Tavi Doesn't Actually Make Any Money Being Tavi

We have a hard time believing this one, but mini-mogul and Rookie HBIC Tavi Gevinson doesn't actually profit off of her endeavors. Tavi, hard to believe, doesn't take a salary from Rookie, though she employs 80 people to keep the mag going (we're going to assume many of those are occasional contributors and not full-time employees). Instead, she gets a weekly allowance of $25. Otherwise, all of her money -- from speaking engagements or any editorial work she's done (like the campaign she did for Cole Haan) -- goes into a savings fund.   read more


January 23, 2014  |   6:01 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Eureka! Urban Decay Expands Its Naked Palettes

• Urban Decay expanded its amazing covetable Naked palettes into more awesome products like eye pencils, loose powder, BB creams, liquid makeups, glosses, and more. We want it all. [Beauty High]   read more


January 23, 2014  |   5:01 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Research Explains Why We're Naturally Drawn to Shiny Objects

It's unmistakable: the aesthetics-loving eye is generally drawn to things that shine. This is perhaps most obvious when we're makeup shopping. Though we know in our heart of hearts (or is it really in our heads?) that we're better off sticking to wearable neutrals and soft colors, we can't stop ourselves from swatching opalescent glitters and high-shine glosses all over our hands before we remember why we came to Sephora in the first place -- plain old black mascara.   read more


January 22, 2014  |   8:01 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
The Key To Staying Healthy? Staying Happy

Live happier and age better, says a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. The UK study claims that people who enjoy life and have a positive outlook walk faster and have better physical function than their more negative counterparts.   read more


January 22, 2014  |   6:01 AM  |  COMMENT
Miroslava Duma Makes a Racist Photo Gaffe

• When will rich Russian socialites learn? Fashion "it" girl Miroslava Duma was in hot water over the weekend when an editorial featuring her buddy Dasha Zhukova sitting in a sculptural chair made to look like a naked black woman was posted up on her blog, Buro 24/7. The photo has since been cropped out, and Duma and Zhukova have both apologized (to anyone who was offended by it, which is sort of a non-apology if you ask us). But there's still cached versions of the photo floating around. [Gawker]   read more


January 22, 2014  |   5:01 AM  |  COMMENT
Tough Love: Dove Wants To Make You Uncomfortable

Leave it to Dove to mark a decade-long track record of ground-breaking ad campaigns with a concept that ratchets up the ante even more.   read more


January 21, 2014  |  11:01 AM  |  COMMENT
Women Have More Diets Than Lovers: Study

Oh geez: Women will go on around 16 diets in their lifetimes, which is on average, about twice as many lovers as they have. According to new research, women will typically diet for around a month, and lose between five and seven pounds (which seems like a lot to us), before giving it up. Around a quarter of all women, though, confessed to ditching their diets after a mere week on the program.   read more


January 21, 2014  |   6:01 AM  |  COMMENT
A Who's Who Of Celebrity Shorties

• Bruno Mars and Hayden Panettiere are wee shorties when compared to the tall drink of water that is Taylor Swift. There are height charts to prove it. The punchline: We're all short compared to T.Swift. [Buzzfeed]   read more


January 21, 2014  |   5:01 AM  |  COMMENT
Aerie Launches Airbrush-Free Lingerie Ads

Lingerie brand Aerie has done something revolutionary: They've launched a campaign featuring real women in their underwear, without airbrushing. The captions say, "The girl in this photo has not been retouched. The real you is sexy." The hashtag? #Aeriereal. The aim? To commence with showing real women, in all their natural beauty, happy, healthy, and looking gorgeous as ever in some sexy lingerie.   read more


January 20, 2014  |   6:01 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
GPS for Your Headaches


GPS for Your Headaches

I'm the queen of headaches. And while some are melodramatic, shut-out-the-world stress pounders, others are completely debilitating, what-did-I-do-to-feel-this-way headaches. The cause could be not drinking enough water, not sleeping enough, too much stress ... the list goes on and on. Headaches can manifest in a number of zones around the head -- a dull pang at the back of the head, constant throbbing at thetemples -- so it's even more difficult to nail down the exact reason for the pain.   read more


January 20, 2014  |   6:01 AM  |  COMMENT

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