Kate Moss Honored By British Fashion Council

• Another day, another honor for Kate Moss. This time the British Fashion Council is awarding her the Special Recognition Award (which honestly sounds completely made up to us) to honor her "continued influence on the fashion industry." The Great Kate has been modeling and giving great face for 25 some years now, which is pretty impressive, no? [WWD]   read more


December 2, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Sharon Osbourne Admits To Vaginal Rejuvenation Surgery

Sharon Osbourne is nothing if not honest. Which is why we totally trust her to come clean when it comes to the particulars of getting vaginal rejuvenation surgery. The 61-year-old star of the daytime series The Talk admitted on the British talk show The Graham Norton Show that she'd once had the vaginal plastic surgery, and it was an especially easy time.   read more


December 2, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  COMMENT
The Hall of Fame of Forgotten Designers

• Remember Callot Soeurs or Norman Hartnell? Nope? Check out their work and eight other designers that time forgot. [Fashionista]   read more


November 29, 2013  |   5:11 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Gap Steps Up And Supports Sikh Ads

• After some of its ads featuring Sikh actor Waris Ahluwalia were defaced, Gap did something actually pretty cool: They moved the ads to the main page of their Facebook and Twitter pages. Since then, support for Ahluwalia and Gap's "Make Love" campaign has been pouring in. "It felt awesome walking past this poster wearing turban ... ! #sikhi #proud." wrote one commenter. Pretty friggin' cool! [Racked]   read more


November 28, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  COMMENT
Beauty Tips -- From Top NBA Players

You've always thought to yourself, "Self, if only I could smell like professional basketball players. If only I could use the body wash that New York Knicks player Amar'e Stoudemire uses. Why then, I'd have all the secrets of the universe."   read more


November 28, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  COMMENT
The Black Friday and Cyber Monday Beauty Deals You Don't Want To Miss

I have girlfriends who refer to Black Friday as their version of the Olympics, but I think it's more like "The Hunger Games." While (in most cases, anyway) you're not actually fighting for your life, scoring the last pair of half-priced Vince Camuto boots in your size can feel like a major victory.   read more


November 27, 2013  |   3:11 PM  |  1 COMMENT
A Digital Lollipop Could Help Curb Cravings

It's the holiday eating season, and we could use all the help we can get when it comes to controlling our need to snack every five seconds. Thankfully, scientists in Singapore are working on a lollipop -- yes, a lollipop -- that they swear will curb cravings.   read more


November 27, 2013  |   8:11 AM  |  COMMENT
British Guys Are Getting Hair Extensions Now

Blame boy bands for this one: Thanks to Harry Styles -- adorable floppy-haired moppet, and boy band pin up du jour -- British guys are wearing hair extensions now. Hair extensions.   read more


November 27, 2013  |   7:11 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Tween Nearly Gets Expelled Over Natural Hair

Say what? A 12-year-old African American student at a Florida school was told she needed to either cut her hair, or be removed from school after her natural hair was called a "distraction" by the school board.   read more


November 27, 2013  |   6:11 AM  |  15 COMMENTS
Kate Middleton's Hairstylist Gets The Ax

• If you're the guy responsible for the Duchess of Cambridge's hair, you've got to be very careful about what you do with it. For instance, maybe don't post hundreds of personal pics of her hair on your Facebook page? That's exactly what James Pryce did, and it cost him has job as royal hairdresser, according to a source at Pryce's salon. Pryce got a little too free and easy with pictures of Kate's hair and she no longer wants him on the job, says the source. Let that be a lesson to you, would-be royal hair handlers. [Telegraph]   read more


November 27, 2013  |   5:11 AM  |  COMMENT

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