Hair Loss Happens. Here's What to Do About It

In women, thinning hair and hair loss can be chocked up to a wide variety of causes. Physical and emotional stress, poor nutrition, and genetics (often the cause behind female pattern hair loss and post-menopausal hair loss) are all hair loss causes. But there's a difference between needing to add some volume and 'oomph' into your hairstyle and truly needing products for thinning hair or hair loss. If you've recently gone through a change, like switching up your birth control brand or you recently had a baby, your hair loss is most likely temporary. But if you notice your hair thinning progressively over time, or you see noticeable loss around the crown and hairline you may need to look into hair loss treatments.   read more


7 Must-Have Products to Fight Rainy-Day Frizz

While spring is a glorious season -- tulips! sandals! al fresco dining! -- it can also be a challenging time for hairstyling. Even a giant umbrella doesn't really protect your blowout from gusty winds and downpours. And as the temperature and humidity intensifies, so does your battle with frizz.   read more

share Awards 2014: Best Hair Products

Is your hair care arsenal lacking? Give it a revamp with the best hair care products from the 2014 beauty awards. We tested every last hairspray, dry shampoo, deep conditioner, treatment and tool to curate a collection of hair products like no other. Among them, you'll find the best drugstore dry shampoo, the most divine hair oil to ever grace your strands and a detangler to end all detanglers.   read more


7 Things You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Curly Hair

Curly girls have zillions of products tailored to their hair type -- shampoos, co-washes, conditioners, brushes, leave-ins ... you get the idea. But hair dyes are a different story, and naturally curly, kinky textured hair is notoriously tricky to color.   read more


Carrot Tops, Gingers and Copper Heads -- Red is Hot

Spring cleaning for beauty junkies goes way beyond the wardrobe. In the final dreary days of winter, nothing warms the soul like the warm touch of spring found in the new Spring 2014 makeup collections, and this year, there's another spring trend heating things up: red hair.   read more


8 Best Hair Oils  -- And Why You Need One

Conventional wisdom dictates that hair and oil go together about as well as water and oil. As in, not at all. Even the words "hair" and "oil" conjure a greasy, un-showered, un-stylable mess, that most of us work very hard to avoid.   See oils for hair


A Straight, Listless Style Gets A Major Makeover

It's not easy letting go of the familiar things you love -- and for women, that goes double for hairstyles. If you've ever worked the same cut and color for years, you know it's not easy to say those four little words to a stylist: "I want something different." But Caitlin, 25, was ready for a change. For more than a decade, she's had the same straight and long, natural-blonde style, and Caitlin wanted to dive into a new look.   read more


Paulina's Fashion-Forward Makeover


Paulina's Fashion-Forward Makeover

Living in La La Land makes it super easy to lose track of the time. The year-round forecast is "70 and sunny," meaning there are no seasons. Add in unlimited access to some of the best beaches and the characteristic carefree and casual vibes, and it's almost impossible to notice where summer ends and fall begins.   read more


A Chameleon Finds Her True Hair Color

After a tumultuous year of both DIY and salon color disasters, Emily was ready for a professional to take on her over-dyed hair.   read more


Get the Most Mileage Out of Your Blowout

While there are a thousand articles out there on how to get the perfect at-home blowout (I'm a firm believer it's an urban myth), there's something about the smooth finish and bouncy style you get at the salon that makes us want to spend $40 on a simple blow-dry. That being said, we like to get our money's worth by making our blowouts last as long as humanly possible -- without looking like a grease bucket, of course. After debating just how many days we could make a blowout last, we tasked one staffer with the ultimate blowout challenge. Our photo editor, Paulina, agreed to forgo washing her hair for as many days as she could stand to find out exactly how to get the most mileage out of a salon blowout. The results: coveted wisdom we're sharing with (lucky) you. The first stop on Paulina's hair journey: celebrity stylist, Mika Fowler, at Kim Vo Salon in Beverly Hills.   read more


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If you're like most women, then you're concerned about the appearance of your hair, and will do what it takes to take care of it. Starting now, it's time to banish dull and dry hair from your life, and take better care of your hair to get lustrous locks that will turn heads. To help you, Total Beauty offers you expert tips on hair care for shiny, glossy hair.

If your hair is in good condition and is healthy, then your hair care regime will only need a few tweaks to keep your tresses looking great. One way to have healthy hair is to maintain a healthy lifestyle; your mane will be in better condition, naturally. Your daily diet should include plenty of water, as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt for grilled or baked dishes rather than fried food, and limit your intake of cola or coffee, which have excess caffeine.

Perming, bleaching, or coloring frequently cause damage to your hair as they strip the shaft of its natural oils. Experts say that hair should have at least eight percent moisture for it to look silky and shiny. Using products meant for chemically treated hair can protect your tresses and make them look smooth and glossy.

Look through Total Beauty's hair care section to discover great secrets for gorgeous locks. Total Beauty offers some of the best hair care advice on the web, so you can have great hair all the time.

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