Choosing Healthy Food For Hair Growth

If you are looking for some creative ways to grow your hair out, you should head straight for the kitchen. Many people consume healthy food for hair growth, and not only is it a fun and delicious way to grow your hair out but it also works wonders on your skin and the rest of your body. When your body is properly hydrated and filled with essential nutrients and vitamins, you will notice that your nails grow longer, your breakouts decrease and you even will have a slimmer waistline. Variety is the key to keeping it interesting and maintaining a well balanced diet. One excellent healthy food for hair growth is quinoa, which is loaded with protein and Vitamin E. Due to the fact that your hair is made mostly of protein, eating a diet high in protein will help strengthen your strands and give you longer and stronger hair. Quinoa has more nutritional benefits that rice and only takes a few minutes to prepare. Read   read more


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How To Win The Anti Dandruff Battle

Many people experience dandruff at one time or another in their lives, but there are many anti dandruff tips that will help cleanse your scalp and keep it free of any flakes and debris. One natural remedy you can try is to massage your scalp with warm coconut oil. Doing so will increase your blood circulation in the scalp, as well as nourish the skin. For extra moisturizing benefits, you can also add warm oolive oil to the mixture. After you have massaged your scalp for a good five to ten minutes, you can either run your hair under a warm shower or wrap your hair in a warm, wet towel and wash out with an anti dandruff shampoo. Read   read more


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The Best Anti Dandruff Shampoos For Under $15

There are many anti dandruff shampoos on the market that will help clear your head of those telltale flakes without costing a fortune. Garnier Anti Dandruff Clear Control Shampoo only costs five dollars and deep cleanses while fortifying hair and providing forty-eight hour flake control with salicylic acid. Clear Complete Care Nourishing Anti Dandruff Shampoo costs six dollars and is another great product that cleanser and nourishes hair while leaving strands looking strong and beautiful. This shampoo is designed to eliminate dandruff at the source and contains ten different nutrients and active botanicals that deep clean hair. Read   read more


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Winter Tips For Healthy Hair And Skin

Wintertime can be especially rough on our bodies, making it difficult to maintain healthy hair and skin. The cold weather can induce dryness while hair can become dry and brittle as well. One thing you should do is set aside your clarifying shampoos that you used in summer to help get rid of oily hair and instead go for a more mild and hydrating cleanser that is free of sulfates. You should also use more hydrating hair masks such as Pureology Intense Therapy Hydrate Hydracure Masque. You should also stimulate your scalp with a weekly massage, using a tablespoon of shea, coconut, olive or jojoba oil and applying directly to your scalp. For a more relaxing experience, heat the oil for a few seconds in the microwave, then rub into your palms before applying to your scalp. This is also a time to indulge in healthier foods which provide essential nutrients and vitamins to your body. Read   read more


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How To Keep Your Hair Healthy In Humid Weather

We all love summer weather, but the sun and immense heat are not always kind to our skin and hair. It can be extremely challenging to keep your hair healthy in humid weather conditions, due to the fact that it only exacerbates frizz and dryness in hair, making it more difficult to manage and control. One important thing to note is that you should deep condition your hair at least once a week, and you can use various ingredients from your kitchen such as mayonnaise, avocado and olive oil in order to hydrate your hair. Also be wary of the type of haircut that you get: razor cuts will often encourage frizz, so be sure to go for longer layers or a blunt cut in order to make hair more manageable. Need help finding the right products for your hair? Read   read more


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Affordable Hair Products For Damaged Hair

Women tend to own dozens of hair products for damaged hair, from repair serums to moisturizing masques to deep conditioners, to name a few. The cost of all of these products begins to add up over time, which is why it makes sense to look into more affordable products so that you are not spending all of your money. Just because a product is cheap does not mean that it does not work, so remember to keep an open mind and look past the fancy packaging next time you purchase hair products for damaged hair. Need a good hair mask? Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is great for repairing and moisturizing hair, and it only costs five dollars. Dove Intense Damage Therapy Conditioner is another great product that helps soften hair, making it easier to style and brush (and it is priced at just under four dollars). Read   read more


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The Main Causes of Thinning Hair In Women

Did you know that some of the main causes of thinning hair in women include illness, chemicals and medication? Your hair growth cycles are important because those are the times when new hair is generated, but when a growth cycle is interrupted, hair loss occurs. On average, people lose anywhere from fifty to a hundred strands of hair a day, which is perfectly normal. When shampooing, slightly more hair is lost. How to tell if you are losing too much hair? When you wake up, check your pillow for an unusually large amount of hair. Also, be mindful when brushing your hair and see how much actually comes off onto the brush. When visiting your doctor, you can ask for preliminary blood work to be drawn, which can test to make sure the thyroid gland or an autoimmune disease is not responsible for the hair loss. Read   read more


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The Best Healthy Hair Shampoos

When shopping for shampoos, how can you tell which ones are really healthy hair shampoos and others that just claim they are? There are countless shampoos that line the shelves at the store, but aside from pretty packaging and clever titles, they are all relatively the same when it comes to ingredients and formulas. Healthy hair shampoos should not contain ingredients such as sodium laureth sulphate and sodium lauryl sulphate, which are found in most over the counter shampoos and have been known to cause irritation in many people. You also want to read the label and make sure that there are few preservatives and parabens in your shampoo, which are responsible for interfering with hair growth, development and reproduction. Read   read more


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Simple Ways To Keep Your Hair Healthy

Forget about weekly trips to the salon. Did you know that there are plenty of simple ways to keep your hair healthy that cost next to nothing? One of the best things you can do for your hair is treat it to the occasional hair mask or hot oil treatment. Hair masks work by clarifying the scalp and remove buildup, also providing moisture and shine. Hot oil is a great way to repair hair from all the damage and stress it is subject to on a regular basis, and you can even use the oils in your very own kitchen, such as olive, coconut and avocado oil. Avoiding over brushing your hair is one of the best ways to keep your hair healthy, as coming too much can pull on hair and cause it to break. Read   read more


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The Best Vitamins For Hair Thinning Issues

There are many vitamins that you can take daily which will help with everything from dry brittle hair to hair loss. You can either take vitamins for hair thinning specifically or consume foods that contain high amounts of these vitamins. Not everyone consumes the right foods or gets proper nutrients in their daily diet, so many people will experience physical problems as a result of their nutrition. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps produce more collagen, which is a protein found in skin, hair and other parts of your body. Vitamin C also helps with the absorption of iron and prevents anemia, which can result in hair loss. Read   read more


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If your hair is in good condition and is healthy, then your hair care regime will only need a few tweaks to keep your tresses looking great. One way to have healthy hair is to maintain a healthy lifestyle; your mane will be in better condition, naturally. Your daily diet should include plenty of water, as well as lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Opt for grilled or baked dishes rather than fried food, and limit your intake of cola or coffee, which have excess caffeine.

Perming, bleaching, or coloring frequently cause damage to your hair as they strip the shaft of its natural oils. Experts say that hair should have at least eight percent moisture for it to look silky and shiny. Using products meant for chemically treated hair can protect your tresses and make them look smooth and glossy.

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