Easy Home Remedies For Damaged Hair

Your hair goes through a lot of stress on a daily basis: from heated styling tools to multiple products to sun exposure, its no wonder that a majority of women suffer from damaged hair. Sure, you can go to your local salon and get a deep conditioning treatment or spend all your money on hair masques and other products that promise to rid you of your damaged hair for good, but over time the costs add up and just maintaining your hair can become a major expense. Here are some easy home remedies for damaged hair that will keep your hair looking great while at the same time protecting your pocketbook.   read more


March 22, 2012  |  11:03 AM  |  8 COMMENTS
How To Straighten Curly Hair

Many women that are not born with stick straight hair want to know how to straighten curly hair, and many more are surprised to learn that it is not that difficult. All it takes is some product and some patience and you will have sleek, glossy hair before you know it! The first thing you need to do when learning how to straighten curly hair is to purchase a straightening serum or balm, preferably one that contains lanolin and mineral oil, which coat your hair and prevent them from curling up after drying. Read the   read more


March 21, 2012  |   1:03 PM  |  2 COMMENTS
12 Worst Hair Conditioners

Dull, tangled, greasy, or dry hair -- all telltale signs of a bad conditioner. From Herbal Essences to Aveda, see which ones will make your hair look awful   See conditioners


March 19, 2012  |  12:03 PM  |  85 COMMENTS
The Best Food For Healthy Hair

They say that what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on the outside, which is why if you are suffering from dry, damaged hair, you should know what the best foods for healthy hair are. Eating healthy does not have to be boring; there are a variety of foods out there that not only taste delicious but they will make your hair appear more vibrant and healthy.   read more


March 19, 2012  |  11:03 AM  |  2 COMMENTS
How To: Styling Tips For Straight Hair

Straight hair looks easy to get and maintain but it takes just the right amount of effort and product in order to get that sleek straight look that you always see on the red carpet, which is where these tips for straight hair come in handy. One of the most important things to remember when styling your hair straight is to use a good quality ceramic flat iron, which helps decrease the amount of damage that occurs to your hair during heat-styling. GHD makes the best flat irons on the market, and if you are looking to increase the style factor, check out their glamorous Peacock series, which offers limited edition flat irons in an array of beautiful colors, available on www.ghdhair.com. Before you use your flat iron, allow hair to air dry first, then apply a straightening balm or shine serum through your hair in order to help prevent flyaways and frizz. For a list of recommended styling products, read   read more


March 17, 2012  |   4:03 PM  |  1 COMMENT
The Top Hair Products For Damaged Hair

With all the hair products out there, how do you know which ones work and which ones do not? If you are like most women, you probably have a stash of hair products under your bathroom counter that you probably only used once or twice, then you set them aside after realizing that none of them lived up to their claims. All you want is to fix your dry and damaged hair without spending hundreds of dollars. Check out this list of the top hair products for damaged hair. You will be guaranteed healthier, shiner hair in no time.   read more


March 15, 2012  |  10:03 PM  |  6 COMMENTS
How To Blow Dry Hair Straight

Your hairstylist always does such an amazing job when it comes to blowdrying your hair, but when it comes time for you to attempt to recreate her craftsmanship at home, you find that it is incredibly difficult trying to blow dry hair straight. She made it look so easy at the salon, but will you be able to repeat what she did? You can mimic that glossy blowout by just following these steps that will show you exactly what you need to do in order to look like you just stepped out of the hair salon.   read more


March 14, 2012  |   8:03 PM  |  3 COMMENTS
11 Hair Products Every Woman Needs

Is your bathroom a black hole of pastes, pomades, and shine sprays? Here are the only essentials you really need for fabulous hair   See products


December 21, 2011  |  11:12 AM  |  110 COMMENTS
7 Fast Fixes for Hair Color Emergencies

Did your attempt to try the latest celebrity hair color trend end in tears and a shade that was more Bozo the Clown than Rihanna? Or did that just happen to us?   Get fixes


December 8, 2011  |  10:12 AM  |  31 COMMENTS
Quiz: Does Your Hair Color Match Your Personality?

We've all heard blondes have more fun and brunettes are more serious. And as much as we want to roll our eyes at these generalizations, we have to wonder -- are people judging our personalities based on our hair color too?   Take quiz


November 30, 2011  |  11:11 AM  |  200 COMMENTS

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If you're like most women, then you're concerned about the appearance of your hair, and will do what it takes to take care of it. Starting now, it's time to banish dull and dry hair from your life, and take better care of your hair to get lustrous locks that will turn heads. To help you, Total Beauty offers you expert tips on hair care for shiny, glossy hair.

If your hair is in good condition and is healthy, then your hair care regime will only need a few tweaks to keep your tresses looking great. One way to have healthy hair is to maintain a healthy lifestyle; your mane will be in better condition, naturally. Your daily diet should include plenty of water, as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt for grilled or baked dishes rather than fried food, and limit your intake of cola or coffee, which have excess caffeine.

Perming, bleaching, or coloring frequently cause damage to your hair as they strip the shaft of its natural oils. Experts say that hair should have at least eight percent moisture for it to look silky and shiny. Using products meant for chemically treated hair can protect your tresses and make them look smooth and glossy.

Look through Total Beauty's hair care section to discover great secrets for gorgeous locks. Total Beauty offers some of the best hair care advice on the web, so you can have great hair all the time.

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