Lana Del Rey Gets Weird in New Video

• Lana Del Rey made a rather bombastic 30-minute film called "Tropico," featuring John Wayne, Elvis, Jesus, and Marilyn Monroe among others. She plays Eve and model Shaun Ross plays Adam, or something. She's also Mary Magdalene. It's all very high concept. [Dazed Digital]   read more


December 6, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Keira Knightley Recycles Her Wedding Dress (We Think)

Keira Knightley is actually a super practical girl, it turns out. The 28-year-old married her husband James Righton in May, in the south of France (must be nice), wearing a tulle strapless dress from Rodarte. Knightley was seen hand in hand with Righton after the ceremony, happily gallivanting down the street in sunglasses.   read more


December 5, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Julianne Hough Brings Back Her Extensions

• Julianne Hough put her dang extensions back in and, yup, that happened. Here are the accompanying hashtags, just so that you know the event was properly social media-ed: #longhairdon'tcare, and #changeisgood. [Us Weekly]   read more


December 5, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Better Than Candy: A New Bra Claims To Curb Stress Eating

Stress-eating: it's what's for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And, like, five to ten snacks in between. We'd long since accepted it as just a fact of life -- as sure as the sun shall rise, when the going gets tough, we're going to eat a pint of ice cream for dinner. With a side of kale, please? No, make that chips. We never thought for a second that maybe things didn't have to be this way, that maybe there was something we could do to combat it. Talk therapy? More exercise and vitamin D? No thanks -- we're thinking more like a hi-tech bra that helps to curb overeating caused by stress.   read more


December 4, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
Uggs Win Black Friday 2013


Uggs Win Black Friday 2013

• If you're wondering which fashion item was the most-searched on Black Friday 2013, it was Uggs. The fluffy footwear was the top trending search on the Internet this year, and we think it likely has something to do with people's aching feet post-Black Friday shopping crawl. But that's just a theory. [Huffington Post]   read more


December 4, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  COMMENT
Just Say No To A #Selfie Case For Your iPhone

Do you mind if we ask how, exactly, this entire "selfie" thing grew to its current immeasurable proportions? It's one thing -- one totally fine thing -- for us to take photos of ourselves looking cute and post them to social media, but the selfie craze has somehow become another beast entirely. I guess it's just one of those buzz words we all start using, and then we can't stop, and then suddenly everyone is saying it everywhere and the whole thing just gets so out of hand. See: "swag," "YOLO," "hater," and everything else we now cringe at the mere thought of ...So yeah, we're calling the official "jump the shark" moment on the selfie with this "#selfiecase." It's exactly what it sounds like -- an iPhone case designed "with your best selfie in mind," which translates to fingers posed in the universal "selfie" position. Before you ask, yes, the #selfie text is reversed, which makes it perfect for your next mirror shot. We don't care how many pictures you take of yourself, but we sure won't be letting any of our friends get caught with this not-so self-effacing selfie case. [Caseable]   read more


December 3, 2013  |   5:12 PM  |  COMMENT
Women Are Getting No-Surgery 'Designer Vaginas' Now

Thinking about tightening up things "down there"? Then perhaps you should consider a FemiLift. It's a non-surgical vaginal lift procedure that some women are choosing over invasive surgery.   read more


December 3, 2013  |   6:12 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Selena Gomez Posts A Super Pretty Makeup-Free Selfie

• Oh shocker, Selena Gomez is stupidly gorgeous, even without makeup on. She posted a selfie of her makeup-free face along with the mega-cryptic caption, ""I thought he only liked the Latina category. Smh ...," and the hashtags #nomakeup and #hatewhengirlssaythat. We're going to assume that was somehow directed at Justin Bieber, because of course. [Us Weekly]   read more


December 3, 2013  |   5:12 AM  |  COMMENT
December's Hottest Beauty Launches -- Just in Time for Santa

It may not seem like it, but December is a fantastic month for new beauty launches. Most beauty gift sets hit shelves in November (or even late October), and lots of brands save their big news for January. (I'm already excited about next month's story.) So December tends to be quieter on the launch front, but the products that do come out this month are extra special.   read more


December 2, 2013  |   1:12 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
Weekend Recap: A Very Kardashian Christmas, Drew Barrymore's Makeup Tutorial And More

The annual Kardashian Christmas card is here, complete with hair and makeup fit for a runway show. Meanwhile, we're lucky if our eyes are open in our family holiday cards. Source:   read more


December 2, 2013  |  11:12 AM  |  COMMENT

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