9 New Beauty Products You Have to Get Your Hands On In September

Every time September rolls around, I'm filled with mixed emotions. There's the inevitable sadness that ros&‌egrave; season is coming to an end, but then there's that "back-to-school" excitement that comes with the start of a new season. And even though I'm long past actually going back to school, those September vibes always make me want to stock my beauty stash with lots of fresh new goodies. Conveniently, September is when most companies launch their fall products, so there's no shortage to choose from. I narrowed it down to nine, including (spoiler alert) everything from brightening eye patches that work in minutes to a liquid liner like you've never seen before. Forget the pens and pencils, this is the kind of shopping you should be doing this month.   read more


13 Women Who DGAF About Dark Circles -- and Why You Shouldn't Either

If you've ever had dark circles, then you may have reached for that under-eye concealer to avoid the oh-so-useless "You look tired" comment from your coworker (or other tactless person in your life).   read more


How to Get Your Flip-Flop-Battered Feet Pretty Again

Sandals -- they're stylish, they're easy, they're so much more comfortable than a pair of stilettos. But a long summer of open shoes and flat soles can leave your feet in need of serious T.L.C. We spoke to celebrity manicurist and Dermelect's color curator Elle (who's prettied the feet of celebs like Blake Lively and Jennifer Lopez) and Patricia Martin, director of marketing for Topical BioMedics, Inc., to get the details on caring for our not-so-cute, end-of-summer feet.   read more


How Becoming a Beauty Editor Taught Me to Embrace My Makeup-Free Face

There I sat, a 25-year-old beauty editor living in the fashion and beauty capital of the world, looking at my profile picture and briefly wondering if I'd really go through with it. There once was a time not too long ago when the idea of posting my bare face to Instagram -- land of unrealistic beauty standards and perfectly Facetuned Insta-models -- was unthinkable. No-makeup selfies were for celebrities with perfect skin only. At least, that's how I felt. But, like I said, that was then, so I proudly pressed 'post' -- and felt no regret. You see, nowadays, I have a genuine belief that beauty isn't so much about unicorn highlighters and a perfect cut crease (though I love those too). When I look in the mirror, what I regard as beautiful is a strong sense of self and an appreciation for my natural features. I hope one day this will be the accepted and appreciated norm for all women.   read more


I Meditated Every Day for a Month to Get My Anxious Mind to STFU

It was my favorite part of yoga: savasana -- or as I liked to think of it, "supervised napping." A soft, pleasing song played from the speakers in the front of the studio, and the smell of lavender permeated the air, as my limber teacher instructed the class to relax our bodies and quiet our minds.   read more


8 Best Essential Oils to Make You Feel 100 Percent Better

You've definitely heard a lot about essential oils (thanks partially to brilliant multi-level marketing plans), but do you really know what they are? Does anybody know what they are? Sure, they smell great -- but what do they do?   read more


15 Body Positive Ways to Celebrate Your Stretch Marks

Whether you've had a baby, lost weight or simply grown during your lifetime, chances are you have stretch marks -- and that you've tried to hide them at some point. Perhaps they've prevented you from wearing your short shorts or rocking that itsy bitsy bikini on a hot summer day. But with an estimated 80 percent of Americans -- all varying in weight, age and parental status -- marked by tiger stripes, why are we all trying to live up to the statistically unrealistic standard of having baby smooth skin? Sure, you could spend countless hours trolling the internet for ways to get rid of stretch marks, but wouldn't you rather click through this slideshow of body positive women who might get you to see your stretch marks in a new way? No weird at-home remedies or overpriced laser treatments -- just pure, unfiltered confidence.   read more


16 Genius Storage Solutions for Teeny-Tiny Bathrooms

It used to be that organizing sprees were confined to a single season. You'd have the entire year to collect junk in your drawers and dust bunnies in your corners, and then temporarily spring clean yourself into a tizzy come warmer weather. Once upon a time, April showers brought freshly washed pavements and newly sparkling drawer corners.   read more


Fake News Exists in the Beauty World, Too. Don't Believe These Viral Headlines

Sorry, Mr. President: When it comes to fake news, CNN is not the problem. But the internet is pretty rife with inaccurate, sensationalist content. In the shadow of the 2016 election, fake news with political motivations has gotten a lot of attention and media coverage, raising our collective awareness of the insidiousness of false news content. However, fake news isn't just a problem in the realm of politics -- it's also a problem in the beauty-and-health world.   read more


26 Best Drugstore Makeup and Beauty Products

We can all agree -- there is something deeply satisfying about saving money. And nothing gives us more of a rush than scoring an amazing lipstick or mascara without spending a fortune. See, drugstore-aisle enthusiasts like us believe that it is possible to improve your look and trim your budget at the same time.   See bargains


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