No, Just No: Eye Bling Is Now A Thing

We love makeup and jewelry, sure. But we absolutely draw the line at sticking jewelry in our eyes. Yet! Apparently that's exactly what some women are doing to accentuate their eyeballs. It's called Safesight Jewelry, and it's done at Park Avenue Laser Vision in Manhattan by Dr. Emil Chynn who measuredly says it's "pretty safe." Dr. Chynn makes a small incision in the white part of the eye and places a gold charm into the eye. And, explains Dr. Chynn, "it just sits there."   read more


November 21, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  12 COMMENTS
Demi Lovato's Blue Period


Demi Lovato's Blue Period

• Demi Lovato is just killing it lately, if you ask us. Aside from having the best zinger response to Miley Cyrus -- ("I guess my transition was a little easier because I went straight to rehab. I didn't twerk, I just went to rehab.") -- Lovato also dyed her hair the most perfect shade of blue. She debuted the new hue at the premiere of Frozen Tuesday night. We love, but what do you think? [BellaSugar]   read more


November 21, 2013  |   5:11 AM  |  COMMENT
First Her Hair, Now Her Eyebrows -- What Will Miley Get Rid of Next?

Leave it to Miley. Now that J. Law and Pam Anderson (and, if you believe the rumors, Taylor Swift) have jumped on the "let's chop off our hair" bandwagon, Billy Ray's "Smiley" had to come up with something to set herself apart -- again.   read more


November 20, 2013  |  11:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Cara Delevingne Was A Man Repeller Once

Cara Delevingne is a gorgeous model. Fact. But she's also a woman with dating problems, just like us. The Victoria's Secret model and Rihanna BFF says that her relationship woes aren't because she's beautiful, but because she had no idea how to apply eyeliner for the longest time.   read more


November 20, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Adam Levine Is The Sexiest Man Alive

• Love him, hate him, swoon over him on The Voice: Adam Levine has been chosen America's Sexiest Man Alive by the authorities at People magazine. They tested things like maximum sex-ability, and abs-tasticness, and general smoldering-ness, and decided that Levine beat out all other hotties to take top honors. So the next time you see him, give him a high five, we suppose. [People   read more


November 20, 2013  |   5:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Bravo Bets On A Yoga Reality Show

Yogis, rejoice! As if you didn't have enough to celebrate already, what with your path to enlightenment and your toned abs, your rejuvenating pastime of choice is finally getting recognized with the highest honor or all -- a Bravo reality show. That's right: The network best known for guilty-pleasure brain candy (and by that, we mean all seventeen Real Housewives franchises) has just announced it's adding Toned Up to the line up.Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgson will star in the show -- they host the wildly popular fitness web series Tone It Up. The yoga-loving ladies, who also happen to be roommates and best friends (natch), will premiere their series on January 2.We're hoping (really, fingers crossed) Karena and Katrina's antics will encourage us to pursue our own fitness goals, just in time for our New Years resolutions ... and above all, we sincerely hope their friendship can stand the test of TV. We've all seen how this ends. [Bravo]   read more


November 19, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  COMMENT
IMG Becomes A One-Size-Fits-All Modeling Agency

• Could the term "plus-size model" become a thing of the past? The world's top modeling agency seems to think so. IMG will no longer separate new signees not of the 6 foot, size zero type into specialized branches. Instead, they'll place them on a one-size-fits-all board alongside the likes of Gisele Bundchen and Karlie Kloss, as they begin an initiative to sign models of all shapes, sizes, ages, races, and heights. How do you like them apples? [Cosmopolitan]   read more


November 19, 2013  |   5:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Weekend Recap: How Much Stars Get Paid for Fragrance Deals, and More

Find out how much celebs really get paid for their fragrances. Source:

L'Oreal is launching liquid hair chalk in March. Source: WWD   read more


November 18, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Meet Moffy, The Cross-Eyed Model

This is Moffy. She's a pretty brunette with a bit of a unique condition. It's called strabismus, but you probably better know it as cross-eyed-ness. Yep. Moffy -- no last names, please -- is a cross-eyed model.   read more


November 18, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Gwyneth Told To Gain Weight To Battle Bad Press

• Oh the Gwyn-sanity: We're taking this with seventeen grains of salt, but Gwyneth Paltrow has allegedly been "urged" to do something to improve her public image in advance of the supposedly scathing Vanity Fair profile that's coming out on her next month. Like gain weight. Or have another kid. Because that's what'll make people like her again. If that sounds utterly insane -- like utterly, utterly insane -- that's because it is. [Radar Online]   read more


November 18, 2013  |   5:11 AM  |  COMMENT

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