Reader Q&A: Your Questions About Color Treated Hair -- Answered!

Because an estimated 50 percent of women (ages 25 and older) color their hair, we field an awful lot of questions about color-related concerns. To help get you the best possible answers, we went to color maestro Brad Johns, Color Director for Red Door Spas. Below, see his advice for five readers' most confounding hair coloring issues.   See advice


March 30, 2012  |  12:03 PM  |  14 COMMENTS
7 Fast Fixes for Hair Color Emergencies

Did your attempt to try the latest celebrity hair color trend end in tears and a shade that was more Bozo the Clown than Rihanna? Or did that just happen to us?   Get fixes


December 8, 2011  |  10:12 AM  |  31 COMMENTS
Quiz: Does Your Hair Color Match Your Personality?

We've all heard blondes have more fun and brunettes are more serious. And as much as we want to roll our eyes at these generalizations, we have to wonder -- are people judging our personalities based on our hair color too?   Take quiz


November 30, 2011  |  11:11 AM  |  200 COMMENTS
Finding The Best Hair Colors For Dark Skin

You see it all the time - dark skin with light hair as well as pale skin with dark hair. Some pull it off well, like Beyonce and Megan Fox, while so many others try taking the same route and fall short (example: when Kim Kardashian went blonde). Now why is that? One major element many people fail to take into consideration when coloring their hair is skin undertone. Some people have warm under tones, while others have cool under tones. To check your undertones, simply go into the sunlight and look at the veins in your wrist. If they appear blue, your undertones are cool. If they look green, your undertones are warm. Most dark skinned women tend to have warm undertones. This plays a big part in finding the best hair colors for dark skin.   see tips


October 10, 2011  |  12:10 PM  |  9 COMMENTS
Stylist Tips For Coloring Asian Hair

One issue that many Asian women face when coloring hair is going from dark to light, while avoiding brassiness. Helene Sheptin, a Los Angeles-based celebrity hair stylist, says that her first suggestion for coloring Asian hair is to avoid clashing hair color with skin tone. She recommends avoiding violet, platinum blonde, white and blue-tinged shades when choosing hair colors, because these can clash with Asian skin tones. This is not to say that a girl cannot have blonde Asian hair or even red Asian hair, but layering color is important in order to allow good contrast between colors. This will also add a shimmering effect to hair, which adds luster. Highlights are a great way to transition into a lighter hair color, adding texture and depth as well as the illusion of fullness.   see stylist tips


October 5, 2011  |   2:10 PM  |  3 COMMENTS
Best Highlights for Your Hair Color

From highlights to lowlights, find out which shades complement your hair color   Lighten up


July 27, 2011  |  11:07 AM  |  80 COMMENTS
Dramatic (But Wearable) Hairstyle Transformation

Most women have the prerogative of being able to change their hairstyles and hair color whenever they feel like it. For actresses (especially ones that are newer to the game), however, it's not that easy. Not only do they have agents (who signed them looking a certain way) to answer to, but there's also the matter of those costly headshots to consider, not to mention that it could be very risky to gamble it all away on a whim.   See makeover


May 2, 2011  |  12:05 AM  |  9 COMMENTS
The Dull-to-Dazzling Hair Color Makeover

Working mom Lisa is starting to see pesky grays sprout through her highlighted strands and, to no surprise, isn't thrilled about it. To help mask them, and put some fun and style back into her look, we called on our makeover team at the Warren-Tricomi salon in Los Angeles, Calif., which includes hairstylists Whitney Olson and Reanna Garcia, colorists Jherra Moreno and Ashleigh Childers, and celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of the Luxe Beauty Team Amy Hollier. See how a face-flattering trim and rich wash of color take years off this busy mom's face.   See makeover


April 18, 2011  |  10:04 AM  |  20 COMMENTS
Statement-Making Haircut and Color Makeover

One young professional who's trying to make a name for herself chops and dyes her hair to create an edgy signature style   See makeover


January 24, 2011  |  12:01 AM  |  81 COMMENTS
The Low-Maintenance Hair Color Makeover

We all make sacrifices for various reasons, but the biggest one (as most moms will attest to) is the sacrifice made when you decide to bring a new life into the world. With that responsibility comes the giving up of time. Time to go to the gym, time to shower, time to apply lip gloss, time to eat dinner and, of course, time to have your hair color done and hair cut (among many other things). Because of this fact, many new moms end up with inches of obvious roots and so many split ends that cutting off the non-split strands would take less time.   See makeover


December 29, 2010  |  12:12 AM  |  34 COMMENTS

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