Frustrated with Growing Out Your Bangs? Try Cara Delvingne's Stylish Hack

Cara Delevingne may be best known for her brows (and, this week for having broken things off with on-again/off-again girlfriend Michelle Rodriguez) but we'd like to give her props for the crafty manner in which she's dealing with the frustration that plagues all of us when we're attempting to grow out our bangs.   read more


April 30, 2014  |  12:04 PM  |  COMMENT
8 Most Iconic Hairstyles Ever -- and How to Wear Them Now

We love a good lob and effortless beachy waves, but some hairstyles are so classic that they deserve a spot in the Hair Hall of Fame. Whether it's Holly Golightly's famous updo or a disco diva's legendary curls, some hairstyles just stick around -- getting copied and reinterpreted again and again. Check out photos of the most popular hairstyles at recent awards shows and Fashion Week presentations and you realize that some 'dos just never get old.   read more


April 30, 2014  |  11:04 AM  |  3 COMMENTS
Bad Haircut? What to Do When Your Stylist is Convinced It's Great

"It'll grow back." When you're brimming over with tears at the sight of a new head of hair you didn't ask for, that's the last thing a woman wants to hear. My first bad haircut was at age seven, and I can still recall bursting into tears in the back of my mom's minivan after shyly nodding that, yes, I liked my new bangs, to the stylist moments before. Decades later, and I still haven't learned the art of politely informing a stylist that I hate what she's done to me. When I wondered out loud how to fix a bad haircut, my coworkers had plenty to say. We've all had bad cuts over the years, so we had a hair stylist expert, Chris Petroff (he's done Jared Leto's hair, and we're all jealous of those locks), weigh in on when to speak up and what to say.   read more


April 23, 2014  |   9:04 AM  |  4 COMMENTS
Jennifer Lawrence's Pixie Is Now A Bob

• Jennifer Lawrence's pixie cut is now a bob, and somehow she avoided all the awkward growing out stages the rest of us normally suffer through with short hair. How did she do that? [People Style Watch]   read more


April 22, 2014  |   6:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Learning to Speak 'Hairstylist' Can Be the Difference Between a Fantastic and a Fugly Cut

Ever walked into a salon expecting to emerge looking like ______ (insert a celebrity head of hair here) only to wind up as dejected wreck trying to hold back the waterworks?   read more


April 21, 2014  |   8:04 AM  |  COMMENT
Profile Central


Profile Central

Tell us more about you! Get a copy of #want, Total Beauty's mini free sample magazine, just for answering these short, fun Q's. (While supplies last!)   read more


April 17, 2014  |   6:04 PM  |  COMMENT
17 Best Short Hairstyles for African American Women

Short hair, don't care -- that seems to be the motto these days. Everyone from celebrities to women on the street seems to be making the cut, and we love it. These short African American hairstyles are perfect for keeping cool in the warm months ahead, and show that just because your hair is short doesn't mean there aren't a million ways to wear it. Here, the hairstyles for short hair that we're obsessing over.   read more


April 16, 2014  |  10:04 AM  |  COMMENT
A Headband So Pretty and Versatile It's FLOTUS Worthy

Michelle Obama is no slouch when it comes to fashion, so why should her choice of hair accessories be any different?   read more


April 9, 2014  |   8:04 AM  |  1 COMMENT
Re-Create These Covet-Worthy Celebrity Hairstyles

If we were giving an award for best hair, Kate Middleton would win hands down. Always sleek and shiny, we've never seen the Duchess with so much as a hair out of place (even the day after giving birth!).   read more


April 8, 2014  |   1:04 PM  |  COMMENT
Hollywood Hair: Katy's Finally Slimed, K-Stew Goes Orange, Kelly Osbourne Gets a Shave

It may not be easy, but Katy Perry has wanted to be green -- "slime green" -- for a while now.
  read more


April 8, 2014  |   8:04 AM  |  COMMENT

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Most women are constantly looking for new hairstyles -- whether it's to reinvent the way they look or for a special occasion. Each person is different, and choosing the right hairstyles to fit them will depend on the person's face shape, hair texture, and the occasion. If you're planning to spend the day at the mall or hang out at your friend's place watching movies, then you'll want to choose hairstyles which are relaxed and casual, and easy to maintain. On the other hand, occasions like weddings or prom demand more elaborate hairstyles, like beautiful updos that are elegant and complement your dress and accessories.

The right hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features while downplaying any flaws, redefining the way you look. The shape of your face can help determine the kind of hairstyles that will suit you best. For instance, if you have a round face, you might consider wearing your hair long to minimize the width of your face. However, if you have a longer face, you'll look great in hairstyles that are short with sweeping bangs which will give a wider appearance to your face.

To choose a cut that will best suit your style, look at pictures of other women who have similar faces and features to you, and who also have hairstyles that you like. More importantly, choose hairstyles that will help you feel comfortable, even if you're not conforming to all the rules.

With step-by-step instructional videos and articles on hairstyles at Total Beauty, you'll get expert advice and plenty of tips on hairstyles that are easy to create. You'll have lots of new hairstyles to discover each week, so you can create the look you want whenever you chose.

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