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  • What Are Your Best Natural Beauty Attributes?

  • Posted by Kristen on September 22, 2010 at 06:12PM
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  • Recently I posted a blog asking you to tell me if a genie granted you three beauty wishes, what would they be? The responses were overwhelming and you had no qualms about telling us what you wanted to change about yourself -- from wanting prettier feet to clearer skin. (To refresh your memory, my wishes were: 1. Rosy Lips; 2. Olive Skin; 3. A Full B-Cup.) From that, we decided to grant your beauty wishes.

  • But now, I thought I'd flip it around and ask you the opposite question: What are your three best natural beauty attributes? I know, I know, this is more of an unpopular question than the former, but I want you to dig down and tell me what you like about yourself. Or if that's too challenging, then let me know what physical features garner the most compliments from others.

  • Fine, I'll go first:

  • 1. My Tush: So I wasn't blessed in the breast department, but I guess you could say that my tush is my best asset. However, I practice yoga regularly and hike to keep it tight, and I'm not opposed to using firming creams.

  • 2: My Hair: My hair is thick and naturally wavy, yet I can easily manipulate it straight if I give it a good blow dry. Plus, it's a dirty blonde color, which isn't too hot un-dyed, but it's a perfect palate to try out any hair color (and believe me, I've tried many).

  • 3: My Eyelashes: I have long eyelashes, so I've never cracked open any of those lash growing samples I've received. That said, my lashes are not very dark, so I work my mascara to its full potential.

  • Well, that wasn't as easy as the beauty wishes, but it did force me to examine and play up what I do like about myself. OK, now it's your turn …

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    • This is a GREAT post! How awesome that we're thinking about things we LIKE about ourselves instead of things we don't like. I love my calves, which are strong and toned from running, and my eyes.

      by LipglossandSpandex Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 07:23PM Report as inappropriate

    • its good we\'re doing the best things we like about ourselves now, it\'s a good confidence booster :) 1. My eyes. They\'re huuge and green with long lashes. I love them they\'re my best feature. I like how they\'re unique instead of bein plain brown. (no offense to browned eyed people;) 2. My eyebrows. This one is kind of weird but i love my eyebrows. I used to have like really thick ones but i shaped them and now they look good. I love how i had stuff to work with. I feel bad for my mom because she has always had to pencil hers in or she looks albino... but it\'s why im thankful for mine. 3. My tatas:) I like my chest my group of friends are a mixture of both huuge boobs and flat chested. They\'re always saying mine are the perfect size, ( I\'m a B and I\'m a size two or three pants depending) and that they want them.

      by Drewbe Monday, September 27, 2010 at 01:25PM Report as inappropriate

    • I love this post :] I believe that everyone has at least one naturally occuring trait that is to die for ! 1. My lips. They are full and pouty and have a nice shape. Guys usually notice them, but I love them myself ! I love enhancing them by wearing bold lipsticks. 2. My eyes. My eyes have an almond shape that I love and people compliment me on all the time. People ask me if I have any Native American blood (I do), or they tell me that my eyes look exotic. 3. My butt. I have a nice butt for a skinny person, I\'m about a size 1. When I gain weight, I have a nice chest to match. Sadly though, that\'s only happened once or twice besides when I was pregnant. I am always to be heard wishing I could gain about ten pounds or two dress sizes but people tell me that they wish they were my size. I hate being skinny and I think a nice curvy look is best, but they say the grass is always greener on the other size..

      by kortneyrenee Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 11:26AM Report as inappropriate

    • I think celebrating our natural beauty is a great idea and I will gladly take part. I even signed up just for this! 1. My chest: I was blessed with wonderful breasts for a tiny frame. They are small C\'s and perfectly round. I love the cleavage that they produce and most people ask me if they are real! 2. My eyes: Eversince I was a little girl, my Mom always told me I had big, beautiful brown eyes. I never fully appreciated them until now because they are the highlight of my face and I also have long eyelashes which helps. 3. My calves: They tone so well and are very lean. Many people compliment me on them and ask what exercises I do. I always speedwalk everywhere I go. I think this helps to maintain them as I don\'t focus on them much when I exercise. I only do calf raises.

      by Blondiva Thursday, September 23, 2010 at 05:52AM Report as inappropriate

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