Your Sleeveless Season Prep Plan


Your Sleeveless Season Prep Plan

There are few things that can make a casual tank or simple sundress truly head turning as smooth, flawless arms. Sure, a stack of noisy bangles or and oversized cuff may fancy up the look, but there is no better accessory than tan and toned limbs.   See plan


5 Playlists That'll Actually Make You Want to Work Out

I am one of those people who just can't work out without music. If my iPod dies during my run, I slow to a halt, as if my batteries have died.   Click here


Hey New Mom! Get Out the Door in a Hot Second (or, OK, 5 Minutes or Less)

Whether you're working in an office or you're a stay-at-home mom, mornings can be rough. You've got to get up (after not enough sleep), get the kids ready, get yourself ready, and maybe even try to squeeze in a few household chores before the day really gets going.   See tips


Best New Beauty Gadgets (for Non-Nerds)

If 2012 taught us anything it's that geek is the new chic.

Keeping up with the latest advancements in technology has become a necessity in nearly every walk of life, especially when it comes to grooming. But where does that leave gals who aren't exactly tech-savvy? Sure, the spa is still a valid option, but then you'd be missing the whole point of the newest beauty gadgets: to reduce those beauty bills.   See tools


5 Small Tweaks, Lots of Big Results

While it's safe to say that giving your diet and workout routine (or lack thereof) a total revamp would undoubtedly lead to a healthier you, it's also safe to assume that a big overhaul is probably unlikely. Who has the time? Or the willpower to completely give up sugar and start jogging six miles a day?   See tweaks


Jaw-Dropping Mom Moments of 2012

We've all heard the old adage, "Mother knows best," but let's be real: some moms are woefully misguided and way, way off the mark. Just because you've got offspring doesn't give you an official Get Out of Jail Free card. From Honey Boo Boo's mom to Tanning Mom (Remember her? The mom who had a face that looked like an old leather wallet?), we saw some of the craziest mothers out there in 2012.   See moms


Stocking Stuffers They'll Actually Be Excited About

Even though the youngest member of my family is a freshman in college, my mother still insists that "Santa" is responsible for the contents of our stockings. And it would seem that the jolly old man has a penchant for tacky holiday-themed socks, '80s-era scrunchies, and packs of Juicy Fruit.   See gift ideas


We're Grateful for These Beauty Products

Let's face it, in the grand scheme of what's truly important in life, beauty products don't rank very high. But that doesn't mean we don't love and cherish the really great ones and appreciate all that they do for us.   See products


How to Smell Great (Even if You're Covered in Spit-Up)

My bathroom beauty routine used to include lathering up with coconut-scented shampoo and conditioner, followed by a luxurious application of body cream, and a few strategic spritzes of Victoria's Secret Rapture.   See tips


6 Products We're Currently Obsessed With

The end of November marks the start of the holiday season, meaning post-Thanksgiving shopping sprees should be restricted for gift-buying only.   Get products


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