What These Wedding Dresses Are Made Of

Hint: They'll inspire you to win one of the cheesy contests at the next bridal shower you attend   read more


Check Out This Sneak Peek Inside Jessica Alba's Gorgeous Home

Jessica Alba is like the kind-hearted, down-to-earth sister to Gwyneth Paltrow. They're both passionate about creating eco-friendly, healthy-living companies (the Honest Co and Goop, respectively) but for some reason Jessica is just more ... well, likeable. While I join in on the eye-rolling at Gwyneth's holier-than-thou perfection, I find myself drawn to Jessica's more grounded advice.   read more


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