Summer 2013 Best (and Worst) Beauty Moments

Fall is here, but that doesn't mean we can't revisit this summer's greatest hits in beauty   read more


9 Best (New!) Beauty Buys for September

Say buh-bye to beachy, summer beauty and hellooo to fall with the brand-new products we're loving right now   read more


6 Brand-Sparkling-New Teeth Whiteners … That Actually Work

Fact: Whiter teeth make you look younger, healthier, more attractive, and more employable. Yes, really, employable, according to a recent survey conducted by Oral-B. (They're a little biased, sure, but would you hire someone with Pennsatucky's teeth?)   read more


The Most Out-There Japanese Fashion from the Past 30 Years

We're always enthralled by the bold, cutting edge style that comes out of Japan. Makeup artist-turned-cosmetics giant Shu Uemera was a legend in his day -- a genius at creating groundbreaking, haute makeup looks with his eponymous line. "Future Beauty," an exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, reminded us of his sharp, forward-thinking aesthetic. The show features 80 spectacular gowns by 31 top Japanese designers, including Issey Miyake and Junya Watanabe. "The exhibition shows how Japanese fashion design launched itself on the world stage in the 1980s. Japanese fashion designers at that time developed breathtaking aesthetic positions that subsequently influenced a younger generation of Western designers including Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester and Alexander McQueen," said the SAM's curator of modern and contemporary art Catharina Manchanda.   read more


20 Best Drugstore Beauty Products

We can all agree -- there is something deeply satisfying about saving money, no matter how subatomic the amount. Think about the last time you were at the grocery store and the sales clerk handed over your receipt saying, "Thank you Miss [Bargain Huntress], you've saved so-and-so dollars." You get kind of a rush, right? That's because knowing you're getting what you need for cheaper, for even pennies less, is a triumph. Now imagine snagging your beloved beauty essentials for a fraction of the price. If you're anything like us, saving a dead president or two on beauty products feels way better than saving on tomatoes. Are you with us?   See bargains


8 Beauty Inventions That Changed Our Lives

From express laser facials to nail polish strips, we'd be rolling in the Benjamins if only we'd thought of these genius beauty inventions first   read more


What's Wrong With Her Face?

What happens when you take a natural and stunning beauty, and surrender her portrait to the harsh pen of a plastic surgeon? Her picture ends up with more marks, crosses, and dotted lines than a road map.   read more


Secrets of Hollywood's Leading Men: Did You-Know-Who Get a Nose Job?

When I'm flipping through People's Sexiest Man Alive edition, I always wonder, 'Why can't I find a man who looks like this in the real world?' The answer: Many of them have had work done. And I can't really blame them -- it's their job to look good on the silver screen. Plenty of aging stars have admitted to getting plastic surgery (it seems as acceptable and expected as a second or third wife). But one look at some of these before/after pics and it's clear that not all male plastic surgery is a success.   read more


The Royal Baby Beauty Care Package for Kate & Will

Move over North West, there's a new star baby in town, and this one's royalty for real. Kate Middleton gave birth this morning to a baby boy and although we want to give the royal mum and dad plenty of private time, we have to give in just a little bit to our fascination with Buckingham's new bundle of joy.   read more


Revamp Your Beach Routine


Revamp Your Beach Routine

Impromptu beach day! That means you're scrambling to grab your bikini and chick lit for some sunning and guilty pleasure reading. But chances are you've been using the same tattered straw tote bag (you know, the one with the broken bamboo handle?) and that same bottle of SPF from, like, six years ago.   read more


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