Behind the Scenes at the Bang Bar

I first wanted bangs when I was 6 years old. It was the mid-80's, and my little sister had a blunt fringe that would have made Jane Birkin jealous. (She also had hair as thick and straight as heavy drapery.) I begged my mom for bangs, but she made it clear that with my round face and curly hair it would never happen. No way. Zero chance.   See bangs


October 25, 2012  |   7:10 AM  |  36 COMMENTS
Pinterest Road Test: Hair Edition

Pinterest is my SimCity.
It's my fantasyland where I can pin all the DIY décor of my dreams onto my "home sweet home" board -- then pretend I actually live in a house with hammocks hanging on my non-existent patio.   See pictures


October 15, 2012  |   4:10 PM  |  20 COMMENTS
8 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Frizz-Prone Hair

When it comes to dealing with frizzy hair, it seems like the only advice we ever hear is how to tame it: Use "smoothing" shampoo, flat iron your hair until it's crisp, then finish it with two cups of anti-frizz gel and a cloud of hairspray. Sound about right?   See styles


October 2, 2012  |  11:10 AM  |  40 COMMENTS
Steal Bridal Looks Straight from the Runways

Recreate gorgeous hair and makeup from Spring/Summer 2013 shows for your Wedding Day   read more


September 27, 2012  |   4:09 PM  |  COMMENT
Simple Hairstyles For Straight Hair

Many women with straight hair wish for curly or wavy locks, but there are many great simple hairstyles for straight hair that only take a few minutes to throw together. One great thing about straight hair is that it is easier to create a smooth, sleek look: just run some smoothing serum into your hair and then blast your locks with the blowdryer, using a round brush to add some lift to the ends. If you have blunt ends, your hair will appear to have extra flair to it. Another one of the best simple hairstyles for straight hair is accessorizing with a fun accent piece like a Grecian headband or a head scarf. Wrap around the perimeter of your hair, then let the rest of your hair fall back. Is your hair on the shorter side? Read   read more


September 23, 2012  |  12:09 PM  |  8 COMMENTS
How To Get Wavy Hair Without Heat Styling

Wavy hair is one of the most popular hairstyles these days, but due to the extensive amount of damage caused to hair by head styling, many women are trying out new methods of getting wavy hair without heat styling. There are many benefits associated with heatless styling, including the fact that too much ironing and blow drying can strip your hair of natural essential oils, leaving it looking dry and dead. One great way to get those natural looking waves is to braid your hair while it is still wet: grab pieces of hair in one inch segments and braid each piece, then secure with a hair tie. Sleep on your hair and undo the braids when you wake up, and be sure to spritz your hair with a good wave enhancing product for added texture and hold. Read   read more


September 17, 2012  |  10:09 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
How To Get Wavy Wedding Hair

Many women want to have wavy hair on their special day but do not want to spend a lot of money on a hairstylist for such a relatively simple hairstyle. Fortunately, it is quite easy to get wavy wedding hair with these simple tricks. Wavy hair is extremely popular at weddings because it is an effortless and gorgeous style that accents your beauty without making you appear overly made up. The first thing you need to do before creating your wavy hairstyle is to wash and condition hair, then run a wide toothed comb through your strands to get rid of any tangles or knots. Towel dry and spray in a leave in conditioner or texturizing spray, which will only enhance your waves. One option you have is to twist your hair into a bun and hold in place with bobby pins overnight, then when you wake up you will have a series of gorgeous cascading waves. You can also braid hair while wet and sleep on it overnight, then unbraid in the morning. Another option is to use a curling stick and alternate each strand facing a different way, wrapping each strand around the stick and holding for thirty seconds to a minute. Read   read more


September 13, 2012  |   4:09 PM  |  1 COMMENT
Simple Straight Hair Styles For Women

There are many simple straight hair styles for women that look amazing and take next to no effort to maintain. Having a few long layers cut in the front is a great way to add some depth to your look, and you can blow dry out for a sleeker look or run some texturizing balm through your hair in order to prevent frizz. Some women prefer to go with a short cut and long wispy bangs in the front, which makes hair look fuller and more glam. The bouncy blowout is one of the more popular straight hair styles for women and all you need to do is apply a dime sized amount of a shine serum, then blast your locks with cool air from the hair dryer. Is your hair not naturally straight? Read   read more


September 13, 2012  |   4:09 PM  |  4 COMMENTS
6 New Haircuts for Long Hair

I've had long hair envy for a long time. (I blame Gisele, perfect human specimen that she is.) But getting my own hair to grow longer than mid-back just isn't a possibility. Vitamins, scalp treatments, avoiding even trims -- all futile.   See haircuts


September 11, 2012  |   3:09 PM  |  42 COMMENTS
The Most Pinterest-Worthy Fashion Week Photos

When it comes to beauty trends, New York Fashion Week reigns supreme. These inspired hair and makeup looks are so stunning we're sure that you'll want to Pin them to your favorite board ASAP   See photos


September 7, 2012  |   6:09 PM  |  12 COMMENTS

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Most women are constantly looking for new hairstyles -- whether it's to reinvent the way they look or for a special occasion. Each person is different, and choosing the right hairstyles to fit them will depend on the person's face shape, hair texture, and the occasion. If you're planning to spend the day at the mall or hang out at your friend's place watching movies, then you'll want to choose hairstyles which are relaxed and casual, and easy to maintain. On the other hand, occasions like weddings or prom demand more elaborate hairstyles, like beautiful updos that are elegant and complement your dress and accessories.

The right hairstyles can accentuate your best facial features while downplaying any flaws, redefining the way you look. The shape of your face can help determine the kind of hairstyles that will suit you best. For instance, if you have a round face, you might consider wearing your hair long to minimize the width of your face. However, if you have a longer face, you'll look great in hairstyles that are short with sweeping bangs which will give a wider appearance to your face.

To choose a cut that will best suit your style, look at pictures of other women who have similar faces and features to you, and who also have hairstyles that you like. More importantly, choose hairstyles that will help you feel comfortable, even if you're not conforming to all the rules.

With step-by-step instructional videos and articles on hairstyles at Total Beauty, you'll get expert advice and plenty of tips on hairstyles that are easy to create. You'll have lots of new hairstyles to discover each week, so you can create the look you want whenever you chose.

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