Lena Dunham's Silly Spa Selfie

• Lena Dunham gave herself some crazy spa treatment where she's covered in moist toilettes (moist, I said it), and looks pretty crazy, and posted it on Instagram. Of course we love it, and had to share. [The Gloss]   read more


December 17, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Weekend Recap: Taylor Chopped Her Hair, Painted Faces at Chanel, and More

It looks like Taylor Swift really did chop her hair. Source: thestir.com

Beyoncé's Visual Album -- chock full of fabulous hair and makeup -- has taken over the world. Source: dailymail.com   read more


December 16, 2013  |   8:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Jennifer Lawrence GIF Sheds Light On This Controversial Process

We know that we shouldn't be surprised anymore when a familiar starlet's face and body gets completely obliterated with Photoshop on a magazine cover, but sometimes the results are just so over-the-top bad, we're compelled to put our faces in our hands and cry for humanity.   read more


December 16, 2013  |   8:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Robyn Lawley Lands A Huge New Beauty Gig

The faces of beauty campaigns usually have one thing in common -- they're already everywhere. From Beyonce for L'Oreal to Emma Stone for Revlon, the ladies whose job description is to make the products we love look better than they'll ever look on us just seem to jump from one high-profile job to the next. Such is not the case for Robyn Lawley, who has officially risen to the top of the campaign crop.   read more


December 16, 2013  |   7:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Alessandra Ambrosio Admits To Corrective Plastic Surgery

Modeling is pain, and women will go to extreme lengths to break into the industry. Want proof? Supermodel Alessandro Ambrosio admitted recently that she had plastic surgery to have her ears pinned back so she'd find more success as a model.   read more


December 16, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Cameron Diaz Goes Makeup-Free For The Body Book

• Cameron Diaz went makeup-free to pose with her new health tome, The Body Book, all about how to make healthy eating choices. The book features advice from Cam, along with some of her famous friends, including J. Lo, and Drew Barrymore. But, she says, it's not a "diet" book, and won't offer tips on how to stay thin. She decided to write it after her father died in 2008. "Everything changed," said a source close to the actress. "She realized what is important and started to think more and more about her health." [Daily Mail]   read more


December 16, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Artist Pokes Fun At The 'Magic' Of Photoshop

Looking for the latest and greatest beauty product? Have you considered, well, Photoshop? Everybody's using it. Okay, okay, seriously though, East Carolina University student Anna Hill wanted to poke fun at the way that Photoshop is used to sell virtually everything -- including beauty products, so she created a series of four "ads" for a final project, touting the incredible effects of Photoshop as a miracle beauty aid.   read more


December 13, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Joe Jonas, Like You've Never Seen Him Before

• Joe Jonas thought he'd wish us all a very merry Christmas by making himself a baldie. Very funny Jonas bro. Now make the hair come back, thankyouverymuch. [Us Weekly]   read more


December 13, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Your Most Embarrassing Beauty Problems - Decoded

When I was in third grade, I had a wart on my inner knee. I wanted to die every time I had to sit Indian-style, which was about seven times a day. Though I didn't know it at the time, I began practicing yoga -- assuming creative positions that allowed me to cover my wart. But it was of no use. One afternoon, while waiting for the bus, I began bickering with my brother. In an effort to one-up me (and apparently scar me for life, as I'm writing about it nearly two decades later), he shouted, "Emily has warts!" to anyone who would listen. The horror!   read more


December 12, 2013  |  10:12 AM  |  COMMENT
The Breakdown Of The Perfect Woman

We always thought that putting the image of the "perfect woman" into the hands of men could be a dangerous idea, but we never would have guessed that our definition of the epitome of facial beauty could turn out so similarly to theirs.   read more


December 12, 2013  |   8:12 AM  |  COMMENT

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